Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 10

We All Fall Down

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on Syfy
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    Warehouse 13's Mid-season Finale: Back to the Future

    The vision that's been haunting Artie all season long finally came to fruition in "We All Fall Down," and it wasn’t at all how he expected it to be.

  • Episode Summary

    After discovering the truth about their situation, the agents gather at the warehouse and set out to find the person responsible for the warehouse thefts and the attacks on their loved ones... before the responsible party endangers the world.

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    • Catch up now for free!

      Hey Tyna2013, Mar 07, 2013

      Now that WH13 is coming back next week, has all ten back episodes of season 4 available for free Video on Demand. DirecTV also has the last five episodes and the next one today. (406-411)

      Episode 411 FA: 04/29/2013 10:00 pm (EST) DirecTV Ch 244 SyFyHD 1080i LB (SD)

    • Wow awesome show

      I just discovered warehouse 13 feb 15th on Netflix just got that also! I have watched all three seasons 3 times now and have searched the web for the first half of season 4 episodes with no luck. But I must say I'm set to record the show when it comes back on. This is the best show I've seen in years! I so hope they keep it going!!!!!!!!!
    • Excellent mid-season finale!

      I must say that this season of Warehouse 13 goes a bit awkward. Some episodes seem completely out of place, others are like regular ones, well known from the past. All in all it makes an impression that the previous seasons were much better but somehow this mid-season finale was staggering! I guess now there is no other option than using the astrolabe again. It would probably restore all the actions like Leena's death or release of deadly orchid virus. Looking forward to the new episodes and I hope they will bring the show to its previous track making its ground for the fifth season.moreless
    • What an ending!

      Quite the mid-season finale! A couple of things came full circle so at least we're not left completely hanging for answers to everything. I look forward to see how the characters find a way to save everyone. Overall a pretty intense episode.
    • Rip roaring half season's end!

      I gave this episode a 9.5. It was a constant roller coaster ride and also a very touching episode personally for the cast. We saw some real feelings for the team between themselves and how much they care for each other. But we also saw the nasty Artie really getting down on everyone else. The plot line was quite intriguing bringing together what has been going on for the entire season so far. And we got to see some very cool artifacts being used by Artie to achieve his mission. The bad thing is what happened has not been resolved and now we have to wait until sometime next year to see the results. Just a great episode to end the first half of the season.moreless
    Goran Slavkovic

    Goran Slavkovic

    Budapest Airport Security Guard 1

    Guest Star

    Vitalie Ursu

    Vitalie Ursu

    Budapest Airport Security Guard 2

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    Costa Tovarnisky

    Costa Tovarnisky

    Budapest Airport Customs Agent

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    Brent Spiner

    Brent Spiner

    Brother Adrian

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    CCH Pounder

    CCH Pounder

    Mrs. Frederic

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • All of the Warehouse 13 agents are equipped with a non-lethal weapon i.e. their Tesla guns. However, they don't use them on Artie.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Claudia: Artie, we can help you. I know that we can...
        Artie: "Artie, we can help you." You still don't understand. I am not Artie. Artie sacrificed his life for this place. He was a slave to this warehouse for 35 years. But no more! I will use the astrolabe to set Artie free of this warehouse and from all of you, no matter what the cost.

      • Claudia: Well, I would never do that. I mean, just because he dreamt it doesn't mean it's actually going to happen. Does it?
        Mrs. Frederic: Well, not necessarily. And not not necessarily.
        Claudia: Comforting.

      • Claudia: We have to find the Chinese Orchid before Artie gets the dagger. If we don't, he'll release the sweating sickness, we'll have to give him the astrolabe, he'll turn back time, the warehouse won't exist anymore, you'll be dead, the world will lose hope and descend into chaos and despair. You want more? I had a lot of caffeine on the plane. In the 16th century the Fourth Duke of Gandia, a Spanish Jesuit...
        Steve: Stop. You had me at "You'll be dead."

      • Artie: You're an idiot, Pete. You're just a dancing monkey. Just one bad decision away from the bottle. You really think that Artie wants to be your substitute father, playing daddy to a weak-willed six-year-old, trapped in an aging man's body, still whining about letting his real father die in a fire when you should have saved him?
        Myka: Artie, stop.
        Artie: And you, with your uncompromising, prudish rigidity, and your condescension and your infuriating belief that you're always the smartest one in the room. You're on a direct path to spending the rest of your life alone. Artie wants you out of his life... forever.

    • NOTES (4)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Pete: Well, today was not a good day to die.
        Along with Pete talking about Klingon battle axes, referencing the fictional race of aliens, the Klingons, created for the Star Trek franchise by Gene L. Coon. Originally villains, by the time of the Star Trek: The Next Generation they were reimaged as a warrior race with a strict code of honor. Their language has proven popular enough that it is the most popularly spoken fictional language in the world.

      • Claudia: I'll handle Heidi.
        Referencing the 1880 novel by Johanna Spyri about a young Swiss orphan, Heidi, who is raised by her grandfather after the death of her parents. The two-part novel was subsequently adapted into numerous movies and TV series.