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NBC (ended 2003)


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  • Inventive series!

    A sitcom in real-time. It was a concept that I couldn't pass up...and Julia's in it. I have to say out of all the show's that the Seinfeld co-stars were in--this was the one to watch. I found myself watching the clock, saying "How is she going to pull this out in time?"

    I remember the episode where she was working at wedding and her car gets towwed.

    I have to admit, this show was hard to find when NBC starting moving it all around on their schedule. And then came the re-tooling! It was like a makeover show but taking an awesome house, busting it down and putting an out-house in its place. So, as far as it's 2nd incarnation, I don't know what happened with it.
  • It too bad it went away. It was funny and doing away with the laugh track was a good thing.

    This show I suppose had too many strikes against it. THe most stupid was that people tried to invent a curese of Seinfeld in which all the stars of that show could not suceed after it.
    The second which could be true is that most people can't get jokes with out a laugh track.
    The third and most unfortunate was that is went up against a show that had a very similar fan and humor interest. The Andy Richter show.

    It also suffered from the big reality tv craze. Everyone was going away from the usual sitcom and watchin Survior or Big Brother.

    It's just a real shame it had many really funny comedians and have truly funny scripts.