Warehouse 13

Season 3 Episode 1

The New Guy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • Although Jimi Hendrix was left-handed, he typically played either a right-handed guitar with the bass strings reversed, or he played a right-handed guitar upside down. Thus the right-handed guitar shown here is correct.

  • Quotes

    • ATF Agent: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can always tell when somebody's lying. Lucky you and your special gift.
      Steve: Believe me, it's not a gift to tell when someone's lying. You ever been on a date?

    • Steve: How'd you guys even get in here?
      Artie: You know what, could you open my bag for me just one second? Thanks so much. See, I've got to turn this down because I'm way too close.
      Steve: What is that?
      Artie: Oh, nothing for you to worry about.
      Steve: Oh, you're lying.
      Artie: (stuns him) There, now I don't have to lie to you anymore. You happy?

    • Mrs. Frederic: I want to introduce you to a new world.
      Steve: Yeah, what kind of world?
      Mrs. Frederic: A world of endless wonder.

    • Claudia: Artie likes to think of this place as "America's Attic," but that's really the nickname for the Smithsonian so we need a new subtitle. He pitched "The World's Junk Drawer," but I quite like "The Library of Crazy," or better yet, "Artifact Roadshow." Don't touch the bombs.
      Steve: Bombs?

    • Pete: I just, I don't need a guy who can tell when somebody's lying. So what? That's nothing special. I mean, every nun I ever met could do that. Sister Mary Francis could tell when you were about to lie.

    • Artie: Agent Steve Jinks, meet your new partner. This is Pete Lattimer.
      Pete: Jinks. Hey, man, how are you? I'm really looking forward to working with you.
      Steve: You're lying.
      Pete: Oh yeah, this is going to be fun.

    • Artie: It's called a Tesla. It was invented by Nicolas Tesla...
      Claudia: About a thousand years ago when Artie was a kid.

    • Steve: That's a pyramid. There's a pyramid in the warehouse.
      Pete: That's right, Jinksy. We get on there, we could win $25,000.
      Steve: Joke, right? You're funny.
      Pete: You're not laughing.
      Steve: Well, I'm not a laugher.
      Pete: Great. Perfect. Fun.

    • Pete: Artie, this kid's got no sense of humor. He doesn't laugh at the jokes.
      Artie: Your jokes, Pete?
      Pete: Yes.
      Artie: Give that a little more thought.

    • Pete: So Buddhist, huh? Does that mean you shave your head and dance around in robes?
      Steve: Only at Christmas.
      Pete: Careful, that's almost a joke.

    • Pete: Look, you're gonna run into things in this job. Gandhi's sandals will calm you down so much that your heart will stop beating. There's a badminton racket that belonged to Charles Dickens. Makes you think you're an orphan. I put on Abe Lincoln's hat once and had an uncontrollable urge to free Mrs. Frederic. Don't think that didn't get me into trouble.

    • Artie: The statues of Zeus and Hera--the very ones that we've got in the warehouse. Those were the very statues that were involved in the Battle of Corpendium! Now, this is fantastic. Picture the scene. It's 306 B.C.
      Claudia: Yes, you were a child, but it's still so vivid.

    • Pete: Correct me if I'm wrong, which I know you love to do, but you're an expert on the Bird of Avon, right?
      Myka: Bard. It's the Bard of Avon, Pete.
      Pete: See, you're already helping.

    • Pete: Come on, Myka. Look, If I had quit and left you there, and you were looking for an artifact about football or porn, I'd help you.

    • Pete: What's a folio?
      Steve: It's a book.
      Pete: Why not say book?
      Myka: Because it's not a book, it's a folio.

    • Pete: Okay, so wait, what did the Buddha say about happiness again?
      Steve: That the secret is to want what you have and not what you don't have.
      Pete: Yeah, but if had what I wanted, there'd be nothing to do.
      Steve: This is gonna be a longer discussion, I think.

    • Myka: Congratulations. You were almost killed by an artifact. You are now officially a Warehouse agent.

    • Myka: Oh, I see you've already worked your magic.
      Pete: Why do you automatically assume it's my fault?
      Myka: Whose fault is it?
      Pete: Mine.

    • Steve: So does this mean that I'm out of a job? Because I was just getting used to Pete's hilarious jokes.
      Pete: The only way you leave the warehouse is feet first. (Steve laughs uncertainly)

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      UK: August 4, 2011 on Syfy/Syfy HD
      Canada: September 1, 2011 on Showcase
      Australia: January 27, 2012 on SCI FI

  • Allusions

    • Artie: All quiet on the eastern front?
      A play on the title of the 1929 novel, All Quiet on the Western Front. The novel was written by Erich Maria Remarque, and depicts the hardship of German soldiers during World War I. Coincidentally, it was banned and burned by Nazis during World War II.

    • Claudia: Yes, it's all true, Dorothy.

      Referencing the famous book series, The Wizard Of Oz, created by Frank L. Baum, that was made into a movie in 1939. In the novel and subsequent movie, Dorothy Gale is literally blown from Kansas to Oz by a tornado.

    • Pete: Easy, easy, birdie num num.

      Referencing the 1968 movie The Party, with features Peter Sellers as a Hindu actor who is inadvertently invited to a ritzy party. His character tries to feed a parrot food pellets from a bowl marked "Birdie Num Num" and spills them all over.

    • Pete: How very Orient Express.

      Referencing the 1934 mystery novel by Agatha Christie. Her detective Hercule Poirot is traveling on the train and becomes embroiled in a murder investigation with contradictory clues that seem to eliminate everyone on the train as a suspect. The novel has been adapted for radio, movie, TV, and computer.