Watch Over Me

Season 1 Episode 59

The Best Laid Plans

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

Episode Recap

Jack and Julia go up to a room in the hotel. This'll be their base of operations. While Julia selects the appropriate seduction wear, Jack tries to figure out how to find and then hide in LeCavalier's room. They flash back to the last time they pulled that trick. That went OK, but Jack says maybe Julia shouldn't put herself in danger yet again. She assures him it'll be fine. They kiss, and he goes to find LeCavalier's room. Jack takes an elevator down. A few floors away, LeCavalier gets on, but Jack manages to hide behind some other people until LeCavalier gets off.

Jack gets back to the room and tells Julia that he saw LeCavalier get on the elevator on the 12th floor, but didn't dare follow him in the lobby. Julia wants to know what the plan is. Jack says he'll be waiting in LeCavalier's room when they get there, he'll overpower him and get Medusa. Julia suggests a few things that can go wrong- mostly that he might not have Medusa with him- and Jack says they'll improvise. Michael and Leandra are walking outside the house. Michael hallucinates Sasha taunting him, then flashes back to killing her and later hallucinating that she came back to taunt him. They get to the study, and Leandra tries to talk Michael through the preparation, but he's acting pretty crazy. Andre comes in to tell them, "LeCav is here."

Michael greets LeCavalier and leads him to the study. LeCavalier questions how he can be sure the canisters actually contain Medusa, and Michael tells him he can't without opening them to check. LeCavalier presents a briefcase full of bearer bonds that Leandra says look OK. It's a deal. LeCavalier leaves. Michael ominously says "One step closer to the end." Leandra asks what that means, but Michael blows her off. Jack tries to sweet talk LeCavalier's room number out of the desk clerk. When that doesn't work, he asks her to call up to the room. He watches to get the number she dials (1248). There's no answer of course, so he excuses himself and heads up to twelve. The room's locked, but he follows a maid and steals her keycard. Michael flashes back to the "she's waking up" incident with Caroline and Gabrielle's ghost. Andre walks in on him and asks if he's OK. Before Michael can even blow him off, Leandra comes in too. "Michael, we have a problem."

Leandra has counted the bonds, and there's the right number, but about a third of them are counterfeit. Leandra's discovered that LeCavalier is in room 1248, so Andre and Michael head off to the hotel to find him. At said hotel, Jack's still helping the maid in the elevator. Shortly after she gets off, she notices her card is gone, but Jack's on his way back up with it. LeCavalier's back too. He tells the hotel desk he needs to make some special arrangements for tonight- but declines to store the Medusa case in the safe. Julia gets dressed for us, then brushes her hair, touches up her makeup, and puts on her game face. Jack's back to LeCavalier's room. He tries the keycard, and it doesn't work. He tries a couple more times with no luck. A hotel guy comes up behind him. "Sir? Excuse me, sir."

Julia finds LeCavalier in the lobby. They chat about not wasting any of the hours he has left before he leaves tomorrow. He mentions the special arrangements he's asked for. Upstairs, the bellhop offers to help Jack. He blows in the lock and swipes the card. Works. Jack goes in to find that LeCavalier's room has quite a few shopping bags in it. Odd. In the lobby, the hotel staff informs LeCavalier that his suite is ready. Now Julia's puzzled. Suite? "What's wrong with your room?" "My wife is there." She sure is, and she's not too happy to find Jack there too...

Julia says that she didn't know he was married and is having second thoughts. The stall doesn't work, and they head up to the penthouse. Madame LeC is demanding to know why Jack is in her room. He pretends to be drunk and says 1348 is his room. She says her husband won't be back tonight and invites him to stay (ah, the French), but he excuses himself and heads out. Jack hears Julia on the elevator. It opens and everyone but LeCavalier and Julia get out. LeCavalier's too distracted to notice Jack getting on, though he's got no one to hide behind now. "Going up?" "Oui."

LeCavalier's still preoccupied with Julia. She tries to dissuade him from being amorous in front of the guy in the elevator, but he says he's sure they won't mind. Jack says "Hey! Look at this! No 13th floor!" LeCavalier turns to look, and Jack knocks him out with an elbow. Julia guesses that Mrs. LeC was what slowed him down. She also points out that most hotels don't have a 13th floor. "I know. Thank God LeCavaliers don't." Andre and Michael are in the lobby and waiting for an elevator up to 1248. Jack and Julia pick up the unconscious LeCavalier and head down to the lobby. Michael reminds Andre to not shoot the case- even though it's supposed to be bulletproof. Jack and Julia decide to make out while they're waiting to get to the lobby. The elevator hits the lobby, the doors open, and Jack and Julia stop kissing long enough to see Michael and Andre staring at them.

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