Waterloo Road

Wednesday 7:30 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 09, 2006 In Season




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  • Season 7
    • Series 7, Episode 24
    • Series 7, Episode 23
    • Series 7, Episode 22
    • Series 7, Episode 20
    • Series 7, Episode 19
    • Series 7, Episode 18
    • Series 7, Episode 17
    • Series 7, Episode 16
    • Series 7, Episode 15
    • Series 7, Episode 14
    • Series 7, Episode 13
    • Series 7, Episode 12

      Jez and Sian plan a dinner party as a way of getting to know their new colleagues however the unexpected arrival of Jez's children brings some extra tension. And the A-Level recruitment drive puts Michael at loggerheads with Grantly who is determined to sabotage it.

    • Series 7, Episode 11

      It's a brand new term at Waterloo Road and the school is full of change taking over the reigns as headteacher is Michael Byrne who goes about introducing his own team of high-achieving teachers to the staff and welcoming back and old member of the team. However all does not go well for him as past demons resurface and he vows to get revenge. Meanwhile new pupils Phoenix and Harley Taylor go about trying to cover up a deadly secret, and Finn sets his sights on the sister of resident trouble-maker Tariq.

    • Series 7, Episode 10
      With the school on warning and undergoing an independent inspection both staff and students are worried about what the future may hold for Waterloo Road. But unwilling to give up without a fight everyone bands together in protest.
    • Series 7, Episode 9
      The staff nervously await the Local Authority's decision on whether to close the school. Pressure mounts on Eleanor as she realises the consequences of her actions, and Karen uncovers her betrayal. Meanwhile, Chris creates healthy competition between the teachers and pupils with a community garden project but soon finds himself drawn back into dealing with Scout's personal life.moreless
    • Series 7, Episode 8
      Chris discovers new pupil Scout is a drug courier, but trying to help her lands him in trouble with both Karen and the police. Vicki and Jess realise the value of their friendship when they run in a mock student election. A redundancy notice is served on Waterloo Road, causing concern among the staff, and Eleanor continues to covertly help with Richard's plan to close down the school.moreless
    • Series 7, Episode 7
      Exams approach for the sixth form, but Vicki has other things to deal with as she discovers she is pregnant with Aiden's child, and his solution to her dilemma causes more problems than it solves. Meanwhile while clearing out Sam's locker Lauren and Amy teach Finn to appreciate the sentimental value of the little things that are left behind, and Denzil struggles with his grief at her memorial service.moreless
    • Series 7, Episode 6
      Sambuca enlists Lauren and Finn's help to track her father down in Blackpool which leads to heartbreak. Meanwhile, Karen hires a PR woman to improve the image of the school, but the director of education makes no secret of the fact he disapproves of both the plan and the head teacher's perceived incompetence. And, a fight between Aiden and Ronan is the last straw for Rob.moreless
    • Series 7, Episode 5
      Rob's estranged wife Naomi warns Karen off her man in a bid to keep him to herself. While Shona and Rhona Mansfield are caught in a custody battle between their mother and grandmother. Elenor finds herself being all too willingly to spy on Karen and the staff of Waterloo Road. And Jess and Ronan worlds are shattered when the truth about Aiden and Vikki comes out.moreless
    • Series 7, Episode 4
      Chris takes mysterious new pupil Evie Prior under his wing, but it's not long before he learns she has a sinister past. Meanwhile, Karen and Rob's working relationship becomes personal and Finn delivers some shocking news to Sambuca.
    • Series 7, Episode 3
      After Amy finds out she has a stalker she feels like a celebrity but after things begin to get personal she decides to take her own revenge. After Eleanor reveals who the stalker is, her handling of the situation causes problems for Karen. The sixth formers turn the cameras on themselves for an English project. Meanwhile, Rose and Tom can't find the words to tell Sam that there's no cure for her cancer as her friends struggle to come to terms with what is going on.moreless
    • Series 7, Episode 2
      Martin Dunbar ends up being called a pervert by his classmates after he is caught poring over a lingerie magazine and hanging around the girls' changing rooms, Chris thinks it is just normal boyish behaviour but the truth is much more complicated. Sambuca and her mum end up having to face a harsh reality after they discover the truth about has been causing the headache. Meanwhile, the sixth formers attend a Careers Fair and Jess and Aiden continue to grow closer as Vicki attempts to hide that she is jealous of her best friend and boyfriend.moreless
    • Series 7, Episode 1
      The new term at the school ends up getting off to a noisy start after Karen shows up and discover sthe alarm going off and her new site manager, Rob Scotcher, taking a casual approach to the problem. After a pulpil at the school abandons and then reclaims her baby, Karen is concerned her, the child and the secret that she's trying to hide.moreless
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