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Season 1 Episode 65

The Gorgon's Head

Full Episode: The Gorgon's Head

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The end has finally come. Jack drank Medusa-12 thinking that the proto-type of Percius can counteract the effects and save the people from being affected by the virus. Though he saved the city, Medusa-12 starts to takes it's effect. Jack, weakened by the virus is taken by Andre and Julia joins Jack in the car or dies. At the cafe, Eric is standing by while Natalie puts Caroline under hypnosis so she can remember the accident. Caroline remembers and run home after finding out her dad tried to kill her mom but it was Leandra who finished the job. Dr. Christine packs her things in the office ready to run but is caught by Andre and forced to take Percius out of Jacks' system but refuses. Michael dies within the minute as Caroline runs in, and untied Julia. Andre is outside trying to keep the FBI away but is caught. He and Leandra got life imprisonment without parole for conspiracy to the nation and etc...moreless
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