Water Rats - Season 1

The Nine Network (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Knocker
    Episode 26
    Internal Affairs continues to track John Harrison, while Frank and Brady race to locate the final two witnesses to Kevin's murder before Knocker can silence them for good. Frank and Brady inform Goldie of Knocker's involvement in Kevin's death but she refuses to believe him until Brady shows her the evidence.moreless
  • Message from the Dead
    When Megan, an anonymous witness to Kevin's death is killed, Brady and Holloway search for other people who may have seen what happened. Meanwhile, Goldie and Knocker investigate a murder in a park. The Nemesis crew have to supervise a photo shoot for a world-famous model
  • Wrecked
    Episode 24
    Attending a bushfire at a coastal national park, the Nemesis crew notice bloodied tracks in the sand and find a man digging a body in a shallow grave. Harrison is called in to negotiate with a potential suicide. Frank and Brady investigates Harrison. Brady believes Harrison has something to do with the death of Kevin Holloway.moreless
  • Respect
    Episode 23
    Detectives discover two people who died of carbon monoxide poisoning, they suspect a connection to the activities of Asian gangs. Frank and Rachel gets help from an Asian crime specialist from Task Force Oak. Rachel and Knocker announce their engagement.
  • Unfinished Business
    Unfinished Business
    Episode 22
    Chris Kollias, the man Frank suspects of knowing more about his brother's death than he's saying, goes missing. It seems Frank will be forced to give up trying to find out what really happened the night his brother was forced over The Gap.
  • Police Issue 13519
    Police Issue 13519
    Episode 21
    Holloway finds a new lead on Kevin's murder after a young robber is caught with Kevin's missing gun.
  • Missing
    Episode 20
    Harrison and the divers are called in when the body of a boy is found in similar circumstances to the other murdered teens. The detectives wonder if they arrested the wrong man.
  • Floater
    Episode 19
    Inspector Webb is slow in coming forward with information on the death of Moira Randall as he doesn't want his affair with her uncovered. The Nemesis crew is kept busy by a group of drunken university students on Shark Island. Hawker tells Helen that he will apply for the post as Chief Inspector if Webb has to leave. He's surprised when Helen says she also will apply for it.moreless
  • Bad Blood
    Bad Blood
    Episode 18
    Dave McCall is sympathetic towards the wife of a suspected serial murderer... until Knocker gets proof that she was involved. Goldie tries to help a man found covered with blood hiding in a warehouse, only to find out he'll talk to no one but Holloway, who is still on sick leave.moreless
  • Old Flame
    Old Flame
    Episode 17
    Frank is rushed to hospital after he is shot in an armed hold up. Chief Inspector Clarke Webb meets an old flame, Moira who gives interesting information about the robbers. John Harrison confronts Goldie's ex-husband about giving Goldie access to her son. Jeff Hawker investigates a boat accident.
  • Payback
    Episode 16
    A hostage is taken and there is a high speed car chase : Marty Miller makes a final stand against Holloway. Internal Affairs suspects Helen of selling information that led to an elderly woman's death. The accusations against Helen makes things bad between her and her lover Anne Harvey.
  • Eyewitness
    Episode 15
    A man is killed when a speed boat is deliberately driven into the back of his vessel. A friend who was with him at the time identifies the person responsible as a well-known crime figure and an old enemy of Frank's: Marty Miller (Peter Kowitz). Sykes takes part in a training course for police divers. Goldie and Knocker seem to get along very well, and a vietnamese cleaner, Thong, is found dead at the Water Police headquarter.moreless
  • Black Water
    Episode 14
    The body of a teenage boy is found in the boot of a car. There are similarities between this murder and that of another boy 13 months earlier. Holloway makes it his personal quest to find the killer, and he meets a beautiful crime scene officer, Caroline Cox. Rachel defies the court order and goes to visit her son.moreless
  • Bang Bang You're Dead
    A drug raid on the boat Jim Pappas is fishing on in the early hours of the morning, leads to Knocker shooting and killing Pappas. When Rachel is late for the court hearing, she is denied access to her son for six months.
  • The Jigsaw Man
    The Jigsaw Man
    Episode 12
    Inspector Brady from Internal Affairs and Knocker Harrison being investigating Kevin's death - task force 'Kilo Hotel'. When several body parts are found floating in the Harbour, Rachel and Frank investigate, which leads them to the victim's boyfriend.
  • Kilo Hotel
    Kilo Hotel
    Episode 11
    Kevin Holloway's car is found still with the keys in the ignition at The Gap - a notorious suicide spot. Meanwhile Goldie is served with court papers seeking to cut off all access to her son David.
  • Goldstein and Son
    Goldstein and Son
    Episode 10
    The woman whose boyfriend Goldstein shot dead is released from jail on parole and keeps turning up wherever Goldie happens to be. The boat crew takes too long to bring diving equipment to a sunken cruiser and two men are found dead.
  • Death in the Family
    Rachel Goldstein and Frank Holloway investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl they believe has been murdered by her father. However, it is a race against time to find enough evidence to stop the man from leaving the country. Meanwhile the wife of the man who interviewed Clarke Webb on radio goes missing.moreless
  • The Shaft
    The Shaft
    Episode 8
    Holloway is caught on film collecting an envelope containing a large amount of money that has been left in a waterfront warehouse. Internal Affairs accuse him of taking a bribe but Holloway explains that somebody has been leaving him envelopes all over town with tip-offs inside. Frank soon finds out that it was his brother, Jimmy, who tipped him off.moreless
  • V.I.P.
    Episode 7
    A Vietnamese family are the victims of a robbery and their son has been kidnapped. The search for the kidnappers is complicated by the fact that the US President is visiting Sydney and the Water Police are on full security alert, while at the same time, are being as inviting as they can be.moreless
  • Lie Down with Dogs
    Lie Down with Dogs
    Episode 6
    Billy Pope's girlfriend is found murdered on the eve of giving evidence in a enquiry into police corruption. It's payback time for the Rispoli family whose fishing lines were cut by the Nemesis crew.
  • Catch and Kill
    Episode 5
    A load of Scotch has been stolen from the wharves and a night watchman killed. Tommy's father is embroiled in a row with a rival fishing family. The water police investigate the death of a recreational diver and assume it was an accident, while the insurance company claims it was suicide.moreless
  • Iron Man
    Iron Man
    Episode 4
    The body of a champion Iron Man is found dead in the harbour - his head missing. Frank's younger brother Kevin Holloway and "Knocker" Harrison assist Rachel and Frank with the investigation. Meanwhile, a rich businessman is arrested by the Nemesis crew for being drunk while in at the wheel of a cruiser. Helen's former lover, Julie Haynes, pays Helen an unexpected visit and asks her for a favour.moreless
  • Ghost Ship
    Ghost Ship
    Episode 3
    The Nemesis crew find an abandoned boat on the waters of Sydney Harbour. On board the boat, there are the ashy human remains of a man and a dog. An investigation into the boat finds that it's from Thailand and was being used to import drugs into Sydney.
  • Dead in the Water (2)
    Frank's younger brother Jimmy is released from prison two years after Frank put him away as part of a drug bust. A man boards a ferry, wanting to know where Clifford Bowen, the man who blew up a school boat, is. He holds ferry hostage until he sees Bowen.
  • Dead in the Water (1)
    The Sydney Water Police investigate a fatal bombing on a charter ferry while trying to locate other explosive devices that may still be located in the harbour. The Nemesis crew scrambles to recapture a murder suspect who escapes custody. Kevin Holloway, Frank's younger brother, joins Homicide and is partnered with Frank's good friend Knocker Harrison. A man claiming to have the missing bomb takes hostages on a passenger ferry. Frank and Rachel stake out a yacht to catch a scantily clad burglar. A diver dismissed from duty dives the site of the ferry wreck to locate the fourth bomb in order to eliminate the hijackers threat.moreless