Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2009 on Syfy
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While Pete and Myka investigate a series of artifact-related suicides at a Florida prison, Claudia uses an artifact at the warehouse.

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  • 2 Stories - one weak the other strong

    In this episode we have two stories running simultaneously. the storyline in the Prison is excellent and I enjoyed it a lot. The storyline in the warehouse was very lighthearted, even though we were shown the consequences could have been disastrous, and just didn't make much sense.
  • Series with great promise goes down hill fast with cardboard characters colliding in contrived plots.

    Imagine, flawed, self doubting characters with skeletons in the closet! Very original. Sexual tension between male and female leads with extra conflict thrown in from opposing world views. Didn't we see this in x-files, with Fox the believer and Moulder the cynic? Can't do that again, so what else instead? How about intuitive versus cognitive?

    So why do we care about their self doubt or it's resolution? Who cares who helped who in what vision? We've got this whole world full of amazing artifacts, but does the series concentrate on that? That would be interesting, novel, orignal. Oh, right, that takes creativity. Easier to write 'em by the numbers. It's like an episode of Star Trek centered on how Kirk ran over his dog when he was 16, rather than exploring strange new worlds.

    Now on to Claudia, queen of the stock characters. Warehouse 13 is more dangerous than a nuclear reactor, so it makes good sense to let an irresponsible precocious unproven person loose in the building. Besides the obvious destruction of irreplacable artifacts, her escapades preoccupy Artie, who doesn't support his agents in the field the way he should. They could have ended up dying because of Claudia. She could have died, Artie could have died, the warehouse could have been destroyed. After the stunt she pulled, she should have been out on her but in a heartbeat, rather than writing on a chalkboard.

    Of course they won't get rid of Claudia. They need her frolicking antics to add to the cute appeal, and as a device to generate infinite plot possibilities, each more inane that the last.

    The magic of the first few episodes is gone. When the rest of the plot seems plausible, the unexplained is mystical by contrast. When the plot dissolves into silliness, the show has the feeling of a Saturday morning kids' show, and the magic becomes trite.

    It sure was lucky that the first warden put the cross in the exact right spot to nullify the prison's effects. And the solution? Leave the cross there? What if it gets moved? All hell will break loose again, and more people will die. I guess every episode they'll have to go back there and make sure it's positioned just so.

    Finally, how does Claudia get free? She can't get free because her hands are stuck, can't take off the coat because her hands are stuck. Then when Artie shoots the antenna/crossbow thing at her, she reaches down and grabs it even though her hands are stuck. It's like they're not even trying.moreless
  • Myka gets closure

    Myka, but why not Pete? Because I think Pete faced his hallucination in a better way than Myka. He faced his 'father' and stopped blaming himself. But Myka, an agent who's by the book, had trouble forgetting and processing what happened that night when her lover died and kept thinking she did something wrong.

    The case was all right and it's always a joy to see Joe Morton. I had my doubts when Claudia appeared and stayed but I think she keeps Artie busy and sane in his own craziness. I enjoy the Myka/Pete dynamic more and more with each episode. I like how Myka, even when she has this tough attitude let Pete inside her own problems and allowed him to have a say in it. Pete waits for her until she's ready to talk.moreless
  • Pete and Myka head to Florida...

    Warehouse 13 is growing up to be a really good show. Though I am still not in a state where I would like to compare this show side by side with some others like Fringe and Heroes. But the last few episode have made me like the artifact concept.

    I would like to see some plots which actually raise the interest level. Things like Claudia getting stuck in an magnetic suit are fine as long as they occupy the sidetrack. That being said, the main story in Florida prison was good. I liked the way they brought Pete and Myka's past and the way they accept certain life changing incidents. Though formulaic, it was good to see the writers build up suspense by making the good guy look like a bad guy. Overall this was one good installment.moreless
  • Myka and Pete are sent to Reverton Prison in Florida during a Tropical Storm. People are having hallucinations and committing suicide. Claudia tries to fix a light by using an artifact and all heck breaks loose!moreless

    The ending saved this episode. I liked the two storylines but in the case of Myka and Pete, these are Secret Service Agents. Myka is the smart, straight as an arrow, not easy to rattle agent. She seems to become a bumbling mass of goo when she keeps seeing Sam. The problem is she knows he is not real but she stills gets all wobbly every time despite the fact she knows she is hallucinating. Yes, most people would respond the way she does in her position but Pete manages to hold it together when he sees his father and he is the more emotional of the two agents. It's just out of character for Myka to act the way they had her act.

    Joe Morton as Reverend John Hill was interesting playing a little different character than Deacon. You get the feeling he is related to the problem but in the end it wasn't him. I would assume they can't bring that object or artifact (The quartz cross) into the Warehouse as it isn't the problem the whole prison is!

    Claudia is a great character. Leave it to her to try to use an artifact to fix a light bulb. Boy what a great example of why you don't do that.

    The ending of the episode was excellent with Pete really coming thru to help Myka. Overall an enjoyable episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
Joe Morton

Joe Morton

Reverend John Hill

Guest Star

Maria Ricossa

Maria Ricossa

Warden Huggins

Guest Star

Reuben Thompson

Reuben Thompson

Officer Evans

Guest Star

Allison Scagliotti

Allison Scagliotti

Claudia Donovan

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Myka: Where'd you get that necklace?
      John Hill: Well, you could say it's always been with me.
      Pete: Or you could say where you got it.

    • Myka: You use soap on a rope?
      Pete: Hey, I don't judge your personal hygiene products. Although you might wanna invest and get some moisturizers. You look a little dry around the nose.
      Myka: Oh, you want to swap beauty tips. Then we can talk about the hair that's sprouting from your shoulders, your nose, and, your, umm, ears. (plucks a hair from his ear)
      Pete: Owww!
      Myka: Or you could just tell me about the prison suicides.
      Pete: Well, let's go with the prison suicides.

    • Myka: What's he in for?
      Pete: He killed his wife. A lot.

    • Claudia: Oh, hi, Artie. Hi. Huh, funny story. So I kind of, uh, tried to fix this light bulb, even though you expressly told me not too. And man, have I learned my lesson! You're so right about this place. You just never know what to expect. Okay, you're pissed. Can we move past that part for now and get to the part where you get me down from here?
      Artie: That wouldn't be Volta's lab coat that you're wearing?
      Claudia: All part of the hilarious story I should really tell you when I'm back on planet Earth.
      Artie: The reason, Claudia, that Volta's lab coat is in the warehouse is because Volta couldn't control its magnetic field. As you may have noticed, each metallic object that it connects to makes the coat stronger and stronger!
      Claudia: That explains so much. Thank you.

    • Claudia: Would it have killed you to put a warning label on this thing?
      Artie: Saying what? "Only put on in case of stupid"?

    • Pete: Maybe the old Bible banger had something that was curing the crazy.
      Myka: Right.
      Pete: Maybe this is what Mrs. Frederick meant by "endless freaking wonder."

    • Myka: We don't even know what we're looking for.
      Pete: Why would this time be any different?

  • NOTES (4)


    • John Hill: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
      This is a famous quote by George Santayana, Spanish philosopher in the beginning of the 20th century. The original quote is: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it," it's taken from George Santayana's book : The Life of Reason - Vol. I, Reason in Common Sense.

    • Pete: And the best Rush album since Roll the Bones. Snakes and Arrows rocks.
      Referencing the Canadian hard rock and heavy metal band, started in 1968. Its primary members are Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart. Snakes and Arrows was their 2007 album, the 19th they had done, which featured cover art inspired by the children's game Snakes and Ladders. Roll the Bones, their 14th album debuted in 1991.

    • Pete: Okay, he's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
      Referencing the chocolate-flavored puff-grain cereal from General Mills, first created in 1958. The cereal's cartoon mascot is Sonny the Cuchoo Bird, who inevitably announces he's "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!" no matter how much he tries to control his hunger. In later commercials, other people would try to resist as well but eventually go "cuckoo."

    • Claudia: Suck it, Magneto!
      Referencing Magneto, the primary nemesis of the X-Men. Magneto first appeared in X-Men (vol. 1, #1) (September 1963) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Originally portrayed as a standard super villain, Magneto late embraced the cause of mutant rights and acted as a terrorist to achieve his goals. In the feature film series (first seen in 2000), he was played by Ian McKellan. Magneto possesses the ability to manipulate magnetic fields.

    • Claudia Tycho Brahe's snot pocket.
      Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was a famous Danish nobleman with an interest in astronomy and alchemist. He lost the bridge of his nose in a duel, and he had it replaced with a copper prosthetic.