Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 20

The Truth Hurts

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 08, 2013 on Syfy

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  • Crashing Down

    This is another very good season finale, though I wouldn't say the greatest because I think my main problem is that we've kinda been down this road before where the Warehouse is once again on the threat of being destroyed, for such a highly secure facility it seems to have such flimsy security. Let alone the fact they brought Paracelsus into the Warehouse to be locked down just seems stupid, that's like taking a kid to the toystore, honestly they couldn't hold him in a secret government max prison.

    Not a whole lot to say but everything just crashes down. I liked that there was a little depth that we discover for Claudia's character as we discover that Claudia's sister is still alive and is probably going to be the next villain for the final season. I'm hopping it will be another Joss Wheldon alumi since we've had two of them this season James Masters and Anthony Stewart Head makes me wonder who Claudia's sister will be played by I don't know will have to wait and see. And we also see that Claudia has finally became the guardian of the Warehouse as she transfers Ms. Frederic's power to herself in order to save her life, which I thought was a genuine reason and something I don't see much.

    I even like the back and forth between both Paracelsus and Pete which sort of reminded me of Clarise and Hannabal in "The Silence of the Lambs". It's kinda a psychological battle but unfortunately Pete loses as Paracelsus was able to get into his head by preying on his despertation and probably deep feelings that could possably be more than friendship for Mika. It seems like Pete has everything secure as Paracelsus promises to make a cure, whether he is telling the truth about that or not, let alone Mika's condition is hard to say, he's a skilled liar so it's possible. Unfortunately we see getting the shield dropped and into the Warehouse was his plan all along which then makes him psychically take control of it. Pete has really fraked up big time, but out of desperation which is why I can kinda forgive him but I just have a bad feeling that fate might punish him for this in the final season.

    It then leads to a showdown between both Paracelsus and Claudia, who will win we'll have to wait till next time.
  • Cliff hanger finale where the warehouse is about to be destroyed

    Cliff hanger finale where the warehouse is about to be destroyed and a warehouse agent is in mortal danger, so pretty much the same as every other warehouse finale.
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