Water Rats

Season 4 Episode 8

Tomorrow Never Comes

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1999 on The Nine Network



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    • Frank: You know, t-shirt and shorts would've been more appropriate.
      Rachel: I'm sorry ...
      Frank: It's okay. I understand ...
      Rachel: It was ... it was a thousand reasons.
      Frank: A thousand? Well, that's a lot of reasons.
      Rachel: I just didn't wanna let you go without ...
      Frank: Saying goodbye?

    • Frank: RACHEL!
      Rachel: [to Mick] Be right back okay? [walks over to Frank] How are you feeling?
      Frank: Good. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna buy out Simone. I'm gonna take the boat, and I'm gonna go.
      Rachel: Go? Where are you going?
      Frank: [points to the harbour] Out there. I dunno. The islands. I mean Venezuela. But it doesn't matter where we go, as long as we go.
      Rachel: We? We, we're going?
      Frank: Look. Just think about it for a minute. Just supposing, just supposing we went okay? While there's time, we could actually make a fresh start. You and me. Look it's serious -
      Rachel: I can't go! I've got responsibilities!
      Frank: I know you've got responsibilities! I know there's David. But he could come. He could get an education out in the world.
      Rachel: Oh yeah sure. What about all this?
      Frank: All this? All this will be here when you get back.
      Rachel: When I get back?
      Frank: When you get back, when I get back. If anyone gets back. If we ever get back. If we don't get back, we don't get back. What have we go here? Just for one second seriously, while there's time. Look, I understand ... I dunno ... I just gotta say this. It would be so good like, it would be so fantastic, if you did wanna go. If you could come ... I just had to say that.
      Rachel: I can't ...
      Frank: I know you can't, but, and I shouldn't say it, but I just had to say that ... I better go, yeah ...

    • [Rachel turns up at Frank's door holding a bottle of champagne]
      Rachel: Farewell drink? Or we could smash it over the bow ... you know, it wasn't very expensive.
      Frank: [studying her] You been drinking?
      Rachel: Oh just a few beers. Nothing to talk of.

    • Rachel: Hey, it was good in there. I didn't fall asleep!
      Mick: Didn't fall asleep ...

    • Rachel: So two years ey?
      Frank: Possibly.
      Rachel: That's a long time. Anything could happen. You know, you could meet one of those Miss World's Venezuela's so famous for ... I could meet someone.
      Frank: Yeah, you could. But you'd tell me if you did, wouldn't ya?
      Rachel: Why, to get your approval?
      Frank: Yeah. Something like that.
      Rachel: Would you give it?
      Frank: Nup.

    • Frank: Be good to be out there sailing wouldn't it?
      Rachel: Busman's holiday
      Frank: Aw come on Rachel, I mean you know beaten the wind with a beautiful 12 knots isn't the same as hooning around on a police boat with Dave McCall.
      Rachel: Oh yeah... soaked to the skin, pullin' on ropes, gettin' beers for the skipper... No thanks done that
      Frank: Not with me you haven't
      Rachel: I've been spared some of the bad things in life!
      Frank: We've got some time off right? Let's go sailing.
      Rachel: What? Just the two of us?
      Frank: Yeah well it's just a 12 footer.
      Rachel: Forget it!
      Frank: Come on Rachel... look ya know... today's a sorta umm... good to be alive day... Lets go!
      Rachel: Glad to be alive and I wanna keep it that way!
      Frank: Okay sailing's out... how about a one dayer against South Africa?
      Rachel: Oooo... I'd rather spend the day in bed!
      Frank: [gives her a cheeky look and his mobile starts to ring] Fine!
      Rachel: Just answer the phone Frank!
      Frank: Yep Holloway... Tommy?... Oh come on Tommy it's our day off... yeah alright alright... ALRIGHT! We've got a job Rachel.
      Rachel: Damn... I was just getting tempted...

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    • This was Colin Friels' last episode. He was never written into any later episodes, even though his character wasn't killed off.

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