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  • Washington Week 12.21.07 Webcast
    The 110th Congress, whose Democratic majority was frustrated this year by Republicans and Bush's vetos, wrapped up its first session with a flurry of compromise legislation this week, including an energy bill, a deferral of the alternative minimum tax for the middle class, and a $555 billion spending bill. On the verge of the first presidential primaries, the panel looks at the latest developments in the race for the White House: the fight for 'poll position,' the Republican quandary, who's got the money and who doesn't.moreless
  • Washington Week 12.07.07 Webcast
    The presidential candidates faced-off in Des Moines this week for the final two debates before the crucial Iowa caucuses. Depending on what polls you look at, and in what states, the Republican race remains up for grabs among frontrunners Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mike Huckabee who continues to surge in the polls. A similar story on the Democratic side where it's neck-and-neck between Barack Obama who hopes to turn Oprah fans into primary-election voters and Hillary Clinton who is battling to restore her unofficial status as the party's "inevitable" nominee.moreless
  • Washington Week 12.14.07 Webcast
    A couple steps forward, a couple steps back. That's Congress at the end of the year. While, for the Presidential front runners of both parties, its several steps back. Tonight on Washington Week.
  • Washington Week 11.30.07 Webcast
    The US-backed summit between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has given cause for cautious optimism in the Middle East as the two leaders have agreed to set bi-weekly meetings for the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state by the end of 2008. The Republican presidential contenders battled over hot topics such as abortion, gun control, and immigration during the televised CNN-YouTube debate, yet no clear victor emerged from the fray. The impending Iowa caucuses are increasing the heat in the presidential race as the Democratic candidates utilize celebrity endorsements and escalate their rhetoric against their rivals' experience and competency.moreless
  • Washington Week 11.16.07 Webcast
    After taking a beating in the last debate, front-runner Hillary Clinton came out swinging in Thursday's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, but Edwards, Obama and others were also on the offensive as they tried to knock down Clinton on real policy issues. While Republicans have long considered illegal immigration a key topic, Democratic candidates are having trouble forming a coherent stance on the issue as it becomes more and more important in the presidential race. This week saw President Bush's veto of a domestic appropriations bill and the failure in the Senate of both Republican and Democratic war-funding bills. With such a contrast in spending priorities, can either side get anything done? As Gen. Pervez Musharraf's control of Pakistan weakens, fears are rising in Washington that his country's nuclear arsenal may be vulnerable to potential seizure by terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.moreless
  • Washington Week 11.02.07 Webcast
    Presidential hopefuls ganged up on frontrunner Hillary Clinton during this week's Democratic debate in Philadelphia. Criticized for not taking a more confrontational approach, Senator Barack Obama lagged behind other candidates who questioned Clinton's inconsistencies on issues ranging from Iraq to Social Security. The Republican presidential debate this week was also marked by a healthy dose of Hillary-bashing. Our panelists consider how the specter of a Clinton nomination influences how Republicans run against each other. Iran, health care reform, and immigration are hot-button issues shaping the platforms in Democratic and Republican presidential camps. The panelists discuss the political personalities behind the scenes who could help determine the winners and losers in 2008.moreless