Warren the Ape

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 10:30 PM Jul 05, 2010 on MTV - Music Television



  • Quotes

    • Warren: Drew, got a great idea for you. Ok. You know how you were saying I should aahh, do the step program, the 12 steps?
      Dr. Drew: Yeah?
      Warren: Yeah, ok so I'm thinking not a bad idea. I looked them over, and I'll tell ya I really got a hard on for step 9.
      Dr. Drew: Warren, you're not ready for amends.
      Warren: No, no, no I am. I totally am. I'm so ready for amends.
      Dr. Drew: That's something you're gonna do in maybe a year from now. You're in no shape....
      Warren: A year, Drew?! Come on!
      Dr. Drew: Warren, come on man. Your not in 'A' shape for this. You're still drinking, for Christ's sake!
      Warren: Look, we both know this is a long road and if I have any shot of finishing this thing I should probably start in the middle.
      Dr. Drew: I'm offended.
      Warren: Hmmm...kind of a buzz kill today.