Warehouse 13

Season 2 Episode 12

Reset (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2010 on Syfy
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The team tries to track down their rogue member, and discover the artifact they have is unexpectedly powerful. Meanwhile, Claudia wonders about her future with the Warehouse team and Pete must choose between Kelly and the mission.

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  • Wtf happened between episode reset and the next how did Mica come back?

    Very poor directing and also terrible special effects. Great idea and good show. Doesn't even hold a candle to Syfy's Stargate Universe that they canceled. Well What can i say People make bad choices and obviously SyFy did as well. All I can say is fuck you Syfy for your bad choices hope you get an ear full from pissed off viewers.
  • I know that the episode ended with Myka quiting but when the season resumed, all of a sudden she was back leaving us to wonder how she came back. Was there an episode that was cut out that led her back to the warehouse or did she just come back?moreless

    The episode was a really good stopping point and cliffhanger for the mid season finally with Myka leaving but it left some unanswered questions for the remander of the season once it resumed with Secret Santa in December. What happened to bring her back? Did she change her mind, did Pete catch up to her and talk her out of it, did they rest of the team "gang up" on her and make her come back... What happened. Was there an episode that was cut from the season that explains her being back or how was it that shes back? All in all the episode was great but the pick up of the season leaves alot to be desired to say the leastmoreless
  • Great season ending !!

    Let's start with a comment on the FALSE EXPERTS comments : I find it funny that so many people nowadays review shows like they were experts and they know everything, but in fact they missed so much during the season that they don't even understand or see where the writers were bringing us.

    First of all, you must think that those series like Eureka - Warehouse 13... before The 4400... they are summer series, with half the episodes of shows we're used to watch. They have to make a plot in half the number of episodes... not always time to workout on a long plot like the other series...

    I think Warehouse 13 is good in sense that it's different, it's a new idea that is brilliantly growing, the artifact out of relics is really a great idea... TV is made to change our mind... amuse us... Not to bring reality in our already real enough life...

    There is so much shows now being cancelled just cause they don't have the "expected" rating (Ohhhhh no we didn't beat that show let's cancel... ohhh no we don't have our 5 millions viewers like this show...), and also so much cancellation based on certain viewers review saying a show is not that good because of X Y Z factor... What about the other 2 - 3 millions that are watching it's not enough ? Good example : Daybreak cancelled after few episodes... but it was really good nice action nice story... / Journey man an other GREAT show that was bringing us in something new... but HEY like usual... if it's too different ... let's not watch it or give it a try.

    Back on the show...

    Pete and Kelly relationship wasn't meant to last... It was clear from the beginning, who couldn't see this coming. It was clear that by the end of the season it would just end.

    Helena... for those who thought that she was nice... missed the whole season... she was bad to the bone, she played everyone... and the writers did it so well that they even fooled you. Her plan was written in her head since the beginning and she did it... The only thing that she never expected is Myka to see through her that there was still something nice inside her. Oh and something else that some people missed... Myka couldn't have shot Helena... she was wearing that JACKET that made Arty being hit... hit helena, kill herself... watch the episode... don't just think about the critics... By the way... someone else missed the season I guess... The regents were fooled because Myka vouched for Helena... no other reasons than that, that Helena was reinstated.

    Helena change from good to bad, was meant to be... And if I remember well in an other episode she brought it that the world was not a better place. Maybe was too subtle and that is why we were surprised of her idea of destroying humanity, but it was a great idea.

    As for the end of Helena, they did it this way, probably because we're not over seeing her... maybe yes... maybe not... She's not bronzed and it's obscure what will happen to her... so who knows maybe Helena is not gone for good.

    For the little play by the car that finally officialize the feeling of Myka towards pete is simply amazingly well played... It was one great moment of the show.

    I'm looking forward to see what will happen between Myka and Pete... I hope they're not letting her go forever... it looked like this tho... But i'm hoping not, the story will not be the same if they do that...

    The rest of the story is really good, Miss Frederic is always has creepy and I love it, and now we start to understand that she has a bigger role that expected she's the warehouse keeper.

    Ohhh Claudia, I almost forgot, now we know why she was brought in, and she's getting more and more important in that show, she bring so much color to the show that it's an interesting character !!! Will she become the new Warehouse Keeper ? Will she not... we saw that Arty will not let that happen... but will have the chance ? And what if he goes against the regents... There is some nice stories possibility coming up, let's see what the writters will do with it!!!moreless
  • Weaknesses hold back a much-awaited season finale

    And so the second season of "Warehouse 13" comes to a close, with the H.G. Wells arc wrapping up nicely with some unanticipated but logical fallout. With Pete's relationship with Kelly shattered and Myka leaving the Warehouse, this may not be a typical cliffhanger, but it does leave much in doubt.

    I mentioned before that I was a bit annoyed with the predictability of the H.G. Wells arc, and I'm not any happier now that I've seen the ending. The writers did a nice job of showing us how H.G. played on Myka's sympathy and compassion, but they never established any rationale for why the Regents would have been fooled. That led to much speculation, especially after her betrayal, that some of the Regents were working with her on some grand scheme.

    So when it came down to a psychologically damaged H.G. seeking to destroy the world that allowed her daughter to die, it didn't quite track. Yes, it harkened back to her chilling confession to Claudia that she tortured and killed her daughter's murderers, but it just didn't seem to resolve the many lingering questions surrounding her activities. And I wasn't convinced by the explanation that McPherson had de-bronzed H.G. to locate the missing parts of the original weapon of mass destruction.

    I also maintain my opinion that this show struggles when it comes to massive action sequences. The beginning of this episode was particularly weak, and while the overall logic of the final H.G. sequence made sense, the notion that all the damage would be quickly undone was absurd. Granted, this is "Warehouse 13", not "Battlestar Galactica"; no one is expecting long-term exploration of environmental consequences. But it was still glaring.

    The writers did a much better job with the character exploration, as key relationships came to a head. Myka's decision to leave made sense under the circumstances. The tragedy of Pete's relationship with Kelly, and how it all fell apart, also made sense, even if I still think they got together and deeply serious a little too quickly. Artie's role as Claudia's father figure continues to grow at a nicely measured pace. The only relationship I don't quite buy is the notion of Leena as the "mother" to the team; she wasn't around enough in the second season for that role within the evolving team dynamic to hold water.

    As this second season comes to a close (Christmas special notwithstanding, which I assume will be non-canon based on the end of this episode), it seems odd to think that there may be concern about the show returning. It currently ranks second in the Syfy ratings for scripted shows, and easily beats some of the shows that have been renewed (such as the excellent Stargate Universe). Yet there was some controversy when a producer announced a third season pickup, and Syfy forced a retraction. This led many to wonder whether or not there would be a shocking cancellation in the future.

    While I happily contributed to a Eurekaverse Podcast call to arms in support of the show, I believe that this is not a major cause for concern. I suspect Syfy just wanted to hold off on any renewal announcements until October, as part of their typical post-summer season PR blitz. That said, in the era of quick, knee-jerk show cancellations (looking at you, FOX), it never hurts to rally the troops for a show of solidarity and support. So let Syfy know how much we enjoyed the second season, and how much we look forward to a third!moreless
  • See Summary

    Reset, the season finale of Warehouse 13, was a great conclusion of the 2 part story. It was full of character drama, their dilemas, and ultimately their futures. There were plenty of touching moments, especially at the very end. We have come to care about these characters, as if they were our friends. Even though there were revelations, there are still some questions that need to be answered. I look forward to seeing more seasons of this unique series. This episode is a testement to the creativity of the writers, directors, and actors. I think it also is a highlight of the shows potential.moreless
Allen Altman

Allen Altman

M. Sempe

Guest Star

Francois Klanfer

Francois Klanfer

Elderly French Man

Guest Star

Julie LeGal

Julie LeGal

Felice (Lawyer's Assistant)

Guest Star

Paula Garcés

Paula Garcés

Dr. Kelly Hernandez

Recurring Role

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

Mrs. Frederic

Recurring Role

Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray

H.G. Wells

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Claudia said that HG was driving on I-26 to Yellowstone. Interstate 26 actually goes through Tennessee to South Carolina. However, there is a US Route 26 that is in Wyoming.

    • Right before Sempe steps into the primordial tar, you can briefly see that his pants are already covered from the knees down with tar. The next shot however, when he just stepped onto the tar, his pants are completely clean.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Myka: Okay, these wings were probably designed by Daedalus. He was the father of...
      Pete: Icarus. Ha, even I know that one.
      Myka: Turn around.
      Pete: Why me? You're the one who eats like a bird.
      Myka: Well, just don't get us too close to the sun, okay?
      Pete: They smell.

    • Pete: (using Daedalus' wings to fly) Can you imagine watching a Browns game like this?
      Myka: Yeah, I bet that's exactly what Daedalus had in mind.

    • Artie: I don't know about spears, but I can tell you resurrection is a dangerous practice and always comes at a price.
      Pete: Yeah, look at Mickey Rourke.

    • Artie: All right, Pete, Myka, you go to Paris. Claudia, you try to find exactly where Christina is buried. I will do research on spears. Mrs. Frederic... (realizes she's slipped away) will just be Mrs. Frederic.

    • Pete: Okay, I said it. Yes, I even said it first. So go ahead, make fun.
      Myka: I'm really glad you found someone, Pete. You deserve it.
      Pete: Okay, now I really feel like a girl.
      Myka: Well, hike up your skirt, 'cause we got a bad guy to catch.
      Pete: Boo-yah.

    • Artie: Sorry, sorry. I thought, you know, handling some ancient spears would trigger a notion, but...
      Claudia: Okay, well, I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're handling your ancient spear, but I found Christina's gravesite.

    • Claudia: Uh, Artie, can I talk to you about something?
      Artie: Will it make me old and uncomfortable?
      Claudia: Not this time.
      Artie: All right, go on.

    • Pete: H.G.'s probably already here.
      Myka: Good, first time, shame on her. Second time, I'm bringing that bitch down.
      Pete: I love it when you talk dirty.

    • Pete: She sent me some pictures... with her and a little puppy. Look, she's powdering its nose. Look at the little puppy. Okay, it's official. I'm a girl.

    • Pete: H.G. has a huge advantage, Myka. She's willing to lie, steal, and kill to get what she wants, and we're not. So I'm gonna side with us on this one. With you.

    • Helena: For such a mediocre kisser, I'd have thought you'd at least have brains.
      Pete: Yeah, well, you taste about as old as you are, so right back at you, grandma.

    • Claudia: Are you gonna die on us every year? 'Cause it's getting kind of boring.
      Artie: I'm gonna keep dying until it takes, or not.

    • Artie: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, kiddo. Hey. I plan on making your life hell for a very long time.
      Claudia: Can I hug you?
      Artie: Maybe later in the week.

    • Pete: I've been, unm... trying to figure out ways to simplify my life, and it all boils down to three words. "Quit your job, Pete." Four words.
      Myka: Mm-hmm.
      Pete: I wasn't counting Pete.

    • Mrs. Frederic: (reading Myka's resignation) "Artie, it breaks my heart to write this. We both know the warehouse is my happiest place. I've thought a lot about this and I can't stay here. If I do, I'll second-guess myself into oblivion. Please forgive me, but I have to go. Pete, you're the big brother I never had. I wish I had your strength. I know I frown at you and punch you a lot, but I'll always love you a lot. Please be careful. Leena, you're the only mom they have. Watch over them, and make sure that Artie eats right. Claudia, take care of Pete and Artie. Let's face it, you're the only real adult in the group. I wish I could be there to see you grow into the amazing woman you're going to become. I love you all, Myka."

  • NOTES (2)


    • Pete: Well, what, are you calling, to play a little game of Let's Make a Deal?
      Referencing the long-running TV game show where host Monty Hall would make deals with elaborately costumed contestants. Often the deal would be a set prize in hand for "what's behind door number 3!" or "curtain number 1!"