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  • Where is the ARK?

    have i missed it? i suppose the warehouse catch our attention from the ARK in the last scene of Raiders of the lost ARK. But it never appears or i missed?
  • Warehouse 13 "jumps the shark!"

    Never did I think Warehouse 13 would sink to these depths, so so sad!

    When I saw series 5 was just 6 episodes I knew something bad was coming but really they should have stopped at episode 3 then we would not have had to suffer the excrutiating agony of their very own "jumping the shark" episode with "Savage Seduction", cry? I wanted to barff!

    But maybe they should have stopped at episode1? That way we would NOT have seen Latimer have that rug dumped on his head! I guess the producers finally twigged that if he was going to play the part of Jim Carreys character from Dumb and Dumber then he may as well look like him too!

    How the heck could such a great innovative show sink down to these levels, I guess we should be thankfull series 5 was only 6 episodes long, god only knows how much more I could have taken!

    Such a sad goodbye!
  • Still way better than most of the junk on atm

    I still miss the show.
  • Going to miss this series!

    I really liked this series! It was funny and interesting in its soft, ditsy way, which was ways different from the other more serious or hard packed action series. All of the characters are lovable in their own way!

    Yes, the plots were a bit clumsy, but that was part of it's easy going non-serious charm. I admit that Season 4 was just plain WTF bonkers that whammied you sideways but for anyone who complains of season 5, just shut up! That was made only to bring the series into a conclusion. 90% of tv-series don't offer you a nice wrapping up of things but instead just leave you dangling there, wondering when or if the next season is going to come up.
  • From fabulous to just forget it....

    well I loved the series... till the last season..... what happened with the script writers? they just lost the plot or what..... just stop wasting your time with the last season, not worth it.

    It's like everyone wanted to make a mockery of it..... don't get it
  • Ignoring the last season this was a fun show

    Unless you are a Pete/Myka shipper (which I am not) then I would recommend just outright skipping the final season of this show. It is not particularly necessary for the enjoyment of the show and except for some minor cliffhangers at the end of the season before (which the final season ends quickly) the final season is a waste of time. This was a great fun show that ended poorly.
  • What a pathetic series finale

    For a show that had some pretty good stories, the series finale was ver poorly done. The story gets a 5 out of 10. The editing and directing gets a big fat ZERO.

    The acting series wide Leena, Mrs. F, Myka, HG and Jinks get top marks. The rest were zeros and by far the worst was Claudia. She is not believable for the role she played and if I haven't mentioned this, here acting was pathetic. As for the "bad guys". HG nice job. The rest should find some other work.

    Star Trek in general are pretty good productions and stories with the worst actors you can find, Warehouse 13 went substantially down hill, I think it was season 3, with the appearance of half the cast from Voyager
  • Another one bites the dust

    Good series, just think the writer couldn't think of shit to write, the last two seasons. And I liked the immatureness of the actors, not like the boring ass crime shows of today.
  • Grow the hell up...

    I love the program but the only complaint, CONSTANT complaint is that All of the agents act like children. Artie was by far the only adult in the warehouse, Pete's character... OMG such an immature twit. The constant childish BS that most grow out of by the age of 12. The girls, the rediculous everybody talking 400 mph at the same time.. makes me wanna slap them all and say grow the hell up. Nobody said you have to act all old mad "law N order serious" but christ almighty.. at least act like adults given this awesome yet kinda spooky job in the warehouse.
  • Terrible ending to a great series

    I really feel like they should have just canceled the series rather than giving us that 6 episode jumble of disjointed story lines and sudden shifts in character personalities. I am a huge fan of Bering and Wells forever, so the forced relationship between Pete and Myka felt ridiculous. Myka really only had romantic chemistry with Helena. There was no need to force a romance to end the series. It would have been wonderful without it. Also, they dropped or rushed so many story lines (Myka with cancer) that it just felt unsatisfying when it came to the end. I still love the series and, perhaps, in time I will be okay with the ending, but for now, I feel sad. Endless wonder came with an abrupt and unsatisfying end.
  • Worst final season ever

    I sorry but after investing 4 seasons into this show to see such a pathetic set of 6 final episodes I wish they would have just cancelled it. There was so many plot holes and they just brought in actors to fill in spaces in the already empty episodes because they had no story, grasping at straws. Then the icing on the cake, the final episode is a flash back episode of defining moments that weren't even part of any episodes from the previous 4 seasons, they were all done new for this, like really, you couldn't have afforded to spend a little time going back through the episodes to find actual defining moment. Totally just a slap in the face to the viewers. Thank you ruining another show.
  • Endless Wonder... No Longer

    I miss this show already!

    Time to clean up all the tissues I used wiping up the tears I shed while watching the final episode of an amazing & incredible show.
  • Endless wonder

    I am so going to miss Warehouse 13. After all I have 5 seasons invested in it. I really love how it ended. It truly was a endless wonder. Thank you warehouse 13 I enjoyed every bit of ended on a high note and it ended well. Good all the fun watching on tv that you provided.
  • Thank Warehouse 13

    I just have to say thank you for the absolutely fabulous series i loved every moment of it and i really enjoyed the final episode it was perfect.

    Thank you so much for the the pleasure you have given me

  • Why is it ending?

    This rated as the 17th top rated show out there with a steady up going trend. Don't Syfy like top rated shows or something. I don't understand why they didn't go for a full season and some proper closure at least. I blame previous poor ratings on the TV stations that could never stick to a regular schedule.

    I won't watch anything from syfy anymore because they axe everything instead of ending things decently.
  • thanks for the closure

    well I like the show and I appreciate that they have given them the final episodes. one of the few shows that will give closure seeing most sci-fis just get cancelled.
  • Bummer!

    We really enjoy Warehouse 13, it is a fun SYFY Fantasy, has clever writers and great actors. I wish you wouldn't take it off the air!! How will we know what happens to the main characters??? no closure, it is a bummer.
  • Characters need work

    I con't believe how stupid they have made the characters in this show. I don't think they could make a connection between cows and milk.
  • What happened

    This show was descent, now it is just stupid. I am very disappointed.
  • Sad to see it go, but honestly...

    Leave it to NBC. It's VERY sad to see another good, unique, clever, "un-reality" show go, but I do think they could have taken this show much further. They had unlimited possibilities, yet they spent far too much time trying to make it a sci-fi-chick-flick - in my humble middle-aged female opinion. I'm not as sad as I would have been a season ago. After the last season. . well, shrug. I will absolutely remember it fondly, but it should have been a much brighter star in the sci-fi universe.
  • Back On

    Yessss!!! the guys are back,,, best clean fun flick on TV.
  • Fun Fun fun show

    I watch this show because it's fun. Want to move away from the boring TV nowadays? Watch warehouse 13.

    Everything is fun, espescially the characters. Have to give great credit to Eddie McClintock's portrayal of Pete Lattimer, one of the best characters on TV ever!

    The plot is fun, a little cheesy but still fun. The acting all round is great and the show never runs out of ideas. Definitely worth watching. A shame about the cancellation but it's been a great show.
  • Stop the Cancellation

    This show is awesome and the only reason aside from continuum that I still watch have filled the channel with so much crap reality programming that i am going to take SyFy off my favorites list as soon as the Warehouse is closed for business. I mean USA cancel's Psych,CBS may cancel Intelligence, and SyFy is about to kill Warehouse 13, this is like Firefly all over again, granted this is not nearly as good as Firefly, but it is close, and has had a greater chance to survive, but the SYFY execs are still pulling the plug way to early. I am begging you people at SyFy if you have any sense save Warehouse 13. Thank you for reading my thoughts if you did.
  • Save the Warehouse

    This is yet another example of an excellent scifi show that is getting the axe way to early syfy is starting to disappoint me by taking all the good shows off and feeling the space with all this reality crap. if i wanted reality I wouldn't be watching TV. This is suppose to be my escape from reality and its not just the SyFy channel its all of them just like they did to Firefly, except Warehouse 13 at least got a few seasons, where as Firefly was was killed way before it's time just like WH13 because they have barely touched on all the mythology that could be brought in as artifacts. That is all you writers need to do come up with an artifact and what it does and the story will evolve around that.

    Kirk out.
  • Sad Sad Sad Sad

    The show is now a goofy sad effort at comedy making one feel silly to sit thro it. The first episodes were great with great promise. Now I wonder who's funding it and why. We all know where to go for proper comedy. Kill the show already.
  • Warehouse 13 is

    This show is off the So excited that it will finaly return for its finest/final hour .! Great job on the cast,stories,artifacts and mystery that always follows and props to the people who filmed/made/wrote, ect.. this wonderful thrilling
  • Why SyFi Why?

    Eddie McClintock was back home a couple of days ago to promote a new movie he is in. He made an appearance at our local film festival. When asked when he would be going back to work to shoot Warehouse 13's last season he said they already had and it's done! Yet SyFi is still going to make us wait to watch an abbreviated season that is supposed to wrap things up for good. For a network that's based on science fiction why does it feels like it's trying to kill it completely.

  • Will it still be "Season 4" next year, too?

    Could not agree more with 'jeffosoft'. I'm sick of these shows taking 6 months off and calling it the same "Season" when they come back. That is Bullshirt. It is lame enough that network shows only make 24 episodes per year, but these slackers can't even do that many.

    ps - Eureka was a way better show than Warehouse!
  • Pete Lattimer is an immature incompetent idiot

    The thing that's hardest to believe about this series is not all of the quasi-magical artifacts, or the secret history of the world represented by a string of warehouses going back who knows how long. No, the thing that makes suspension of disbelief impossible for me is that a top secret organization, with all the warehouse's resources, and all the warehouse's responsibilities, would entrust the safety of the world to a guy that can't restrain himself from picking up every potentially dangerous artifact he finds and playing with it. How many episodes use Pete's total incompetence as a plot device to unleash something that would never have been a problem if he'd left it alone? And after 4 seasons of doing this, he hasn't learned a thing - witness the season 4 finale. I really wish the writers would let him to grow up a bit, instead of relying on his immaturity to drive the plot all the time. I know they need a few non-technical characters on the show, so the "smarter" ones have someone to explain things to, but this is ridiculous. Seriously, how could this guy get a job cleaning the monkey cage at a zoo, let alone working for the secret service? Let's hope he gets a chance to redeem himself, before they pull the plug on the show forever next season.
  • 2014!

    Are you freaking Kidding me... The've only had 10 episodes since the last break.. Finish the season for gods sake. So tired of this 1/2 season B/S. The reason it had declining ratings is because nobody could figure out when the hell the show was on.

    Show us the final episodes and be done with it. Another Middle Finger from SYFY.
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