Water Rats

Season 1 Episode 4

Iron Man

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1996 on The Nine Network



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    • (Clinton and Todd are missing)
      Kevin: Apparently they're into the nightclub scene. (looks over at Rachel)
      Rachel: Oh no! I've got a dinner and a movie with a seven year old tonight...
      Knocker: Tough, we work in pairs.
      Rachel: I can't!
      Knocker: Goldie!
      (Kevin laughs)

    • Kevin: [holding up his budgie] Frank, this is Frank. Frank ... Frank!
      Frank: Ha ha.

    • David: Does you eye hurt?
      Rachel: No. Just a little flick. Should've been a bit more careful.
      David: Did you smack the guy around when you caught him?
      Rachel: Honey. We don't smack people. [picks David up] We just pick them up and jossle them around a bit.

    • [Rachel and Jonathon are arguing]
      Jonathon: I don't need this Rachel.
      Rachel: What you need is a kick in the BALLS you arrogant little ...

    • Frank: Knocker, my boy.
      Knocker: G'day ... Guy Bland died of heart failure. He was tossed into the drink after he died.
      Frank: Yeah but what happened to his head?
      Knocker: Pathologists say a shark took it.
      Kevin: Heart failure? Those guys are awesomely fit.
      Rachel: Maybe hereditary?
      Knocker: It wasn't. I checked with the family doctor. It was brought on by hyperkalemia. High blood potassium.
      Rachel: What are you saying, someone injected him with potassium?
      Knocker: Certainly looks that way.
      Rachel: Oooo.

    • Clarke: It's good to see you again Kevin. That's a very, very nice suit ... [looks at Frank] You could learn something from this bloke, Frank.

    • Rachel: So who are you standing up tonight?
      Kevin: Clare... again.
      Rachel: The love of your life?
      Kevin: She thinks so.
      Rachel: Pardon?

    • Clarke: Okay, I'll ask it. Who chops off an Iron Mans head?
      Frank: Another Iron Man?

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