Waterloo Road

Wednesday 7:30 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 09, 2006 In Season





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  • I can get that some people love this show, but i think it is a boring melodramatic highlight of everything wrong in society! for those looking for an educated program that is exhilarating and never dull, look elsewhere is my opinion.

    Sorry all those die hard Waterloo Road fans, i don't see the attraction to a melodramatic over thought and overestimated drama that tries to be 'down to earth' and 'hard hitting'. to be honest i think it missed its mark by miles. The dialogue is repetitive and boring, the plot lines are so predictable that i feel my 13 year old brother would do better, even the plot twist and character detail all feel like after-thoughts. And yes i anticipate the flood of 'why do you watch it then?!?!' and things from all you supporters and my answer is my mother watches it and i suffer for it.

    If your bag is to watch school drama's with obnoxious teens with 'soggy' plot twists (sorry just my opinion) then enjoy, but those of you out there looking for a controversial and hard hitting drama, i warn you to avoid this and look else where.

    P.s. Please don't slate me for what i think, just spreading my views ;)