Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Story with some twists - a good season finale!

    This was a good episode to tie up the first season and leave the viewer wanting more. I was expecting a twist in the plot but it was slightly different to what I was expecting and left me wanting to see Season 2. Season 1 has finished on a high, and developed a nice mythology and back story to go along with the vayring artifacts introduced in each episode.
  • Cr@ppy writers = good guys are retarded + bad guys geniuses

    I hate when soap opera writers take over science fiction shows. They decide to throw away anything build in the series and do the good guys are morons and the bad guys are perfect geniuses that have 100% of all possibilities covered. And further more they can predict the future. Mika did not noticed anything, Peter had no hunch, Claudia back down from the insignificant challenge of proving herself innocent and I could go on. If you were too drunk and stone the night before just write the following as an episode to create "conflict". The good guys do not see anything in front of them, the bad guys plots are PERFECT, and I mean super flawless, I mena if they were playing chess they will have a picture of the final outcome (of them winning) 10 years before they were born (because they are that good). This has to be the suckiest episode ever. I would say it is impossible to have it worst but I will never under estimate crummy writers. I hope for next season they fire all the writers that work on ANY part of the episode and stop allowing soap opera writers touch science fiction plots. If not then the very next episode will be my last. Boy I hate when bad writers ruin good shows.
  • So now what? Who's left to come back next time?

    What an exciting episode! I cant believe So i cannot wrap my mind around the possibility of cast changes. Is Artie act ually gone, never to come back or will there be some kind of twist saving him ti return? I hope no one will write out the character Claudia since i very much need an explanation on what is going on in that big brain of hers to make such unexpected choices like she did. I can't wait to see what the writers have in store for us in episodes to come ... This is an exciting and interesting new show on SyFy... It's a Great New Show!
  • MacPhearson continues to be a thorn in Artie's side. It seems he has somehow got a hold of artifacts that should be in the Warehouse and is selling them. There is a mole inside the Warehouse and the whole crew is in danger.

    I am giving this episode a 9 for a number of good and a few bad reasons. On the positive side, Wow these people have got guts, and they have really risked everything in how they finished this season off. On the negative side a lot of what happened was not believable and everything seemed to be awfully contrived.

    ***** Major Spoilers *****
    We are left hanging at the end with what happened in more ways than one. Artie should be dead. but common it's Artie! We saw Mrs. Fredric turn around before the explosion and head back to the Warehouse. We are left wondering who we can trust and who we can't. Is the mole Leena or Claudia or both of them? Is whomever it is being controlled by something other than MacPherson or are they in cahoots with him. A lot of unanswered questions and we do know this show is returning for next season.

    As I've said in prior reviews, I don't like the MacPherson character. He is very contrived and we keep seeing him trying to be sincere but it just is not believable. The performances otherwise were all very good and it will be interesting to see where the story goes from here. I look forward to Warehouse 13's return. Thanks for reading...
  • Very Enjoyable and one of the best episodes so far shame the cliffhanger feels a little underwhelming.

    I enjoy Warehouse 13 in the way that its a show that you can watch in the background if you want to as its not masively engaging. It's lighter in tone than a lot of shows nowadays and although I love shows like Stargate Universe you do need the opposite end of the coin sometimes.

    This however is one of the episodes that actually had me watching not in the background, and I'm glad I did concentrate on it for this finale. What helped was the fact that it kept you guessing on who was the double agent working for McPhereson. Yes it was a shame that who it turned out to be was the person I initially thought but it did throw me off the scent a bit. Mind you Claudia was too obvious so it was never going to be her, put her through the wringer for it though - good on the writers.

    One thing I like about this show is the artifacts themselves, the pen and book of Edgar Allan Poe was used really well last week and did create a Poe like atmosphere, Alice's Mirror was another good one. This week has the lovely auction glasses (more futuristic than most artifacts) and got to love the Han solo refernece. The one thing that disapoints is the thimble which is used for shapeshifting, something we see all the time in these type of shows (The shapeshifting, not the thimble).
    Although looking forward to it, in the second season the characters need to be tweaked slightly. Myka to me is not as strong as she was and Pete needs to have more of a personality and not just be the guy with the wisecracks. McPhereson as the bad guy bugs me (more because of his fancy smancey accent than anything) and I would like to see someone else outrank him at some point.
    This episode had me, hopefully the second season won't be relegated to just background watching.
  • Good cliffhanger episode...

    Despite producing some episodes with real shoddy writing, Warehouse 13 has actually built up the drama as we approach end season. Now we are left with a cliffhanger ending, which will make sure we'll definitely tune in next Tuesday.

    I guess it's about time the writers put in some really good storylines. With fall shows premiering, it would be hard to maintain interest and ratings. Personally, I am at a fix if I am to watch this show. With this installment we get to know MacPhereson is going to stick around for the long haul. Leena being the mole was a shocker, though predictable. I love the way they kept us thinking. So now its time to see if Artie survives the explosion, or if Mrs Fredrick's returns in time to the warehouse.