Washington Week

Friday 8:00 PM on PBS Premiered Feb 23, 1967 In Season


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  • The week's doings in Washington, D.C. are rehashed by a group of Beltway reporters.

    I prefer this program to the most of the other Sunday morning yell-athons or non-listening argument parades.

    The moderator and a group of rotating reporters discuss three or four subjects withing the time allowed. Sometimes there is even a slightly more in-depth discussion about how a particular story impacts other doings across not just Washington, but the country.

    While I do not watch every week, I have enjoyed the calmer tone and obvious wish to discuss the story at hand, not the reporter's personal take on the story. Of course, it plays into how the reporter speaks about the piece, but a reporter's views do not hijack the discussion; the focus is the news not the reporters.

    I recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a calm, thoughtful Sunday morning political show.