Warehouse 13

Season 4 Episode 10

We All Fall Down

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on Syfy

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  • Final Option

    Part of what makes heroes and superheroes strong is that they have the power of choice, they have a variety of options to choose from to difuse a sittuation depending on what is truely necessary. However sooner or latter they are faced with a dilema where there are no options and they are forced to take the required action whether they want to or not.

    This is another really dark entry in the series because either way things go, the good guys lose.

    I really like the conflict dynamic going one with the Warehouse agents and Artie it was sort of the old motiff of student/s versus mentor or young versus old. But most of all I like how everyone of the agents were going though the motions. Despite their intentions of wanting to save Artie their not enitrely sure they really can because the biggest problem is Artie's been afflicted with a mental health disease that litterally has no cure. For the two female agents Claudia and Mika their a little more optimistic however their optimism is weak, despite Claudia's determination she really sounds like she's one step away from throwing the towel. Mika as usual is holding things together but she is close to falling apart. Pete and Steve I feel are the ones in the right because they know they may have to resort to the final option which is to kill Artie. They both don't want too but they know they may have to in order to save humanity, and this is an action they may have to execute now because there isn't going to be a tommarow.

    Artie was really good as a bad guy, it was both cool and at the same time a little heartsinking knowing this character I really like has fell victim to the darkside. I feel what really makes evil Artie a villian to be recogined with is that he's a bit of a Devil figure, mainly from the fact how much he knows the secret psyches of everyone. There was one moment which was really dark was when he exploited each of the characters weakness in their face. Even though this was evil Artie talking there was some truth to what he said and that's what hurt the charcters the most, I'll admit it was like a gut punch.

    But of course it comes down to a heartwrenching finale, the agents try to reason with Artie once more but it is to no avil. And it all comes down to Claudia having to do what she has to do, before she executes the final option there is this one moment where Artie sends a telepathic message to Claudia and tells her to save him which of course means killing him with the dagger. I'll admit my heart sank, I didn't want it to happen but at the same time I knew the terrible enevitable truth that it had to because there was no other way, just seeing Claudia crying made it all the more painful and put tears in my eyes. But of course it gets to a cliffhanger when we see despite executing the option it was too late as the Orcaid artifact mainfested into an superfast airborne virus that has spread darkness thoughout the world.

    The loss of one can make the world darker.
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