Watch Over Me

Season 1 Episode 24

Just a Few Questions

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Julia says yes to Michael's proposal.

When Julia comes to join Ryan and Melanie poolside at the Compound, they notice her new ring and ask about the proposal. They want to plan her wedding. Jack approaches to do his job, and Julia tries to shoo him away. She confronts him away from the others and he tells her he can't believe she accepted. She tells him to leave her alone. Andre's got Ilion staked out. He follows a blonde woman in- it's Steve's wife. Andre tells her he's with the accounting oversight committee and has a few questions. Jack's retreated to a safe distance, while Alfred comes out to see what Julia's news is. Alfred asks if she's sure she wants to marry Michael. Yeah. He invites his kids to dinner to meet someone special. Andre's trying to get info from Marie, but it's hopeless- she's been separated from her husband and he was never home when they were together. Andre gets to the point and finds out about Caitlin- Caitlin Porter.

Michael comes to see Alfred at the lab. They talk about the proposal and Alfred says he cool with it. Andre fills Leandra in on the meeting with Marie. When Leandra finds out about Caitlin, she can't wait to call Michael. When Eric meets Jack for lunch, Jack tells him that Julia said yes. Eric tries to Eric him, but he says his plan is to get her out of there and then take Michael down. Leandra and Andre are itching to put the screws to Caitlin. Michael tries to talk them out of it because it'll make her question Steve's disappearance and piss Jack off, but he caves and tells them to "play nice". Andre has to ask, "What if she was Steve's partner in crime?" "We'll deal with that then."

At the Porter house, no one ever sits inside. Caitlin's out back when her phone rings. Andre tells her to come to the Krieger Compound so she can answer some questions about her work with Steve. She doesn't like the sound of that. Helen comes out and asks who was on the phone. Job interview, she says. Julia comes in to ask Michael to reassign Jack. Of course, he doesn't want to because Jack is a superhero, but he says he'll talk to him. Leandra comes in to get Michael back in the office because Isaac's on the phone. Sasha wants a tour of Krieger's facilities. Michael tells Isaac no way. He also tells Leandra to get Andre. "I think it's about time we did something about Sasha once and for all."

Julia's doing her homework when Jack brings Caroline home. Julia asks Jack to leave so they can talk about Michael's proposal. They talk about their relationship, the wedding- and Jack. Julia says she kind of wants to get rid of him, but Caroline really wants him around. Michael talks with Leandra and Andre about Sasha. He thinks she wants to move in on their manufacturing, so he wants to show her that she's expendable. He tells them to take care of Caitlin. Julia and Alfred will be at dinner. He'll send Jack and Caroline out. And he'll be finding "a way to control our lovely Sasha".

Caitlin arrives at Krieger's. In the office, Leandra asks Caitlin if she's heard from Steve- they have some business to wrap up. They ask when he moved out. They grill her about Steve's business affairs. Caitlin says she doesn't know anything- and denies knowing about his affair or his mistress. They tell her, in confidence, that Steve blackmailed Krieger labs. He doctored the books without their knowledge and then threatened to say it was their idea. An aide (since fired) panicked and wrote him a check. Now they want to find him. Caitlin says she's no idea where he went- he probably fled with the money and his mistress. Andre shows Caitlin out as Leandra shakes her head "no". The Doctors meet Ryan and Julia at Ilion. They say they're going to grill her- after some wine. On her way out, Caitlin notices the portrait of Medusa, and Michael notices her. They talk for only a second when Jack and Caroline enter eating pre-chess match ice cream cones. Jack has to know "What are you doing here, Caitlin?"

On their way out, Caitlin and Jack talk about them asking about Steve- and about Steve. Michael debriefs Andre and Leandra. Leandra says that Caitlin was lying and is the one they need to take care of. Michael says it's fine- Caitlin didn't get the money, can't hurt them, and Jack's going to be mad enough already. "Besides, we have more important things to worry about." Post-inquistion, Julia realizes that she's probably seen Christine before. Christine says maybe not- they don't get out of their labs often. The kids say it's good to see their father out, and that Christine should keep up the good work. They get ready to leave and Christine excuses herself to go to the ladies'. Alfred sees his kids to their valeted car and then heads out to his own so he can pull around and pick Christine up. But he doesn't make it. Some bad guys grab him and black-bag him. It's dark, and it happens quick, but they sure look like Sasha's henchmen.

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