Watch Over Me

Season 1 Episode 65

The Gorgon's Head

Aired Weekdays 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2007 on MyNetwork TV

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  • The dramatic conclusion of Watch Over Me.

    Even though I only started to watch Watch Over Me about half way into the series, I was still able to enjoy the show as well as understand the dramatic finale of the series. The finale was able to keep viewers in suspense throughout the show with the impending death of Michael, Caroline finding out the truth surrounding the death of her mother and the conflict between good and evil represented by the viruses of Persues and Medusa within Jack. With the show speeding through 5 nights a week from December to March, fans who watched the show, even for only the last 10 episodes will certaintly enjoy the grand finale of Watch Over Me. If this show were to ever be released on a complete DVD set, I would definately pick this up.
  • Hi...can anyone help? I missed the last episode of watch over me...does anyone have a copy of this so that I can see it? Desperate....

    Loved this show and characters...missed the last episode and am really bummed...can anyone help me get a copy of this last show...would really appreciate it!! I thought the story line was very exciting and I looked forward to watching this each and every night....always looking forward to the next show....but as faith would have it the only one that I missed was last night's show (3/6) which was the final episode. I am now sitting on pins and needles wondering how this series ended. I tried to get a hold of both my network tv and Kron 4 to see if they have a copy available. Does anyone know if this series is coming out on DVD? Any information would be appreciated. Please contact me on Thanks!!