Washington Week - Season 2009

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  • Washington Week 12.25.09
    Washington Week 12.25.09
    Episode 12.25.09
    The health care reform compromises, the politics behind the reform debate, the President's efforts to right the economy and his trip to Copenhagen.
  • Washington Week 12.18.09
    Washington Week 12.18.09
    Episode 12.18.09
    This week: Health care & the democrats' dilemma,U.S. banks & government go toe to toe, the President's climate change push.
  • Washington Week 12.11.09
    Washington Week 12.11.09
    Episode 12.11.09
    The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to a wartime president, the senate health care debate, disagreement of TARP reallocation, and the president's full plate.
  • Washington Week 12.04.09
    Washington Week 12.04.09
    Episode 12.4.09
    This week Gwen and the panel discuss the President's decision to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.
  • Washington Week 11.27.09
    Washington Week 11.27.09
    Episode 11.27.09
    Unease over the economy, the President's pending announcement on Afghanistan troop levels and the upcoming health care reform debate in the senate.
  • Washington Week 11.13.09
    Washington Week 11.13.09
    Episode 11.13.09
    Accused terror suspects to be tried in NYC, disagreements over Iraq troop levels, the shooting at Fort Hood, divisions among democrats on health care.
  • Washington Week 11.06.09
    Washington Week 11.06.09
    Episode 11.6.09
    The October jobless rate, the state election results, new developments in healthcare reform, and violence at home and abroad.
  • Washington Week 10.30.09
    Washington Week 10.30.09
    Episode 10.30.09
    Health care reform, violence levels in Afghanistan, recent economic developments and the reasons behind the president's declarations of an H1N1 emergency.
  • Washington Week 10.23.09
    Washington Week 10.23.09
    Episode 10.23.09
    Pay cuts for bailed out executives, the run-off election in Afghanistan, is healthcare reform public option support growing? The U.S.'s new strategy in Iran.
  • Washington Week 10.09.09
    Washington Week 10.09.09
    Episode 10.9.09
    President Obama wins Nobel Peace Peace Prize, the debate over Afghan/Pakistan strategy, health care reform, and the Supreme Court begins a new term with a new justice.
  • Washington Week 09.25.09
    Washington Week 09.25.09
    Episode 09.25.09
    Health care reform battle continues. New strategy, more troops headed to Afghanistan, The Obama White House's political operation.
  • Washington Week 09.18.09
    Washington Week 09.18.09
    Episode 09.18.09
    The GOP's new voice of dissent. Is the recession likely over? The Defense situation in Europe & the Middle East.
  • Washington Week 09.16.19
    Washington Week 09.16.19
    Episode 09.16.09
    Sen. Snow's vote, are interest groups jumping ship on reform, deliberations continue on Afghanistan troop-levels, and the White House & state politics.
  • Washington Week 09.11.09
    Washington Week 09.11.09
    Episode 09.11.09
    The President pressures Congress on health care, high court tackles pivotal campaign finance case, and eight years after 9-11.
  • Washington Week 09.04.09
    Washington Week 09.04.09
    Episode 09.4.09
    The President's major address, unemployment creeps higher, and a change in strategy in Afghanistan?
  • Washington Week 08.28.09
    Washington Week 08.28.09
    Episode 08.28.09
    Sen. Ted Kennedy dies, the president re-appoints Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Attorney General orders an investigation into CIA interrogation techniques.
  • Washington Week 08.21.09
    Washington Week 08.21.09
    Episode 08.21.09
    The health care debate reaches a fever pitch, and we put your questions to the panelists on this special edition of Washington Week.
  • Washington Week 08.14.09
    Washington Week 08.14.09
    Episode 08.14.09
    The health care debate rages on, organizations prepare for swine flu, violence escalates in Afghanistan. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's trip to Africa.
  • Washington Week 08.07.09
    Washington Week 08.07.09
    Episode 08.7.09
    Mixed messages on taxes, and new unemployment numbers. Congress goes on recess as the health care debate shifts into a new gear. President Clinton's humanitarian trip and back-channel diplomacy.
  • Washington Week 07.31.09
    Washington Week 07.31.09
    Episode 07.31.09
    The President's event-a-day strategy to keep health care reform afloat, the economy and a beer break featuring a professor, a cop, and the President.
  • Washington Week 07.24.09
    Washington Week 07.24.09
    Episode 07.24.09
    Health Care: Front & center six months into the Obama presidency. Is Massachusetts's universal health coverage program a sign of things to come? Are rising unemployment and mounting deficits slowing the economic recovery?
  • Washington Week 07.17.09
    Washington Week 07.17.09
    Episode 07.17.09
    This week's Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor went as anticipated: Democrats heralded the nominee's much-publicized background and Republicans attacked her judicial philosophy. The panel discusses whether any of Sotomayor's responses put her expected confirmation at risk.
  • Washington Week 07.10.09
    Washington Week 07.10.09
    Episode 07.10.09
    The G8 summit and a meeting with the Russian president may have been a reality check for President Obama. The panel looks at what he got achieved and what he didn't in terms of the global economy, climate change, Iran and more.
  • Washington Week 07.03.09
    Washington Week 07.03.09
    Episode 07.3.09
    Iraqi troops take the lead as US combat troops pull back. Democratic majorities don't guarantee smooth sailing for President Obama. Minnesota Senate race ends with Senator-elect Al Franken. Supreme Court rules in favor of the New Haven Firefighters and says 'goodbye' to Justice Souter.
  • Washington Week 06.26.09
    Washington Week 06.26.09
    Episode 06.25.09
    President Obama hardens his stance against violence in Iran as his relationship with the press begins to evolve. The Supreme Court decides cases involving both the Voting Rights Act and the strip-search of a middle-school student. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford reveals his marital infidelity. What does it mean for the GOP?moreless
  • Washington Week 06.19.09
    Washington Week 06.19.09
    Episode 06.19.09
    Mass protests follow election results in Iran. New White House plan for financial regulatory reform. President Obama navigates tough political terrain with GLBT community.
  • Washington Week 06.12.09
    Washington Week 06.12.09
    Episode 06.12.09
    President Obama takes his health care reform pitch on the road. Why ten banks are giving back government bailout funds. New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races make national headlines.
  • Washington Week 06.05.09
    Washington Week 06.05.09
    Episode 06.5.09
    President Obama addresses the Muslim World in a speech at Cairo University. Judge Sotomayor visits with Senators on Capitol Hill. General Motors declares bankruptcy, leaving U.S. taxpayers with a 60% share in the company.
  • Washington Week 05.29.09
    Washington Week 05.29.09
    Episode 05.29.09
    President Obama chooses Judge Sonia Sotomayor to replace Justice David Souter. Democrats and Republicans prepare for Supreme Court confirmation battle. North Korea's nuclear tests and threats put the international community on alert.
  • Washington Week 05.22.09
    Washington Week 05.22.09
    Episode 05.22.09
    President Obama & Former Vice President Cheney engage in a war of words over national security. The GOP looks to sharpen its message and take on the President. A new credit card reform plan becomes law, but what will it mean for consumers?
  • Washington Week 05.15.09
    Washington Week 05.15.09
    Episode 05.15.09
    President Obama's decision to withhold photos of abused detainees, analysis on how the weight of the recession is depleting Social Security and Medicare trust funds, the administration's efforts to pass health care reform legislation, former Vice President Dick Cheney's recently elevated profile.
  • Washington Week 05.08.09
    Washington Week 05.08.09
    Episode 05.8.09
    Results of the government's bank stress tests. Analysis of President Obama's strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Obama administration's efforts to find a replacement for Justice Souter. A look at the potential political battles between the White House and Republicans on Capitol Hill over contentious social issues.
  • Washington Week 05.01.09
    Washington Week 05.01.09
    Episode 05.1.09
    Analysis of President Obama's first 100 days, Chrysler's plan to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter's decision to switch his party affiliation, The World Health Organization's decision to raise the pandemic threat alert.
  • Washington Week 04.24.09
    Washington Week 04.24.09
    Episode 04.24.09
    The CIA's decision to use harsh interrogation techniques on terror suspects. Two key cases before the Supreme Court that could change the landscape of civil rights law. What the White House and lawmakers are proposing to do to rein in soaring credit card interest rates and fees.
  • Washington Week 04.17.09
    Washington Week 04.17.09
    Episode 04.17.09
    Bush administration memos justifying harsh CIA interrogation techniques were revealed this week. The panel discusses whether the Obama White House will pursue a formal investigation. The Obama administration this week announced a new policy that will allow Cuban-Americans to travel to their homeland and conduct money transfers to their families. The panel discusses whether this accommodation will help thaw diplomatic relations between the two nations.moreless
  • Washington Week 04.10.09
    Washington Week 04.10.09
    Episode 04.10.09
    Days after denouncing North Korea's failed launch of a satellite, suspected as being a covert test for delivering an intercontinental nuclear payload, the US has announced that it will open talks with Iran about its controversial nuclear program.
  • Washington Week 04.03.09
    Washington Week 04.03.09
    Episode 04.3.09
    It was President Obama's first time on the international stage as he met with world leaders at the G-20 summit in London. These figures worked toward ways to implement more transparency for banks, more scrutiny for businesses, and increased resources for international funds.
  • Washington Week 03.27.09
    Washington Week 03.27.09
    Episode 03.27.09
    As President Obama prepares to travel abroad to meet with world leaders, he is reassuring the American people that matters are under control but reaffirms that defeating al-Qaeda is crucial to international security.
  • Washington Week 03.20.09
    Washington Week 03.20.09
    Episode 03.20.09
    The revelation last weekend that insurance giant AIG doled out $165 million of government bailout funds in bonuses sparked national outrage. The panel analyzes the role that the bailouts have played in the controversy and the process underway to recoup the payouts.
  • Washington Week 03.13.09
    Washington Week 03.13.09
    Episode 03.13.09
    Barack Obama's sweeping agenda for reform picked up speed this week. The panel discusses whether the president's recent emphasis on education, earmarks, stem-cell research and the sliding economy is too much too fast.
  • Washington Week 03.06.09
    Washington Week 03.06.09
    Episode 03.6.09
    Surging unemployment numbers, a plummeting stock market, and another Wall Street bailout topped another week of dismal economic news. The panelists discuss these developments as well as reactions from Republicans on Capitol Hill.
  • Washington Week 02.27.09
    Washington Week 02.27.09
    Episode 02.27.09
    It was a frantic week for Barack Obama, highlighted by his new budget, his sobering speech before the nation and a joint session of Congress. The panel discusses whether the new president bit off more than he can chew.
  • Washington Week 02.20.09
    Washington Week 02.20.09
    Episode 02.20.09
    The panel examines the ideas and the politics of the multipronged governmental effort to shore up the faltering economy and keep the country from slipping from recession into a depression.
  • Washington Week 02.13.09
    Washington Week 02.13.09
    Episode 02.13.09
    Even though there was not much Republican support of the stimulus plan to speak of, the House and Senate have finally reached a point of reconciliation. The $789 billion stimulus package will be only one of Obama's first steps to bring the economy toward stability.
  • Washington Week 02.06.09
    Washington Week 02.06.09
    Episode 02.6.09
    Senatorial negotiators finally arrived at a consensus for a $780 billion stimulus package that has yet to be ratified by the entire Senate.
  • Washington Week 01.30.09
    Washington Week 01.30.09
    Episode 01.30.09
    Despite President Obama's efforts to reach across the aisle, his $819 billion economic stimulus plan won House approval this week without garnering even one Republican vote. After barely a week in office, is Obama's promise of more bipartisanship already in jeopardy?
  • Washington Week 01.23.09
    Washington Week 01.23.09
    Episode 01.23.09
    After a moving inaugural speech, President Barack Obama has already implemented various changes that are setting the stage for his presidency. Some actions that he has taken include freezing certain White House salaries, making plans for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, and promising to close down Guantanamo within one year.moreless
  • Washington Week 01.16.09
    Washington Week 01.16.09
    Episode 01.16.09
    The turbulent tenure of President George W. Bush concludes next week while the presidency of Barack Obama begins. The panel discusses this much-anticipated transition.
  • Washington Week 01.09.09
    Washington Week 01.09.09
    Episode 01.9.09
    In the face of mounting economic woes, President-elect Barack Obama warns that any congressional balking at his stimulus plan, which calls for middle-class tax cuts, a public-works program, and other ambitious measures, would exacerbate the crisis beyond containment.
  • Washington Week 01.02.09
    Washington Week 01.02.09
    Episode 01.2.09
    Israel launched a series of air raids against Hamas in Gaza this week, targeting the infrastructure and leadership of the militant organization. The panel discusses the challenges facing U.S. diplomatic efforts in the region.