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  • American version of Resistire. Sucks.


    Resistiré (I Will Resist) is a 2003 Argentine telenovela. This series features a gorgeous woman torn between her terrorist fiancee and a handsome tailor. It starred Pablo Echarri, Celeste Cid, Carolina Fal and Fabián Vena. Resistiré was a major hit on Argentinian television. It dared to introduce new elements in the genre of telenovela and was well accepted by the audience, setting a new standard in TV. In 2004, the telenovela won the Martín Fierro Award as the best show of the year, along with many other awards. In 2006, two remakes debuted. MyNetworkTV produced an American version in English titled Watch Over Me. In addition, Televisa unveiled Amar Sin Limites (Love Without Limits) for Mexican viewers.

    Well, this version really sucks and deserves not even a proper review.

  • Mission Impossible rip off

    Super weak. I mean come on, no one notices that they ripped off the plot of MI2? Bellerophon and Chimera = Perseus and Medusa. Try all they want, they cannot convince me that there is any talent in that cast. It is way too cheesy, too much forced drama, the guy who is supposed to be the Ethan Hunt makes himself out to be this super spy, finding hidden cameras and protecting the fragile women, and he is completely unaware that he looks like a moron. Bottom line, it is unoriginal, and while I know that they can only do so much with a television show, it looks too much like a soap opera trying to be a spy film. Explosions don't make scenes exciting.
  • Very exciting since the begining. Drama every day. Julia's character very surprising and professional. Some parts actually too strong, Michael's character, very convincing as the "bad guy". Jack (Todd) will be our next super star.

    Intriguing and exciting every episode, specially when Julia is alone with Jack. Just the tough of Michael coming any moment makes me nervous. Fantastic english "telenovela", sad when it ends. But please, I do not wish to see an end like the one from "Fashion House". I was like in blank. The episode whan Julia "died" and Jack is trying to revive was very convincing, to the point that I had tears when he was crying on top of her. And the actor that plays Ryan (Julia's brother) looks so much like her. Everything from the show is great and profesional, very well written.
  • A good show to watch.

    The main reason I had tuned into to the show was to watch actor Casper Van Dien, I must say I was very thrilled to see him on camera again. Before the show aired I did a little research to see what the show was about, it sounded good on writing, but I was not sure how it would show onscreen, I must say I was not disappointed at all. The cast of this show all have great chemistry with one another. Which is the reason I kept tuning in. Dayanara I must mention has been doing a great job on the show, as well as Catherine Oxenberg. I hope there will be another season of Watch Over me. If you haven't seen it yet, I think you will like it.
  • Another Americanized telenovela, but weak

    I honestly tried to get into this show, because it comes on right after Wicked Wicked Games, which I do watch. But I just can't get into it. The previews looked good, but it moves too slowly and most episodes are just one step above boring. I also think the minor characters on this show are doing a better job of acting than the lead, Dayanara Torres. The characters are all good looking, which is a staple with these new "adapted" telenovelas, but I find this one just not that interesting. I had watched Desire before and the previews of WOM seemed to have a similar storyline, at least in terms of lots of action, but I just can't seem to get into it!
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