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Warehouse 13

Syfy (ended 2014)



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  • The Warehouse closing it's doors

    This was something that was bound to happen, I'm personally fine that the show is ending I don't like it when a show stretches itself out too long it sort of ruins it's quality, but also due to how things went I honestly don't entirely know what else the show could've done. We're they going to fight some evil organization of mutants trying to find particular artifacts, that would of been cool but that's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" not this show. So, I thought this was a soild conclusion.

    It's true it's not one of the best series finales in my book, it does leave a bit to be desired in some places which is the only problem with the episode. For me it's knowing what happened to the characters after the Warehouse disappeared, what did Mika, Jinx, and Pete go back to their old jobs in the FBI, do Mika and Pete get married at some point, does Artie become a regent or go see his son? It just felt like there was another scene that was missing which really created a big gap in the episode; I would of liked to of had an expose montage scene where we would see what happened to them after the loss before we flash forward to the future. But oh well, at least from what we got I had a matter of satisfaction from this ending and some is better than none at all.

    I really like that this episode was an anthology episode which I felt was a cool idea for a finale. Usually for most finales it's always a end all be all adventure or even a great final battle, but here is many adventures rapped in one. It would be awesome if a comic book based TV show or Movie ever thought of doing something like this, having certain particular members of the Justice Legue or Avengers in one room and each individual giving out a story.

    Each of the stories I thought were fun fare, it's true their not anything entirely spectacular but why they were defining moments for the characters were in the feelings they felt during that point of time, which I think outweighs the event itself.

    The first one which was a dancing situation was fun, all of the actors trained and did the tap dancing well. However it was really Alison that I felt really made the killing, I think she's also a dancer and has done her share of musicals and it really shows as she is the one that distracts the dancers while Pete and Artie nullify the artifact which is the sign. But in that moment Claudia realized her power of choice as deep down she didn't want to be Caretaker but remain an agent because she still wanted excitement and adventure in her life which is normal for a person like her. That is until the ending which I'll get to.

    The one with Artie was interesting mainly because of the ending of it. In a way it was sort of like a math equasion, you knew what was happening was going to add up to something and when you watch it again it's actually simple. We see Artie interact with some agent we don't know and their on an adventure and are focus not just on an artifact which cause people to remain at some point in time but a particular couple. The job is then and suddenly we discover that unknown agent is Artie's son, and the male in the couple was a young version of Artie. I'll admit that was a bit out of left field but then again there are parts of Artie's past we still don't know. But I thought that is was a bit touching showing that the business of the Warehouse isn't Artie's whole life, and you can have a life outside it. I also liked that speech Artie gave near the end to the Warehouse which was touching, in a way I can't help but feel he's acknowledging what most of the fans of this show feel. Yeah, despite the enevatable reality of the show ending we deep down don't really want it to go. But also what made the Warehose which is the dreams and emotions of people, and that's what also makes the sci-fi stories we know and love possible.

    Jinx's story was plain fun, I really like that it's pretty much an homage to the sci-fi film "Fantastic Voyage". From the design of the mini sub, the grainy quality of the filming, and the green screanning which is noticeable but thats the point making it all the more funny and giving it a feeling your seeing an old film. I liked seeing the back and forth between both Claudia and Jinx as usual. I liked that Helina had a cameo appearance since that shrink machine was one of her inventions, but I liked that she was there since she was one of my favorate characters and this was a wave good bye from her. But of coruse we see Jinx complete the mission and he realizes he's in the human heart which is the one thing he values the most. At that moment in time, Jinx realized where his heart truly lies which is with the people in the Warehouse.

    Then there is Mika, were we see her in what looks like just another typical mystery where she is exercising her intelegence in solving it as usual. But it gets interesting when all the suspect turn into ninjas and it was I thought a decent battle. I really liked seeing both Pete and Mika in a physical battle together, and hey their both battling ninjas and kicking butt together which is cool. But as I said it was a decent battle because I kinda felt some of the chorigraphy was a little off in places or both actors needed to train a bit longer for a move or two, so this was the other bad thing about the episode but it's small. Anyway, this was a defining moment for her because at that point she let her true feelings for Pete show. Mika sees the truth about her feelings staring at her in the face and does what any person should do act on them.

    With Pete the story is now, we see him freaking out a bit and in desperation to save the Warehouse. But it was really touching when he revealed his reasons why to Mika, it's not so much because of the job itself but because he doesn't want to go back to being that person he use to be. He's had a pretty hard past, as he use to be an alcholoic and caused serious injury to a friend he use to have and his long battle to get back; the job at the Warehouse has given him another chance in life. But most importantly he doesn't want to lose Mika, he doesn't want her to immediately move and run away which she's done most of her life. But that was because Mika never really found what she was looking for yet, until now and then we see her not say anything but just take action. She then kisses Pete and he kisses back with passion, I couldn't help but cheer because the long wait is finally over but cements that even with the Warehouse gone both of them will have something to come back to, each other.

    The final minutes were good as we see the Warehouse in the far future and there are three different individuals that are in the same situation as the characters in the past, trying to keep the Warehouse from disappearing again. And then of course we see Claudia whom is still the same age and she is the caretaker. I thought this made the final minutes a bit touching because it shows when Claudia became caretaker this time it was by her own choice and the fact we see other agents and the Warehouse growing even bigger than before shows that the Warehouse will live on.

    I'll admit just seeing the amount of artifact and those final minutes made me wonder what more happened to make those artifacts part of the collection. And in a way the ending almost leaves the possibility of having a sequel series "Warehouse 14"? I don't know as they said about the Warehouse and sci-fi in general it's an endless wonder.

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