Warehouse 13

Season 3 Episode 7

Past Imperfect

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2011 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Pete helps Myka catch a dangerous killer--the man who murdered her previous partner. Meanwhile, Artie, Claudia, and Steve interrogate a dog that is a key witness to the theft of an artifact.

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  • Past Imperfect, for sure!

    Past Imperfect is the perfect title as apparently the writers forgot that Myka was protecting the president and not chasing after a forger when her partner was killed. Which is why she was sent to the boonies.

    The last few episodes I've had two brief story lines with too much cheese (relationship angst). It's a sci-fi series that fails as a romantic comedy. I wish the writers would go back to one story line instead of two.

    The first couple of episodes this year left me addled and rattled what with all the gesticulating, cut-aways, comings and goings, and general mayhem.

    What's with H.G. Wells coming back? Come on.... oh, right, they'll bring her back to reality and have a mind fart about her trying to destroy the world.

    Give me a job writing this crap. I can do better.moreless
  • Past Imperfect

    Past Imperfect was a perfect episode of Warehouse 13 because Joanne Kelly really played Myka through a perfect range of emotions in this episode dealing with her past and what happened to her former partner and lover Sam. There was lots ofsuspensefulaction, drama and intrigue through out the episodes two story lines. Claudia and Steve were attacked and the means to find out who did it were fun to watch. I think all the characters were played well and the story lines definitely moved the season forward. It was nice for Myka to wrap this part of her past up. I look forward to watching the next episode of Warehouse 13!!!!!!!!!moreless
Yancey Arias

Yancey Arias


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J. August Richards

J. August Richards

Zach Adanto

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Gabriel Hogan

Gabriel Hogan

Sam Martino

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Aaron Ashmore

Aaron Ashmore

Steve Jinks

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Myka calls Pete to warn him to wear gloves, Pete lets his torch fall. However, when Myka asks him if he can handle the situation alone, the torch is in his hands again. He hasn't recovered it because later it is seen again where it fell the first time.

    • Throughout the episode, it's suggested that Leo may be in town to steal engraving plates from the U.S. Mint. Engraving plates are for paper money. The Mint doesn't print paper money. They deal exclusively with coinage. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes paper money, thus they would have any engraving plates.

    • Myka says Leo is left-handed and as such inconsistent with his posture when he was gunned down at the train station, as he was holding his gun with his right hand. However, during the subsequent flashback of Leo gunning down Sam, Leo held and shot the gun with his right hand.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Claudia: So can I drive the Prius back? Please, please please. Thanks.
      Steve: You might consider buying one of your own.
      Claudia: As soon as I can get Artie to stop paying me in bright orange $500 bills.

    • Zach: How's South Dakota Secret Service treating you? And what the hell is there to do in South Dakota?
      Pete: Well, hey, now, you'd be surprised, guarding those Mount Rushmore Presidents, a lot more challenging than you think.

    • Artie: Just keep the hat on the dog's head. Claudia, you're going to write down the license plate numbers.
      Claudia: As soon as you bark them out.
      Artie: I suppose you've got several of those bon mots at the ready.
      Claudia: More than five, less than a hundred.
      Artie: Hooray.
      Steve: I've got three.

    • Steve: Can you get into the company's computer?
      Claudia: Please--does a cheese doodle?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Claudia: As soon as I can get Artie to stop paying me in bright orange $500 bills.
      Referencing the Hasbro board game Monopoly, in which the players buy and sell property in an attempt to monopolize the board. The game uses $500 bills made out of orange-colored paper.

    • Jinx: One of these things is not like the others.
      Referencing the song One of These Things, which has been used on several episodes of the television show Sesame Street to teach children to identify similarities and differences between items based on quantity, shape, whether they were letters or numbers, and a variety of other reasons.

    • Pete: What'chu talkin' about, Willis?
      Referencing the catch phrase popularized by Gary Coleman on the TV series Diff'rent Strokes (1978-1985). His character, Arnold, would often express surprise or skepticism to his brother Willis by turning to him and saying the phrase. Arnold would also address it to others, using their name instead, but "Willis" was used most often.