Warehouse 13

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 31, 2010 on Syfy
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Artie's past as a traitor returns to haunt him when someone uses artifacts to murder, and his former Russian handler is the prime suspect.

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  • Zoinks!

    When Claudia finds out that Todd is in Witness protection program and is really a computer savvy. She gets turned on. I was happy to see her happy and the time that they got to spend together meant a lot to her then, Todd had to leave. So often in TV Programs love can last for only so long. H.G. Wells gets reinstated to work at the warehouse. Artie was reluctant to work with her in the beginning and looks a little pissed to find out she is on the team. Why does Artie feel this is wrong? I get the feeling that Artie knows more than he is letting on and I want to see what it is. Those crochet balls were crazy I felt like ducking so I didn't get hit by them. entertaining episode.moreless
  • Sins of the past

    Being a new viewer as of the second season, I didn't know anything about Artie's past, so I enjoyed this episode for that reason alone. It reveals quite a bit about his strength of character and continues to render him as more than just the source of quick and dirty exposition. It's also good to see him working with Pete and Myka, since much of his time this season has been spent with Claudia.

    But the real bonus in this episode was the return of H.G. Wells. I love what they did with the character, and how it has tossed some complications into a team dynamic that has already done so much to avoid stagnation. The character was very sympathetic in this episode, and it provided a nice counterpoint for Artie.

    The real question, though, is whether or not Artie is right. If H.G. Wells was being honest, then Artie is being stubborn, acting out of a distinct lack of information. But there's still a great deal of potential for H.G. to be manipulating the situation, and perhaps all the light shed on the Regents and the hierarchy behind the Warehouse system is meant to lay the groundwork for some sort of conspiracy. After all, who doesn't expect H.G. to be working on a time machine again, in some attempt to save her daughter's life?

    But that seems just a bit too predictable, and I would rather they take the unexpected route. Why not have H.G. be completely sincere? Granted, it's unlikely that they would keep her around forever, since they don't really need to expand or alter the cast right now. But why make her a stereotypical villain? Of course, they still need to explain why McPherson would have gone through all that trouble to release her, and why she took the actions shown in the season premiere.

    If there was one weakness in the episode, I thought it was Claudia's subplot with Todd. What was the point of having Todd come back, only to be shuffled off again? I also thought that Claudia's emotions were a bit over the top, especially towards the end. Considering that Claudia has been the breakout character for me on this show, I'm concerned. Others have noted that her character has been a little too overexposed this season, and it would be a shame to kill all that accumulated goodwill.moreless
Nolan Gerard Funk

Nolan Gerard Funk


Guest Star

Simon Reynolds

Simon Reynolds

Daniel Dickinson

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Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere

Kate Logan

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Faran Tahir

Faran Tahir

Adwin Kosan

Recurring Role

Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray

Helena G. Wells

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When the killer brings up Artie's file, his last name is misspelled "Neilsen." The official Syfy website, closed captioning, and previous on-screen references list it as "Nielsen."

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Pete: I told you I've got a bad shoulder, okay? It's an old wrestling injury.
      Myka: 71. He bowled a 71.
      Pete: It's amazing to me that you're single. Really, so surprising.

    • Artie: The rack. The chain from Torquemada's rack.
      Pete: What? Who is this Torquemada woman?
      Artie: A different rack entirely.

    • Leena: Well, men are generally out of touch with their emotions. I mean, look at Pete and Artie.
      Claudia: Those are my choices?

    • Myka: (to Claudia) Artie got hungry and he went out for some borscht. Just, uh, get back to us. (to Pete) There's no use in panicking Claudia. I mean, there's not much she can do from there.
      Pete: There's not much we can from here. And now I want borscht.

    • Todd: I wasn't supposed to get close to anybody, let alone fall in love with them.
      Claudia: Wait a second. Back that up.
      Todd: Okay, "love" is a really strong word.
      Claudia: No, no, no, further back. You mean you really are a techie after all?
      Todd: Monster.
      Claudia: Dude. (they kiss)

    • Artie: Ivan, no. Don't--don't--don't use that. It doesn't just affect victims. Whoever uses it, it--it--it affects your soul. Steals your humanity. And the longer you have it, the more like Torquemada you become.
      Ivan: Good. That will make this easier.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: November 18, 2010 on Syfy
      Australia: March 4, 2011 on SCI FI
      Czech Republic: June 24, 2012 on Prima COOL

    • The Weisfelt Institute storefront is the same Toronto storefront used for Curious Goods, the antique store in Friday the 13th: the Series. Both series are filmed in Toronto, and many viewers and critics compared the two shows since they both involve hunts for "themed" supernatural items.


    • Claudia: Jinkies!
      Referencing the catchphrase of Velma Dinkley from the Scooby-Doo series. It is usually uttered when she has spotted an important clue to a mystery.

    • Pete: I'll see you at dinner, give me some sug...
      Referencing the movie Army of Darkness (1993), starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, a modern-day store clerk turned monster fighter who travels back to medieval times. Ash embraces the female lead, demands a kiss, and "romantically" declares, "Give me some sugar, baby!"