Watch Over Me

Season 1 Episode 48

Attack of the Clowns

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

"You don't love me?" No, she doesn't, she says, but she did before he held a gun on her. No matter how he apologizies, she can't trust him, so it's over. He threatens her. Not just her. he threatens her family if she leaves him. He doesn't care that she doesn't sleep with him, or love him, but she must stay with him until the end. Why, she asks. Because she'll come to love him again. She flashes back to "better" times in their relationship, including the proposal and his creepy "mine forever" moment before the wedding. "You're pathetic," she says, throwing her engagement ring on the table. "I'm leaving you."

Julia comes to see Jack at his place, and tells him that she left Michael. "What?" (MyTV shows have people saying "What?" way too much.) So she tells Jack what Michael told her. He says he's working hard with Alfred to bring Michael down. It'll help if he can get to LeCavalier without Michael around. She apologizes for not following the plan, and he says he's glad- it was hard knowing she was with Michael. She says they could both use a distraction (she means sex), and Jack says that's a great idea (he doesn't). He could distract Michael to get him out of the room at the meeting tonight. Christine comes to see how Alfred's tests are going. Then she tries to ask about their relationship, but Alfred's all business. He asks if Christine knows anything about their predecessors or how they got the viruses to the advanced state they were before he started here. No, she just knew Calder (and doesn't know Michael had him killed, BTW) and that he was fired for not working fast enough. Jack comes over to Eric's with a good mad on about Natalie nearly getting him killed. Jack says he wants Eric to help him create a distraction tonight. OK, what should he do? He needs to leave now so he can get to Nevada and back before then. "Why Nevada?" "Because there's certain things there that are legal."

Michael chastises Jack for being late to work. Julia's there too. She and Michael head off to talk. Alfred and Christine set Perseus loose on Medusa for another test run. No dice, Medusa's too strong. Julia asks Michael how long she has to pretend to be his girlfriend, and he answers "Until you stop pretending." He says he loves her too much to let her go. She says she doesn't like being threatened. He says with a little more time, she'll realize they should be together. She says she came today to be here for him for this dinner. He gets a call from LeCavalier and tells her he needs to take it. She leaves the study, and Jack pulls her aside to ask what she's doing. She basically turns the old Jack argument back on him: if she can keep Michael comfortable, he'll be easier to deal with. She wants to know where he's been this morning, and he says she shouldn't know the details, but "It's gonna get pretty exciting around here."

Michael comes to Caroline's room, where she's chatting away on her cell. She sees Michael and tells "Sean" that she's got to go but will call back. Michael asks if she can stay with a friend tonight because he's got a big meeting. A night at a friend's with Jack? No, Grant'll be her bodyguard tonight. Michael asks who Sean is, and she says she needs her privacy too. Julia comes to Alfred's lab, and they walk and talk outside. She asks how things are going in getting evidence because she wants this to be over. He says they're making progress and not to worry- Michael won't hurt them because he needs Alfred's work. Jack comes back to Eric's, and Natalie says Eric's gone but will be back "in time" whatever that means. Jack's satisfied and turns to go, but Natalie apologizes for ratting him out to Andre. She says that Andre had a knife at her throat. "What?" (See!) She says she was just trying to distract them because she was afraid. Jack lets up on her. They're both glad that it worked out. Now she wants to know why Eric had to go to Nevada, and he says he can't tell her. But she can help by finding something to disguise someone's face. They find a scary clown mask. "It's what I need."

Eric's back from Nevada. He's got whatever he got in a big suitcase. Jack tells him he borrowed the scary clown mask. Eric is amused. Alfred asks Christine why Michael's in such a hurry for results. She just thinks it's the money. He says he's going to brainstorm. She tells him not give up, he'll perfect Perseus. Maybe, but Alfred wonders "for better or for worse?" Michael says things are almost ready, and Caroline's away for the night. Julia says she'll do her part. LeCavalier and ("just call me") Norton come in. Michael goes to fetch some wine. LeCavalier asks Julia if they've met. She flashes back to her mission with Jack to distract him at his meeting with Sasha. He reconsiders, but flashes back himself to meeting her back then. He congratulates Michael on the bold move of sending his own woman to spy on him. LeCavalier tries to ignore Julia, and then puts her (and San Diego, and California) down. She snaps back that being European doesn't give him class. LeCavalier is insulted, and Michael's getting pretty ticked off himself.

Julia apologizes, and LeCavalier tells her not to- she's the first person he's met in this country with a backbone. He appreciates some good verbal sparring. Michael's relieved. LeCavalier says she has his respect. Julia offers to put him in his place any time. "Marry that woman, Krieger, or I will." "Well, that's the plan." LeCavalier approves of the wine too. Julia excuses herself, and Jack comes in. LeCavalier hopes there will be less gunplay than the last time he saw Jack. This makes Norton nervous, but it's time for dinner, so they go to the dining room. LeCavalier wants to know more about Julia. They tell him she's a grad student and the daughter of Dr. Alfred Rivera. Then LeCavalier asks her about Michael and whether he's a trustworthy partner. She gives a political non-answer, and he calls her on it. Eric's outside running near the perimeter at Krieger's. Julia says Michael's trustworthy and can keep a secret. Norton excuses himself to the restroom, and Jack IMs Eric: "Now" . He opens the suitcase and lights the fuse on a bunch of big fireworks. He chucks the suitcase (over the fence, apparently) and it lands with a thud. After-dinner small talk is interrupted by a boom. Michael and Leandra are going to go out and check while Jack stays with Julia and LeCavalier, but LeCavalier won't hear of it and goes with Krieger. Jack tells Julia to stay here. "Don't go outside." He ditches his jacket and tie and scoops up what must be the scary clown mask.

Outside, Michael's sending Andre and the security guys around for a better look. Norton comes out of the restroom and a scary clown grabs him and holds him at knifepoint. The scary clown tells Norton not to scream or make a sound. In the yard, Marshall has found the case, and Andre comes over to see it. Andre wonders why anyone would throw a case full of big fireworks over the fence. Unless it was a diversion. He tells Marshall to keep checking the perimeter, and he'll go for Michael. Norton wants to know what Scary Clown wants. He wants to talk. "About what?" "About your business with Michael Krieger."

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