Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 5

No Pain, No Gain

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2012 on Syfy

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  • I loved this one!

    This ep was great...

    Myka really looked good being pregnant and the way Pete took care of her and being really nice.

    More eps like this one please.

    Also nice to see an artifact being made instead of only hearing about it, will Claudia replace Mrs. Frederick in the future or why is she showing her this?
  • Stephen King's Misery anyone.

    I really liked this episode. It had a very Stephen King feel to it like something out of Misery only instead of Cathy Bates as the deranged fan, it had a blond with a very unhealthy obsession with an ice hockey star and she used her fathers lucky dog tags to get what she wanted. The sub plot didn't make much sense.
  • Thin Ice

    After a rather slow start with episodes I personally didn't think were up to speed, this episode might have finally got things going. I did like the two subplots going on from Mrs.Frederick and Claudia's time together we discover how the artifacts are made/born which are really by acts of heroism of some sort. It sort of reminds me of how certain superheroes inherit superpowers. Claudia says something interesting which is that she thought all of the artifacts were created by famous historical people; that true but all of those people started out as ordinary everyday people before they did or became somebody great. But we also see Mrs.Frederick shows that the role she plays as a Guaridan of the Warehouse there is price to pay, as we see in one scene which I thought was a bit sad, we see Frederick's grandson whom is older than her.

    I liked the team up with both Artie and Steve they both had a good back and forth. It was funny how Artie was causing Steve unintetional grief as Artie is driving on the It machine to the spot of theft poor Steve has to jog, Steve should've brought a bike. Despite their efforts their mission is incomplete as we see whoever this thief or theves are, they have already shiped some artifacts someplace. This sets up the the revolving plot of the season as to the identity of the thief/theves are, is it that fanatical sect lead by Bret Spiner's character (forgot his name sorry), or could it be an insider may'be Claudia under some evil influence though I feel that's a red herring, personally I'm thinking it would most likely be one of the Regents turned traitor, who better to steal it than a higher up who has the most access.

    But my favorate was no doubt Pete and Mika and what happens latter in that plot which is just hillarous and strangely touching. We see that when Pete found and touched the artifact he subconciously wished to be a dad, which then made Mika pregnant. I really loved how Mika was reacting and it was just funny seeing her go though most of the motions pregant women go though, my favorate was seeing her acting all emotional. The ending was touching when we discover a twist with the artifact that the artifact only acts toward people you love, what happened justifies the Pete has deep feelings for Mika that go beyond friendship. And I don't see why Mika can't be his GF, she's hot, smart, and funny. I personally do want both of them to hook up, it's been about four years, however I want it to happen either later in this season or sometime in the next, just don't test my patience.

    The final shot I thought was really touching as we see Pete is looking at a dad with his child in his arms and you see in his eyes that he deeply desires it, but also you see Mika looking at Pete in a certain way and from that look I know that even she sees Pete as more than a friend.

  • No Pain, No Gain

    No Pain, No Gain was another perfect and extremely entertaining episode of Warehouse 13. I really enjoyed watching because the story lines were awesome and full of character and plot development. I liked watching Artie and Steve go through the Warehouse and to see what Steve learned as well as Artie. I loved Claudia and Mrs. Frederick's scenes because they were full of growth and realization. It was fun watching Pete and Myka investigate a popular Hockey player. I liked the ending and certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
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