Warehouse 13

Season 3 Episode 1

The New Guy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on Syfy

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  • Markbath you are SO wrong

    Jimi Hendrix played a right handed guitar upside down. There weren't any left-handed guitars back then unless you had one specially made. Markbath - do YOUR research, lol. Thanks opheiliaraincz for also correcting this and getting it right.
  • Great season opener!!

    Love this episode! Love every episode actually! The funniest scene was when Pete says "no charge ladies"! Yay for Myka returning but why did they have to straighten her hair? I agree with the other reviewer that they should tone Claudia down a notch, she's too arrogant. Regarding Jimi Hendrix's guitar, he used right-handed guitars, turned upside down and restrung for left-hand playing. So markbath, the writers DID do their research but looks like you didn't. I love the new guy, the chemistry between him and Pete is funny! Oh just love this show!! The dialog is so witty!
  • A decent episode but mistakes were made and too vague about the artifact.

    I really like the series but was sooooo disappointed with this episode right off the bat. The first scene about Jimi Hendrix"s guitar was done poorly. The guitar in the scene they claim is Hendrix's was a right-handed guitar. Anyone who knows anything about Jimi Hendrix knows he was left-handed and played a left-handed guitar. Don't the writers do any research at all? The rest of the show was pretty good but all through the show all I did was look for more mistakes.
  • Welcome to "The New Guy" but Pete is missing Myka.

    We come back to the show with the gang on assignment to retrieve Jimi Hendrix's electric (in more ways than one) guitar. Pete is oblivious to the sexy woman he's just saved (still reeling from his partner Myka's departure).
    Later we meet "The New Guy" by the name of Jinkins who seems to be a reject from the show Lie to Me. Basically, the main deal is someone is killing people with an artifact called The Lost Folio. Unfortunately, this is not up Pete's alley because it has something to do with "Mr. Walter Shakespeare" lol (something Myka was the specialist in since her parents owns a book store of course). So off to get Myka's help with new boy Jinkins. While all of this is going on, Artie and Claudia are having their own adventure in Warehouse 13. Will Myka stay or just help out? Check it out.
  • The New Guy

    The New Guy was a great episode of Warehouse 13 and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was a great start to a new season. There were all the classic elements that make the series what it is but also great new characters and familiar faces we thought were gone. I thought the actors had great energy and the story line was creative. The special effects were cool and I love how Ms. Frederick can creep up on anyone out of no where. It was cool to see Myka and how she got herself involved though she claimed to be done with the Warehouse. I like whee this season is going and I look forward to watching the next episode of Warehouse 13!!!!!
  • The New Guy

    Good start, not brilliant, well at least the first half. The second half was actually quite brilliant. I loved the episode's direction showing Pete hurt at the departure of Myka. Those two make a great team and I'm glad she is back. The new guy was honestly annoying for my taste. I know the Agents have hightened human intuition in some way but the lying thing was just too much. Its not a bad Idea but the guy made it look like he was telepathic and could literarily see the lie and that didnt board well with me.

    There is also the lack of a real dynamic duo between him and Pete like Myka and Pete have. I wll give him a chance to see how he developes but so far signs are not good. the rest of the cast was thier usual self but Claudia was a bit too over the top I hope they can dial her down just a notch. Artie was loveable as usual and Leena was her coolself as usual.

    As for the plot, Very interesting but ended on a bad note. I couldnt figure out why they let the guy get to the panel and hand out the sheets. Why didnt Myka just take her down as soon as he was close enough. I know they were gearing for the mydterious ending but they should have made his escape better than this. The New Villain seems to be the villain of the season type. A guy with knowledge of the warehouse and artifacts meaning he will use them quite effectively and like have some of the most dangerous artifacts which should make for an interesting watch. The FBI agent was an interesting one and im curious to see were it all goes from here.

    Overall Good episode especially the second Half. I hope The show will keep Myka and Pete as just partners and not make them fall in love. Sometimes we just need a great friendship not a love relationship.