Season 1 Episode 4

Double Date

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1999 on ABC



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    • Adam Scott makes his first appearance in the show. He appeared in Glory Days, another show by creator, Kevin Williamson.

    • After the series was cancelled, fans asked Kevin Williamson if he had copies for the show. He said he did not have any copies.

    • Kevin wanted the show to be on the WB (The whole teen audience network) but blamed it at that time, "Freshman shows like Popular", as Kevin described it, stopped them. But the WB's response was "there is no room."

    • Music: "Crush" By Jennifer Paige.

    • The actors contracted ended in Summer 2000, which was another reason why Kevin Williamson and Billy Campbell wanted it on air.

    • Creator, Kevin Williamson and Executive Producer, Billy Campbell pitched the Series to "FOX" and "MTV" but none picked it up. "It is a long shot", As they described it. It was then pitched to HBO, in which Miramax wanted it to be on air (because it was their first TV Series) but failed. Only to get picked by Shownext (subdivision of Showtime) in early May of 2001.

    • After this airing, ABC put Wasteland on hiatus and was suppose to be back on December 1999. Rather waiting for the ratings they decided to cancel it. The show was up against NBC's Thursday Night, and with the World Series (on FOX).

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