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  • Pete Lattimer is an immature incompetent idiot

    The thing that's hardest to believe about this series is not all of the quasi-magical artifacts, or the secret history of the world represented by a string of warehouses going back who knows how long. No, the thing that makes suspension of disbelief impossible for me is that a top secret organization, with all the warehouse's resources, and all the warehouse's responsibilities, would entrust the safety of the world to a guy that can't restrain himself from picking up every potentially dangerous artifact he finds and playing with it. How many episodes use Pete's total incompetence as a plot device to unleash something that would never have been a problem if he'd left it alone? And after 4 seasons of doing this, he hasn't learned a thing - witness the season 4 finale. I really wish the writers would let him to grow up a bit, instead of relying on his immaturity to drive the plot all the time. I know they need a few non-technical characters on the show, so the "smarter" ones have someone to explain things to, but this is ridiculous. Seriously, how could this guy get a job cleaning the monkey cage at a zoo, let alone working for the secret service? Let's hope he gets a chance to redeem himself, before they pull the plug on the show forever next season.
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