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  • Washington Week 05.09.08 Webcast
    Barack Obama moved a step closer to the Democratic nomination this week, and voices in the party are increasingly calling for Hillary Clinton to drop out. But Clinton is showing no sign of quitting before the last primary on June 3.
  • Washington Week 05.16.08 Webcast
    Clinton Takes West Virginia in a Landslide.Although Hillary Clinton took West Virginia in a landslide victory, the last primaries are rapidly approaching and leave the New York Senator with limited time to win the Democratic party's nomination. Will she be able to beat out Obama or be forced to make a timely exit to for the sake of party unity? McCain Makes Tentative White House Plans. Obama Moves Steadily Toward Democratic Nomination.moreless
  • Washington Week 05.23.08 Webcast
    With his nomination all but official, Barack Obama is beginning to adapt his campaign strategy to gain Clinton supporters and polish his stance against Republican competitor John McCain. In the face of her presumptive defeat, the panel projects what Hillary Clinton's next course of action will be: politely bow out or make a bid for vice presidency.moreless
  • Washington Week 05.30.08 Webcast
    Presidential challenger Hillary Clinton hinted this week at continuing to pursue her party's nomination despite rival Barack Obama's insurmountable delegate lead. Whether the disputed Florida and Michigan delegates are counted could influence Clinton's plans. The panel provides an update on the Democratic race.
  • Washington Week 05.02.08 Webcast
    Which voters and what issues could decide it all? The Jeremiah Wright controversy and the superdelegate story may be sideshow issues to what really concerns the voters: the slumping economy.
  • Washington Week 04.25.08 Webcast
    Despite Hillary Clinton's crucial victory Tuesday, Barack Obama still retains an edge both in popular votes and pledged delegates. The panel examines the fallout from the Pennsylvania contest and the strengths and vulnerabilities of the two candidates as the race swings to North Carolina and Indiana. Barack Obama supporter and pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright resumed talking to the press, perhaps to the chagrin of the Democratic front-runner. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton brought the issue of race back into the debate during a radio interview this week.moreless
  • Washington Week 03.21.08 Webcast
    While the Federal Reserve attempted to aid the floundering economy this week by cutting an additional interest rate and bailing out banks, many Americans still worry about the future as the cost of gas and common household items continues to rise. With the increasingly acerbic backlash against his pastor's controversial sermons, Barack Obama gave a historic speech earnestly confronting the deep-seated racial hostilities in America and the need for change.moreless
  • Washington Week 03.28.08 Webcast
    The rhetorical bickering between Senators Clinton and Obama heated up this week as both candidates defended themselves from controversial comments. But questions arose concerning whether or not this Democratic infighting is hurting or helping the party. This week found all three presidential contenders outlining their solutions to America's continuing economic crises.moreless
  • Washington Week 04.04.08 Webcast
    With the fight for the Democratic nomination still raging, all three remaining candidates are seeking to distinguish themselves on the big issues as they look toward the general election. With so few real ideological differences between Clinton and Obama, Democratic voters and superdelegates alike are starting to think about whether to vote based on issues or on who can best go up against McCain in November.moreless
  • Washington Week 04.11.08 Webcast
    President Bush has decided to stop all troop withdrawals for the foreseeable future, which means that until a new president takes his place next year the U.S. will continue to have a strong presence in Iraq. Just prior to Bush's announcement, Gen. David Petraeus insisted in a testimony that the surge strategy is effective, although its results could be reversed. While the Senate has approved several credits and tax breaks in an attempt to boost the housing market, many argue that this measure aids businesses and homebuilders far more than it eases the disastrous situation that many borrowers are currently facing.moreless
  • Washington Week 06.06.08 Webcast: Obama Secures Democratic Presidential Nomination
    Sen. Barack Obama became the nation's first African-American major-party presidential nominee this week, with Sen. Hillary Clinton expected to officially concede on Saturday.
  • Washington Week 06.27.08 Webcast
    Landmark Supreme Court rulings, unity in New Hampshire, and a nuclear reversal; a lot to talk about tonight on "Washington Week."
  • Washington Week 08.08.08 Webcast
    The 2008 presidential campaign adopted a testier tone this week as the two candidates took shots at each other's public image. Republican John McCain mocked Barack Obama's spiking worldwide popularity while Obama challenged his opponent's maverick persona. Panelist David Broder interviewed both presidential contenders this week.
  • Washington Week 08.15.08 Webcast
    Despite a formally declared cease-fire, tensions remain high as Russian troops have yet to leave neighboring Georgia. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has pressed for a peaceful resolution, but the White House has little real leverage should hostilities continue.
  • Washington Week 08.22.08 Webcast
    The anticipation leading up to the announcement of presidential hopeful Barack Obama's running mate is mounting rapidly. While speculation continues, Obama has dropped a few hints about the identity and stated that his running mate will complement him well.
  • Washington Week 08.29.08 Webcast
    Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain announced his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate. McCain hopes that the surprise announcement will attract Hillary Clinton supporters and establish momentum heading into next week's Republican National Convention.
  • Washington Week 08.01.08 Webcast
    The presidential candidates are setting up their strategic positions against one another through a series of inflammatory television ads this summer, with John McCain denouncing the cult of celebrity surrounding Barack Obama and the Illinois senator countering against his rival's 'juvenile' tactics of fear-mongering.
  • Washington Week 07.25.08 Webcast
    Barack Obama began his overseas tour in Europe, where he made quite a splash with a powerfully moving speech that he delivered to a crowd of tens of thousands in Berlin, Germany. Obama spoke on the importance of removing the divides that hold us apart due to race, religion and nationality.moreless
  • Washington Week 06.20.08 Webcast
    Panelist: Charles Babington, Associated Press; Jeanne Cummings, Politico; John Harwood, CNBC; Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times Category: Domestic Affairs, Elections
  • Washington Week 06.13.08 Webcast
    Panelist: David Wessel, Wall Street Journal; Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post; Karen Tumulty, Time; Linda Greenhouse, New York Times Category: Domestic Affairs, Elections, Supreme Court, White House
  • Washington Week 07.11.08 Webcast
    Presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama both spent the week recovering from harsh comments made by close advisers. They also presented plans for propping up the ailing American economy.
  • Washington Week 07.18.08 Webcast
    Bank failures, rising inflation, and high gas prices continue to exert downward pressure on the U.S. economy. The Bush administration extended credit this week to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to help stabilize the teetering mortgage industry. Our panelists discuss whether government intervention will help right the ship.
  • Washington Week 03.14.08 Webcast
    Festering issues could yet dramatically impact the Democratic presidential campaign between now and next month's primaries. Chief among them are gender and race. Hillary Clinton's side was rocked after finance committee member Geraldine Ferraro directed racially charged remarks at Democratic front-runner Barack Obama. Ferraro stepped down this week amid the fallout. A looming impasse over disputed Democratic primaries in Florida and Michigan could further agitate an already testy campaign atmosphere. The panel analyzes which candidate played by the rules in these disputed states and whether this complicated issue risks tuning out voters.moreless
  • Washington Week 03.07.08 Webcast
    Although Senator Hillary Clinton experienced a resurgence in popularity by securing Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island, it apparently was not sufficient to take the lead over Senator Barack Obama, who is currently persevering as the Democratic front-runner. While many Democrats have wished they could vote for both Obama and Clinton, there is speculation that Clinton might push for Obama to be her running mate should she win the nomination.moreless
  • Washington Week 02.29.08 Webcast
    Critical primaries next week in Texas and Ohio are expected to draw unprecedented numbers of voters in two states once thought to be irrelevant early in the 2008 campaign. Hillary Clinton's prospects for remaining a viable candidate depend on victories there. Barack Obama, meanwhile, plans to continue attacking controversial positions Clinton has taken on two volatile issues -- the Iraq war and NAFTA. Gender, race and economic factors could play major roles in the upcoming Ohio and Texas Democratic primaries. Clinton looks to lure blue-collar workers besieged by a faltering economy and to retain her powerful support from women constituents, while Obama seeks to cut into Clinton's popularity among women and Hispanics and to target urban voters in hopes of collecting a larger number of delegates.moreless
  • Washington Week 02.01.08 Webcast
    The next few weeks are going to leave very little room for mistakes, as they will be crucial in deciding who will become the Democratic candidate. The two front-runners are taking very different approaches, with Obama running ads about who he is as a person and Clinton focusing on her stances on specific issues. Mitt Romney and John McCain are shaking up the debates, with both taking jabs at each other's un-Republican elements and struggling to prove who the real conservative is. In the meantime, Rudy Giuliani has dropped out of the race for good and given his endorsement to McCain.moreless
  • Washington Week 02.08.08 Webcast
    Now that John McCain has secured his position as the Republican front-runner with main rival Mitt Romney's capitulation, more conservative party members are in an uproar about McCain's seemingly moderate policies and his viability as a candidate. With the results of Super Tuesday showing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton still in a dead heat, the focus now turns to the next set of primaries on Saturday and Tuesday to give more definite answers about the Democrats' future presidential nominee.moreless
  • Washington Week 02.15.08 Webcast
    A string of Super Tuesday election victories this week left the back-and-forth Democratic presidential race with its first clear frontrunner, Barack Obama. Recent union endorsement may help Obama sustain his burst while Hillary Clinton hopes to rebound in potentially favorable primaries still ahead in Ohio and Texas. In searching for answers to Barack Obama's recent success, Hillary Clinton's camp may insist upon counting disputed delegations in states where she has already won the popular vote. Our panelists discuss Obama's surge and possible Clinton tactics for derailing her rival's momentum.moreless
  • Washington Week 02.22.08 Webcast
    As Sen. Barack Obama's campaign racked up ten straight primary and caucus wins, Sen. Hillary Clinton's camp struggled to regain her early dominance among Democrats. After a New York Times article published this week suggested that Sen. John McCain engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a Washington lobbyist, the presidential hopeful held a press conference to deny the charges. The 81-year-old Fidel Castro stepped down this week after nearly half a century as the ruler of Cuba. Castro has vowed to remain politically active as a writer, but the end of his rule marks a new era for U.S.-Cuban relations.moreless
  • Washington Week 01.25.08 Webcast
    President Bush and the House reached a tentative agreement this week on a bipartisan plan to stimulate the flagging economy with, among other things, rebate checks for millions of taxpayers and tax breaks for businesses. But will it be too little, too late? With a single front-runner in either party still yet to emerge, the presidential race has taken on a decidedly sharper tone this week as candidates campaign in Florida and South Carolina, with an eye toward the crucial 'Super Tuesday' primaries on Feb. 5.moreless
  • Washington Week 01.18.08 Webcast
    Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama put an end to the war of words that ensued over Clinton's questionable comments about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Meanwhile the Republican race has no one candidate taking a significant lead over the pack with John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney each having one primary win. As the fallout from the subprime mortgage crisis continues to dominate the headlines, the future of the American economy has replaced the Iraq War as the hot-button issue among candidates and voters. Meanwhile, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke makes recommendations for staving off a recession.moreless
  • Washington Week 01.04.08 Webcast
    Barack Obama, riding the overwhelming Democratic surge in the Iowa caucuses, attributed the stunning victory to his demand, and the voters' desire, for a new, unifying style of politics in Washington and in the Democratic Party. Drawing on the power of his charisma, Mike Huckabee emerged as a surprising front-runner in the Iowa caucuses, but will it be enough to see him through the New Hampshire primary and beyond?moreless
  • Washington Week 01.11.08 Webcast
    Following her disappointing showing in Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rebounded Tuesday with a stunning triumph in the New Hampshire primary. An emotional pre-primary interview response may have changed perceptions of Clinton, especially those of women voters who turned out in unexpected numbers to support her. Now, it is Barack Obama's turn to regroup. Arizona Senator John McCain staged a resurrection of his own in New Hampshire, comfortably winning the Republican primary. Republican rival and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney failed to capitalize on his considerable regional profile while Mike Huckabee was unable to sustain momentum from his surprising win in Iowa.moreless
  • Washington Week 09.05.08 Webcast
    Now that both conventions are over, the general election has taken on an unexpected new tone, especially after John McCain's sudden adoption of the 'change' message and his selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.
  • Washington Week 09.12.08 Webcast
    Senator McCain's vice presidential choice of Sarah Palin, the moose-hunting, hockey-mom governor of Alaska, has created a surge of enthusiasm that has shaken up Barack Obama's lead in the polls and interjected a whole new dimension of controversy into the race.
  • Washington Week 10.31.08 Webcast
    Just days before the election, polls have several historically Republican states leaning in Barack Obama's direction. The panel examines the electoral map and looks at why these states have suddenly and unexpectedly come into play.
  • Washington Week 11.07.08 Webcast
    With more bad news regarding unemployment and a faltering auto industry, President-elect Barack Obama is already planning his strategy in order to tackle the issues he will inherit as president.
  • Washington Week 11.14.08 Webcast
    In the face of the still-struggling economy, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson unveiled a new strategy to use the $700 billion to unfreeze consumer credit instead of scooping up toxic mortgages. President-elect Barack Obama's early and methodical approach to staffing his Cabinet sheds light on how he will govern the country. While Barack Obama and his team begin the president-elect's transition into office, Congress is already creating legislation intended to be passed under the new administration.moreless
  • Washington Week 11.21.08 Webcast
    Washington lawmakers bailed on auto industry bailout talks, demanding that the Big Three car manufacturers present a legitimate rescue plan to Congress within two weeks. At stake is a $25 billion emergency loan. The panel weighs in on the politics of Capitol Hill's tough stance.
  • Washington Week 10.24.08 Webcast
    Democrats predict that it will be nearly impossible for Sen. McCain to secure the presidency without a victory in Pennsylvania. With an influx of minorities and single women into the state, it seems its 21 electoral votes will go to Obama.
  • Washington Week 10.17.08 Webcast
    Despite Sen. McCain's attempts to distinguish his platform from Sen. Obama's, the final presidential debate failed to make a dramatic turnabout in public opinion.
  • Washington Week 09.19.08 Webcast
    The U.S. government again intervened in the private business sector this week by bailing out AIG, one of the world's largest corporations. This stunning development culminated an historically tumultuous 10-day period which saw bankruptcies, company sales and bailouts of other leading financial institutions.
  • Washington Week 09.26.08 Webcast
    John McCain and Barack Obama squared off in their first presidential debate Friday night in Oxford, Mississippi. With the current U.S. economic crisis hovering over the proceedings, both candidates appeared reluctant to offer specifics on how to address the calamity. Our panelists examine the exchange.
  • Washington Week 10.03.08 Webcast
    The panel looks at how Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin fared in Thursday's hotly anticipated debate, the candidates' first - and last - matchup before the election.
  • Washington Week 10.10.08 Webcast
    In one of many statements made in the past couple of weeks, President Bush has once again addressed the nation to reassure citizens that the government has the tools to solve the economic crisis. Meanwhile, in the presidential campaign, Obama and McCain argue over the best solution to the housing crisis.moreless