Water Rats

Season 4 Episode 8

Tomorrow Never Comes

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1999 on The Nine Network

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  • One of the sad episodes to watch....

    “Tomorrow Never Comes” was the final episode for Frank Holloway (played by Colin Friels). This episode began with the usual banter we came to expect between Frank and his detective partner, Rachel Goldstein (Catherine McClements). The laughter/light-hearted moments in the first few minutes of the episode, became tears by the end, as we watched Frank sail off into the sunset - without Rachel.

    As fitting as it was to watch Frank Holloway sail off into the sunset and gave Colin Friels a great send-off, it was disappointing that Frank and Rachel didn’t give into their feelings … not even a kiss! Well, there was an almost kiss …
    Rachel: “So two years ey?”
    Frank: “Possibly.”
    “That’s a long time. You know, you could meet one of those Miss World’s that Venezuela’s so famous for … I could meet someone.”
    “Yeah, you could … but you’d tell me if you did, wouldn’t ya?”
    “Why? To get your approval?”
    “Yeah. Somethin’ like that.”
    “Would you give it?”
    … But the recently added character, Michael Reilly (Aaron Pederson) ruined it, by knocking on Frank’s door. Damn you Mick!

    The song played at the end of the episode when Frank was sailing off into the distance, “I’ll Dream of You” was a fantastic one. The words were so appropriate, and pretty much summed up Frank’s feelings for Rachel. “I love you though I’m leaving; I wanna hold you tight …”

    Great episode … except for that knock on the door. I’ll never forgive you Mick!
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