Warehouse 13

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2011 on Syfy



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    • Artie: Silence! This is not snag, bag, and nag.

    • Artie: There have to be other ways. Less risky ways.
      Mrs. Frederic: Travel back in your memories and watch them? Oh, yes, hundreds.
      Artie: You're joking, right?
      Mrs. Frederic: I'm very dry.

    • Claudia: So I guess the landlady didn't see anything, but she definitely heard Brandon out here caterwauling the other day.
      Myka: "Caterwauling"?
      Claudia: Yeah, her word, not mine. I like the way it rolls off the tongue, though.

    • Pete: Wow. Not just a regent, but a super regent. Man, if I had known, I'd have gotten you a mug that said, "World's Greatest Secret Overlord."

    • Claudia: I'm telling you, we're a lot alike.
      Megan: You make people vaporize with your mind, do you?
      Claudia: I definitely have the "make people disappear" curse. I recently lost a... a really good friend. He didn't, like, die or anything, but he's just gone.
      Megan: Not exactly the same.
      Claudia: I have a boyfriend in the Witness Protection program.
      Megan: Impressive. But still...
      Claudia: My brother disappeared into an inter-dimensional bubble.
      Megan: What?
      Claudia: It took me 12 years to get him back.
      Megan: Fine. You're cursed too, congratulations.
      Claudia: Thank you. Maybe we should start a support group.Called the Arms Length Club.
      Megan: I don't think so. The Ten-Foot Pole Society.
      Claudia: Nice. Better.

    • Myka: Claude, did you find Megan?
      Claudia: Safe and sound. We're bonding over our ability to repel people.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Brandon's Roommate: He was gonna turn her on to Eraserhead.

      Referencing the 1977 movie by David Lynch, his first theatrical project, which features a vacationing printer named Henry who is thrust into increasingly surrealistic situations.

    • Claudia: What do you wanna bet we find her dead mother in a rocking chair up there?

      Referencing the 1960 movie Psycho, which initially chronicles the exploits of a secretary embezzling money from her employer. She hides at an isolated motel owned by Norman Bates, who likes to stuff animals. He claims to have a mother who lives in the house at the top of the hill, but it is eventually revealed that she is a figment of Norman's delusional mind, and he dresses up like her to kill anyone who offends "Mother."

    • Claudia: Fine, but if her hair starts blowing around like Firestarter, we're out of here.

      Referencing the 1980 novel by Stephen King, which features a young girl, Charlie McGee, who has the ability to generate fires with her minds after her parents are experimented on by the U.S government. It was adapted into a movie in 1984 and spawned a sequel in 2002.