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Watching Ellie

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Apr 09, 2002 on NBC
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Episode Summary

After taking Dr. Zimmerman's cold medicine cocktail, Ellie is suddenly reminded of her band's gig that evening and has to find a way to get there. But when the effects of the medicine make her feel euphoric, she starts saying things to Ingvar and her boyfriend Ben that she may later regret.moreless

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      • Ingvar: Please let me drive [you].
        Ellie: Oh, I don't want to impose Ingvar. I can drive, you don't have to drive me.
        Ingvar: Think no more about it. It will be just like Driving Miss Daisy. You'll be Miss Daisy and I'll be Morgan Fairchild.
        Ellie: Okay, I'll let you drive, alright. I'm parked in the back.
        Ingvar: Give me the keys Miss Daisy!
        Ellie: Ugh, can we drop this Miss Daisy analogy?
        Ingvar: You're right, because this lacks the social, economic and racial tension of the original, huh!

      • Ellie: Hey, you know what Don, I was giving some serious thought to what you told me about your toupee, and the truth is I think you might be a lot happier with hair.
        Dr. Zimmerman: With hair, you think?
        Ellie: I do, I do. You seem a little lonely and pathetic with your big bald head, and I think maybe a toupee might help, or maybe a hat, or a he

      • (as Ingvar is driving)
        Ellie: A penguin! Look out, it's a penguin!
        (the car crashes into the curb)
        Ingvar: A penguin?
        Ellie: I'm telling you! An enormous penguin almost ran in front of the car! How could you not have seen that?
        Ingvar: Eleanor, I'm not even seeing a small penguin! I think it's that medication that's having a very unpopular effect on your head.

      • Ingvar: Eleanor, I was bringing you something to help you combat your cold.
        Ellie: God, even I can smell that. What is that, ammonia... and fish heads?
        Ingvar: You've had it before?

      • Ellie: You know what I've been doing? You know what I've been doing? I've been telling people things that I never ever thought I would have told them before, because I have found this awesome new drug, and you know what it's called? The truth! And I'm hooked. I'm an addict!

      • Ellie: You didn't come over.
        Ben: Because you told me not to.
        Ellie: When?
        Ben: When you said "don't stop by".
        Ellie: "Don't stop by" doesn't mean don't stop by. "Don't stop by" means stop by. If I didn't want you to stop by I would've said "don't come over". What are you stupid?

      • (looking at the car's busted tire)
        Ellie: What are you doing?
        Ingvar: I'm going to jack the car off.
        (she laughs)

      • (speaking on the phone)
        Dr. Zimmerman: Hello.
        Ellie: Hi Don, it's me Ellie.
        Dr. Zimmerman: Hey Ellie. How are you feeling?
        Ellie: Well, I'm feeling a little kinda weird, actually. What did you give me?
        Dr. Zimmerman: Oh it's just some cold medicine, like an over-the-counter decongestant... well over-the-counter in Canada... parts of Canada.

      • Ellie: I love you Ingvar. I love you.
        Ingvar: You do?
        Ellie: Yeah, I do, I love you.
        Ingvar: I can't believe you're saying these words to me Eleanor. If only you knew how I've been longing to hear this. I have so much to tell you. I've got it all written down here. Wait... wait, just wait a little. (He reaches into his pocket and takes out a note) Here are some though that I didn't know how to express.
        Ellie: My mouth feels kind of dry! Man, did I just say I love you? Sorry about that chief!

      • Ben: Hey, why are you still at your apartment?
        Ellie: Because I can't afford a house... what are you talking about?
Ben: Why aren't you here?
        Ellie: Where?
        Ben: Here, you missed the soundcheck.
        Ellie: What, we don't play on Tuesday nights. I have the new schedule right here, it doesn't say anything about Tues... Oh my God! Crap!

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