Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 9

The Ones You Love

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Best episode yet!

    !!!Spoilers below!!!

    Certainly the best episode so far for me. Fantastic use of four different stories to give us a glimpse in to the character's 'other' lives. Near the end of this episode I was watching and saying to Artie, "That's it, bronze him, bronze him good!" Can't believe what happened next! Love the way that scene was put together when we see Artie talking to no-one. What now though? Is Lena dead? Who/what has Artie turned in to? Is there a way back for him? Why is there only 13 episodes in a series???!!! Needs to be more! Can't wait for next week's episode!! :)
  • Point of No Return

    Warning do not read this unless you've seen the episode.

    It's a common fear every hero and super hero has, when the bad guys decide to hit you where it hurt the most, attacking your loved ones. I really liked the four plots at once going on, what made them unique was that two were going at it alone and two others were working with other people.

    The one with Claudia I thought was decent let alone an easy one to solve if you know your science. I liked that one with Jinx and Ms.Fredricks despite being short, they worked together well but most of all I just liked seeing Ms. Fredricks in action, her character is becoming a cult heroine in the show. One funny moment was seeing as each of the Brotherhood was coming out of the painting, Jinx kept shooting at each one with the Tesla Coil as each was making a useless effort to attack.

    I really liked the one with Pete and Jeri Ryan's character (forgot her name sorry) but I liked the chemestry between the two there was good banter. Really liked seeing Jeri Ryan's character actually having an active part in the sittuation, she could be a Warehouse agent. Like the effect on the radioactive Tatoo artifact, seeing what it does to Pete shows that a live action film of the comic book series "Solar: Man of the Atom" could be made. It was suspenseful because for a moment I was slightly worried about his life, because this was an artifact he can't take off and there seemed to be no solution visible. But of course he is able to get out of it, which is a relief.

    My favorate plot though was the one with Mika's sister played well by Amy Acker. I like Amy Acker (yeah I've seen "Angel"), she's hot but most importantly sheI felt was well cast, both Joannie and Amy look like they could be sisters in real life. But anyway like the back and forth between them. Amy was just hillarous, her character had some of the best lines. The physical confrontation between them was decent, the chorigraphy on the holds, disarms, and counter attacks were done right. But the funnest moment was when Amy's character (forgot her name sorry again) was tied up and was saying a lot of things to Mika which were really pushing a lot of wrong buttons with Mika, Mika really looked like she could lose her cool if Amy's character pushed the very wrong one; but at the same time gave Mika's character a little depth. And the ending between the two was sweet, after this I wouldn't mind if Amy popped by every once in a while in the show again.

    The twist at the end is heart sinking as we discover the one that has been steeling the artifacts and has sent it too the connections of the characters, but that there never was a Brother Adrian he was just a projection of his id. We see that the artifact to save the world like all artifacts has a negative and it has made Artie psychotic. And what he does at the end, justifys that Artie may be beyond help because he's just crossed the point of no return.
  • The Ones You Love

    The Ones You Love was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Warehouse 13. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see how the story unfolded and to learn what was going on all along. This is definitely a twist in what I thought I knew was happening. I like the darker side the series is exploring and it was interesting to watch it happen. I liked how Steve and Mrs. Frederick worked together and her line "No one touches My purse." was awesome! It was great to see Amy Acker as Mika's sister and her going crazy was definitely a plus as Amy plays that quite well. It was also great to see Pete's Ex-Wife. The ending was sad and tragic as Leena was who she is and ignored Mrs. Frederick's advice to get out of the Warehouse. There were some sad moments but I liked how every thing played out and I'm intrigued to see what will happen next!!!!!!!!!
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