Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 11

The Living and the Dead

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Good to be back!

    Loved the long awaited return of WH13! Looking forward to the rest of the season and what's to come. Liking the introduction of a couple of new characters with their own possible agenda. Love it! :)
  • The Living and the Dead

    The Living and the Dead was anintriguing return of Warehouse 13. I really enjoyed watching as Pete and Myka race to find a cure to the Black Orchids deadly pandemic. It was great to see Reagent Jane again. Ms. Frederick wss awesome as well. It was great seeing Claudia and Steve inside Artie's mind. I liked how things played out and look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!!!

  • A good return for the second half

    I did enjoy this episode even though I am never too fond of dream plots. But that was only about half the episode and the dream part entering Artie's mind to bring him out of his denial of Leena's death was well done even if a dream scenario. I did enjoy the artifacts in this one and the story line to get the ring back. Marstens was quite good in his role and I can see a branching story line with him and Charlotte. Myka and Pete's parts were very good but I think they ought to make Pete look a bit less dense, he isn't really after all but seems to be the brunt of jokes each week. A bit would be fine but sometimes they write too many for him. I just read online that Eddie McClintock is hoping for a renewal for next season but it hasn't been decided yet. I hope they renew it as it is one of the shows I look forward to each week.