Warehouse 13

Season 3 Episode 3

Love Sick

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 25, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Love Sick

    Love Sick was a superb episode of Warehouse 13 and I really enjoyed watching it because Pete and Myka had a hangover sort of night with artifacts and Steve got the ultimate warehouse prank. I thought it was cool to see Dr. Vanessa and Hugo Miller again as they came together to help Artie and Claudia decipher and track an artifact causing people to turn to clay. I thought the story was quite interesting and I also enjoye Pete and Myka's scenes as they retraced their steps from the night before. It was also very interesting to see the fake F.B.I. agent in the end of this episode and makes me wonder what her employer is up to and who he is!!!!!!!
  • Very funny episode with Pete and Myka. Artie's love story was okay but I enjoyed Claudia's wise cracks better.

    Love the scene with Pete and Myka waking up in bed together with no idea how they got there! That was possibly the funniest moment so far in the series! I really didn't notice that was Myka at first! Didn't know what was going on! Who was that girl Pete was with I was asking myself! lol! Then I noticed it was Myka and thought wow she looks pretty good as a blond! Go Marilyn Monroe's hair brush. She should use it more often! lol! I also enjoyed watching the artifacts they played with. Really fun shoes! :D Artie and Claudia going to investigate the clay virus was not so much enjoyable to me. Though I did like Claudia's cracks at Artie and Vanessa's relationship. :)
  • Claudia and Artie travel to Salt Lake City to figure out what is causing people to turn into clay and so Artie can meet Vanessa Calder again. Meanwhile Mika and Pete find themselves naked in bed and reconstruct the previous evening to figure out why.

    This was a bit different of an episode with the normal "away" team stuck at the Warehouse and Artie and Claudia on the road. It was also interesting to see Artie pursuing his romantic interests for Vanessa Calder. And along with that we see the return of Hugo Miller who also appears to have a romantic interest in Vanessa. The problem artifact this time is an ancient Hebrew medallion created to make a golem creature out of clay to protect the Jewish people but now invades computers and mutates into a virus that transports from the computer into people and changes their genetics to turn them into clay. This was done unknowingly by a computer service geek who takes a deadly revenge on a store full of employees for being fired from his job.

    Meanwhile back at the Warehouse Mika and Pete find themselves naked in bed together, to their mutual horror! While Claudia and Artie deal with the artifact problem they trace back the events of the previous evening attempting to discern whether anything more significant happened between them. This leads to their discovery they fell under the influence of some WC Fields artifacts that caused them to fall into a drunken and jovial mindset. While under the influence they played a joke on Steve Jinks bronzing him and initially being unable to debronze him. Once they discover this was all very innocent they release Steve and things are back to normal with Steve never realizing what had happened to him.

    Back in Salt Lake City the team has determined the cause of the virus and Hugo writes a program to reverse the effects of the virus and once implemented everyone recovers including Vanessa, who had been infected by a more virulent form of the virus as well. As the episode comes to an end we find Claudia consoling Artie since he believes Vanessa is once again in love with Hugo. But when Vanessa comes to say goodbye to Artie and he questions her feelings towards Hugo she informs him it is simply friendship and she is going to hold Artie to his offer of a romantic dinner in the future.

    This was a very good episode and interesting to watch Artie feeling romantic while Mika and Pete want to make certain that they never were.
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