Watch Over Me

Season 1 Episode 23


Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Helen and Caitlin talk about going out with Steve tonight. Caitlin says they should invite Dad, but Helen is neither ready to celebrate Caitlin seeing Steve or to see Richard, but she'll think about it. Caitlin goes to call Steve. Steve's sitting in his parked car admiring the big check. He sniffs it. He kisses it. His moment is interrupted by his phone. Under cover of the ringtone, Andre pops up in the back seat and quietly garrotes him.

Jack's leaving his place when Richard calls, from his chair outside his own house, scared to face Helen. He can't figure out how to talk to Helen. Jack suggests they have dinner at his house on neutral ground. Eric can cook. Richard rings the bell. Caitlin answers, expecting Steve. Richard invites Helen to dinner, but she says they're going out with Steve. Caitlin tells her to go, so she says she will. Andre decides he's choked Steve enough and takes back the check and Steve's cell. He listens to Caitlin's message- asking if he got the money. Andre calls Michael's office: "We have a problem."

Caitlin helps Helen pick out an outfit for tonight. She wonders why Steve hasn't called back. At Michael's office, Andre is playing her message for Leandra. They need to take care of this mysterious accomplice. While walking up to the Compound, Jack calls Eric to ask him to play chef tonight, he agrees but says he has to do it at his place so he'll have a decent kitchen. Jack gets to the office where Leandra asks him how well he knew Steve. He says he doesn't really know him. Michael pulls Jack out of there to ask him to work tonight. He needs Jack's security help because he's got big plans. Tonight, Michael's asking Julia to marry him.

Natalie and Eric's conversation is interrupted by Jack's call and subsequent arrival. Jack tells Eric that Michael's spying on Jack's family- and that Michael is proposing to Julia tonight. He didn't want to tell Julia the truth so she wouldn't be in danger. Eric points out that Jack told him the truth. Does that mean he's in danger too? Yep. Startled by Natalie's return to the room, Jack grabs a kitchen knife, but manages to not throw it at her.

"Sorry about that." Natalie wants to know why they're so tense, but they don't tell her. Caitlin's still worried about Steve, so Helen tells her to call him again. Michael tells Andre and Leandra that he absolutely can't be disturbed tonight. He leaves, and Steve's phone rings. Leandra answers it and says she found it at the airport near the departure gate- Steve must've dropped it when he was leaving. Leandra asks who Caitlin is and whether she wants the phone returned. No, and no. Andre congratulates Leandra on her acting, but says that whoever the mystery woman is, she still knows about their finances, but they don't know her name. "Not yet."

Eric has Natalie picking up capers at the grocery for him. Caitlin bought Leandra's story and is sobbing on the couch. Helen's comforting her when Richard comes in. Richard says that if Steve really did just run out, he's not worth crying over. They offer to stay but Caitlin tells them to go on have their night. Natalie welcomes Helen and Richard to Eric's place. Helen's impressed by Richard's efforts and they have a nice dinner. "Helen, I know I'm not perfect, but you are the whole world to me, and I can't live without you." "Richard, when are you coming back home?" "Just as soon as you'll have me." Awww. Back at Krieger's, Julia and Jack are alone. She asks him what he's going to lie about today. He tells her Michael is going to propose to her and wants to know what she's going to say. He argues that she can't say yes because she doesn't love Michael. She says that he's a good man who's not afraid to be seen with her. Jack (again) doesn't tell her why Michael's such bad news, but does tell her that he loves her. "Not good enough."

Jack plays chess with Caroline as he watches Michael makes his final preparations. "Check!" "What?" "You're in check." You bet he is. Jack excuses himself. Michael goes and brings Julia to the table. He gets right down to business. "Will you marry me?" asks Michael, as Jack listens from the next room.

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