Wa$ted! - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Bed and Breakfast
    Episode 10
    The Alexander Hamilton House is a charming Bed and Breakfast in New York. Come and stay in this 8 bedroom inn, enjoy the scenic views of the Hudson River, the heated pool, and please feel free to contribute to an astronomical energy bill - $1600 a month!
  • Fraternal Affairs
    Episode 9
    Sigma Pi Fraternity is home to 17 frat guys who don't have a clue about how wasteful they can be. These dudes work hard in school, but also play hard at home, and efforts to conserve are overlooked for convenience.
  • 7/16/08
    Joe is engaged to Laurel, who live in a house in rural New Jersey with her sister, Alexa. They love living in the country and their house would be a perfect model of green living, except their road to green is paved with good intentions gone sour.
  • 6/26/08
    Dawn and Rich Livingston are the proud parents of three precocious daughters in a high-end gated community in southern New Jersey. This family is filled with energy, is always on the go, but is also wasting energy left and right.
  • Sex and the City
    Episode 6
    Kisha, Donna, Cindy and Becky live in an amazing loft space in trendy Green Point in Brooklyn. But long showers, leaving lights on, excessive shopping, and huge amounts of trash are the norm in this pad. These girls need help!
  • 1/1/08
    From fuel costs to lights on 24/7, the Zeller family's waste starkly contrasts with their house. On the outside, their house looks like a grandiose castle Manor, but inside, their medieval wasteful habits need our makeover.
  • He Said, She Said
    Episode 4
    Glynis Hutchinson is very interested in making her household eco-friendly but doesn't know where to start. Her husband Howard, on the other hand, is not so concerned and would rather take convenience over conservation.
  • 1/1/08
    James and Dean's fast paced habits are bad for the environment. From long wasteful showers, to cabs out to all the clubs, to throwing out yesterday's fashions - these men should know better - and we will send in the experts to show them.
  • 5/17/08
    The Cavallaros are your typical nuclear family with 2 kids, a dog, and NINE televisions that are always on. This family thinks recycling is a waste of space; they don't even have a bin. The family is crying for a green clean up.
  • NYPD Green
    Episode 1
    Meet Todd and Rita Colainni, and their baby son, Travis. They have been so wrapped up in raising their son that they have neglected their environmental concerns. From wasting electricity to gas guzzling SUV's, it's time for the family to make a change!