Warehouse 13

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2009 on Syfy

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  • Wasn't what I expected

    it was not like what i expected. artefact idea is nice and the episode was good also. loved the song in the episode and the thing with family relationship. however still after the pilot i am expecting artefacts that have more relation with historical events. hope there is more history in the further episodes
  • Enjoyable Episode

    Didn't enjoy this as much as the Pilot. Had an interesting story, but I didn't care too much for the way it ended. Reminded me of Scooby Doo when they pulled the mask off the villain. Overall not bad.
  • Music to Rob a bank by?

    I repeat my review of the pilot and add something new at the end...

    Thinking that the show would entertain me was the first thing wrong with this show....(spoiler alert)

    The female character is annoyingly butch and b**chy
    The male character is such a man w*ore to all women he sees, did we really need the assertion of his manhood within the first 5 minutes of the show?

    The scientist character is beyond annoying, but that's the actor's fault - he's a bad actor in a bad role.

    The show is nothing more that Friday the 13th the Series with a very-low sci-fi (pardon me) syfy twist to it.

    I don't see the show going more than 1-2 years at best...they have to pump up the scripts, clean up the characters and add more SCI-FI to the show and leave the human drama out of it...

    Episode 2: What the deuce? Musical genius creates music to rob a bank and the people around him are the culprit - you didn't need spidey sense to see that this episode - like the pilot was 30 minutes too long...and all the background drama of the characters only made it seem as long as the original pilot. I had hoped for something more from this show...but it's got to kick in soon or it's going to be deleted from my DVR settings!

    p.s. you don't need the warehouse for the record...break it and destroy the files...leave room in the warehouse for a Tardis to travel back in time and re-write this crap!
  • Ok...

    This episode was ok. I was certainly kept wondering about the nature of the artifact. I just don't get how the song had the effect; I mean, yeah the acoustics thing makes sense; but when has ANY song done anything close to what that song did? Not many, although I do get choked up when listening to certain love songs (You belong with HER, damn it!) All in all, a pretty ok episode. I don't think it was the best of the series, but what the hey? It's the second episode.

    On a completely unrelated note, the sixth Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book comes out October 12th. "And Another Thing..." by Eion Colfer.
  • Better than the first

    This episode was definetely better than the first, more believable things to it.
    The story was captivating, interesting and actually dramatic, not way too inventive like the first one.
    I started to like more Myka's character that in the first episode was kinda annoing, i think she is like Olivia in Fringe, you starting liking little by little.
    I'm waiting for the next episode and i hope is better than this, so eventually the serie will become very good and enjoyable to watch.
    Nice suspense about the hacker too, cant wait to find out who is wanting to know more about the warehouse 13.
  • Interesting idea.

    I suppose this could be a plausible concept. But that isn't the point.

    We're still too early in the series to accurately rate this show as a whole. I'm being conservative in my ratings. I will need something big to make me give it a 10, so because I am sci-fi starved, I will stick to 7s and 8s unless an episode makes me start rolling my eyes.

    I think I prefer more serious sci-fis with comedy written in, rather than a comedy sci-fi that is trying to be serious however. It seems to work better, and it also seems to last more.

    Trying to be too comedic and light and fluffy off the bat, tends not to last too long as a show.
  • Strange but sad

    Second episode and I feel it's a winner. The whole using music to rob a bank was strange, but well, in science fiction anything is possible. The thing is that in the end, we learn it was for a good cause. The main characters continue to amaze me. Pete is strong and I just loved how in this episode he tried to make Myka see the real thing even when he's known her for a few weeks, months. And well, this episode is mostly about Myka and how she suffers from what it looks like a sad childhood. Her comment to Pete about it was very interesting. Let's see where it takes her.

    Artie and his journey of finding out who was hacking his computer was hilarious. Having Tricia Helfer on the show was great, her personality is overwhelming. Although she was too dressed up for an FBI agent...

    Good episode, keep them coming.
  • Using music to rob a bank? hmmmmm....

    After a sloppy pilot, this installment tried not to burn its fingers by getting into a lot of things that fall under the realm of borderline supernatural. So, as a result of that and the reduced time this one struck the right chord.

    Micah and Pete investigate a bank robbery caused by playing some mind altering music. Micah proves to be savior this time by nabbing one of the robbers, and planting her phone in his pocket when he escapes again. The ending was a bit cheesy, when the motive is revealed to be some father-daughter love. Well, if it is Sc-Fi, why don't you take it a notch further. Again, Micah uses this to contrast and compare her strained relationship with her father. Artie is portrayed a little differently this time as one who is more paranoid on finding the hackers rather than helping out on the case. He does leave behind a mystery, and Dickinson sure does seem a lot shady.

    Warehouse 13 is solving mysteries with each episode, and laying the ground work for an internal mystery.
  • Still going well while we get to know the characters.

    We slowed down just a teensy bit from the Pilot, but they added Tricia Helfer, so I'll take what I can get (unfortunately her character was underwritten). We're slowly getting to know the characters; Pete's 6th sense and Maika's family relationship. To be honest, just once I'd like it to be the other way around - a quirky female and an emotional male, but I'm not holding my breath. The one kicking things up is Artie - Saul Rubinek is a fantastic actor and here he finally gets a chance to shine.
    I'm not expecting much from the show so I'm actually enjoying (and will probably continue to do so) the stand-alone episodes with the W13 underlying theme. Again, the greatest bonus here is that the show is not pretentious - which can't be said for (for example) Fringe, ergo you get a lot more enjoyment from the popcorn spooky thrill ride.
    Half the season should be fun, then we'll see what the writers do when we get to the meat of things...
  • Bering and Lattimer are sent to Chicago to check out a string of bank robberies that are very odd. They run into some problems with the FBI but manage to work past them. Artie traces a break in to his computer from Secret Service Headquarters.

    A good follow up to the two hour Pilot episode. Tricia Helfer as FBI Agent Bonnie Belski who was heading the case in Chicago was her usual beautiful and sultry self. It seems that Leena who's played by Genelle Williams and Daniel Dickinson played by Simon Reynolds will be regular starring characters. Artie is trying to keep things secret between his team and the outside world but it seems that Myka is not going to be that easy to deal with. When She and Pete run into a problem in Chicago with the FBI she called up Dickinson to handle it for her. Dickinson seems like an affable enough fellow and he got the FBI to work with them no problem. Artie seemed upset by that and sort of scolded her after the fact and told her to go through him from now on.

    The case in Chicago was interesting and it's easy to see how the two personalities of Bering and Lattimer will work together. This time Myka came up with the solution from all of Pete's clue building and working the crime scenes. I am not really sure if I liked the ending but they got their piece of contraband and can return to the Warehouse.

    Artie goes to Washington because he thinks Dickinson is trying to hack The Warehouse system. It turns out that isn't true and Dickinson actually takes it pretty well that Artie had broken into his office. That was an interesting vision Artie had at the end when he got electrocuted. Dickinson even allows Artie time to try to figure out who the hacker was from his computer. Love the old style camera gadget he used on Dickinson also.

    An enjoyable episode that was pretty interesting. They could be in trouble if this is the kind of episodes they run each week though. The originality could wear off pretty fast unless the ideas get a little more sinister and dangerous. In a way there was almost a little too much going on. We'll see what happens? Thanks for reading...