Waterloo Road - Season 4

Wednesday 7:30 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 09, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Series 4, Episode 15
    Eddie gives Rachel a present. Philip is desperate for attention from Flick and sends her a cheesy card, after instruction form Eddie, but Flick is irritated by him and tells him that she's not interested. A newly qualified teacher, Davina tries to book a holiday for her and Tom but the money from their account is gone. When she asks Tom about it, he admits that he lent it to Rose and he's been taking her to AA meetings. An angry Davina confronts Rose, who is upset by Tom's betrayal and slaps Tom in the playground. Unfortunately Davina sees and is humiliated; now everyone thinks that Tom and Rose are sleeping together. Tom is too distracted to deal with it however as he as brought the army into school for a team-building experience for the girls' football team. Michaela wants revenge on them for messing her brother up and, during the obstacle course race, puts chilli powder down for them to crawl over. By the time Tom has sorted it out and got home, Davina has left.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 14
    Series 4 Episode 14
    Episode 14
    Kim sets about on a mission to put an end to the amount of sexual imagery the students are subjected to. However, with the lack of support from Eddie it soon becomes clear that it’s not going to be easy, and during a ‘sex ed’ talk everyone is stunned when Michaela announces that she’s a virgin but, everyone’s not as accepting to hear the same from Phillip. Meanwhile, Marley is determined to give Ralph everyone penny he took back and Rose tells him she’ll get him the £5000 but, when it becomes clear she can’t afford it she has no choice but, to ask Tom for a loan. However, when Marley goes to give Ralph the money back he tells him that he can’t keep him and Flick apart but, Ralph has the last laugh by telling Flick everything about the bribe and, she’s left feeling heartbroken. Steph spots a stranger taking photos of Grace in the playground, and she soon realises that he’s been hired by the Home Office to keep track on Kim. When she goes to talk to Kim, she’s stunned to learn the truth of how she took Grace from Rwanda and smuggled her back into the country. Although, she disapproves of the way Kim went about things she, understands why she did it and agrees to take Grace away for a while, until she sorts everything out. Also, Matt is determined to put a choir together and enter a competition and in a moment of naivety agrees to give an impromptu performance for Rachel but, without a choir it’s up to Sam and Lauren with a little blackmail to help. When, everyone starts arriving for Phillips party, Bolton is put in charge by Rachel to make sure nothing goes wrong, and after becoming frustrated with the way that Janeece is flaunting her new look he breaks up with her. He’s not the only one feeling low as Flick is struggling to come to terms with the betrayal and goes to Phillips room with him as Marley looks on.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 13
    Series 4 Episode 13
    Episode 13
    With Rachel away on a course, her deputy, Eddie, takes the helm but, he soon discovers that it's not going to be an easy ride as a community of travellers have pitched up next to the school and the traveller kids are to be enrolled at Waterloo Road. Meanwhile, Flick is still upset over her break-up from Marley but, he’s feeling just as bad and when the pressure gets too much he confesses all to Rose who promises to fix everything. However, when she’s refused a loan Rose hits a new low and turns back to the bottle and it’s up to some tough love from Tom and Candice to get her to see sense and she agrees to attend AA meetings but, only if Tom goes with her and doesn’t tell anyone about it even Davina. Janeece returns to school after having surgery to enlarge her breasts, while Kim is forced to clamp down on uniform customisation. And, tensions are rising between the Waterloo Road pupils and the travellers and as things escalate Eddie finds himself with a full scale riot on his hand after a ‘friendly’ football game goes awry.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 12
    Series 4 Episode 12
    Episode 12
    When the uncle of her child turns up, a desperate Kim turns to Steph, who is immediately suspicious. With Kim's eye off the ball, Karla Bentham becomes the victim of Michaela White's exploitative money-making scheme. Unable to cope with the bullying, Karla runs away and it's a race against time for Kim to recover Karla before her own situation is exposed. Donte struggles with Chlo's decision to try and go to university and takes his frustration out on the van. Feeling ashamed of his actions Donte gets a job at the cresh to prove his worth as a good father. Janeece is determined to make it as a model and takes drastic measures to secure it by getting cosmetic surgery in the form of a breast enlargement. And, love is in the air when after many obstacles Rachel and Eddie finally give into their feelings and share a kiss.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 11
    Series 4 Episode 11
    Episode 11
    It's the start of a new term at Waterloo Road, and the school welcomes back Kim Campbell as the new 'Head of Pastoral Care' however, when Kim arrives with a new baby but no Andrew the rumour mill stats to roll. First on her agenda is to organise a careers day but, things go into turmoil when a Jordan-esque glamour model, named Sarah-Leanne arrives and causes a whole load of trouble. Also, Rachel, Eddie and Philip are all trying to get back to normal after Melissa's departure but when Kim wrongly accuses Phillip of sexual assault on a visitor it's clear it's not going to be easy. And the career's day inspires both Janeece and Chlo on their goals for the future and, when Chlo reveals he wish to go to university to better herself Tom's thrilled but Donte is not as enthusiastic.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 10
    Series 4 Episode 10
    Episode 10
    It's the last day of term at Waterloo road and there's revelations all round, for students and teachers alike. After a string of bad luck and upset the Kelly's find themselves in further turmoil when they're evicted from their house, and Denzil tarts a nervous day back at school and with the help of Rachel and Jasmine is diagnosed with possible having dyslexia. Chlo and Donte finally face up to the fact that they can't afford their new lifestyle and decide to ask Tom if they can move back in. Also, Ralph Mellor makes Marley an offer of £5000 with a catch he has to finish with Flick initially, he refuses point blank to accept Ralph's offer however, when he learns of his family's latest predicament he decides to follow through. It's the day of the big fight and Bolton having trouble concentrating and staying focussed so, Rob gives him some supplementary pills and tells Bolton, that's properly means more to him if h wins this fight. Although, things take a wrong turn when Davina discovers the pills and alerts Jasmine, and hen things take a turns for the worse at the match she lets the official know of the pills. Later, after talking to Rachel Rob's suspended pending further enquiry into his teaching and training methods. Philip is also having a hard day with he pending wedding of Melissa and Eddie dawning he can no longer keep her secret and reveals all to Rachel, not only is Melissa still married to his dad but she was never divorced from her first marriage. Hearing the news Rachel feels hurt and betrayed and confronts Melissa and gets her to reveal all of the details of the sordid affair to Eddie, upset at the revelation Melissa say's that she'll turn herself in but, Eddie has to make a choice over who he really wants her or Rachel.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 9
    Series 4 Episode 9
    Episode 9
    Everyone at Waterloo Road is still reeling with grief over to shocking death of Maxine Barlow, especially Rachel who feel's that it's her fault for allowing Earl to attend the school and feels that she should resign with immediate effect. Steph and Janeece are still in shock over losing Maxine, with Steph refusing to reveal her true feelings and Janeece blaming herself. The recent shooting brings forth some new evidence of the school shooting and Rachel set's about getting Denzel released. On a more positive not, seeing how valuable life is Donte's surprises Chlo to a surprise proposition to renew their marriage vows. and he's not the only one full of surprises as Eddie tells Mellissa that he's organised a beach wedding but, can she solve her marital issues before it's too late.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 8
    Series 4 Episode 8
    Episode 8
    Waterloo Road is being treated to a spot inspection and everyone is being told to make that no goes wrong but, no sooner had the day begun do things start to go wrong, both equally for the students and teachers. Melissa is still annoyed at Phillip for revealing the truth about her marital position to Rachel, and thing's soon start to look even worse when it becomes clear that she's on the verge to becoming a double bigamist. Davina's start's to question Rob's training technique when she see's him being tough with Bolton, and makes her feeling's clear to Jasmine. Leading to a fight in the staff room right in front f the inspector. Rose, is on edge having to deal with the debut of the new franchise as well as her impending meting with social services to see if her kids can come home. Steph, Matt and Tom even though they have no children of their own sit in the staff room discussing their feeling's over their teenager's. And, Maxine and Earl start to plan their future family but, things start to go wrong when Jade turns up. After, discovering the truth about Earl an Jade's past, Maxine ends things with him which, leads towards deathly consequences when a gun goes off.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 7
    Series 4 Episode 7
    Episode 7
    Danielle is on a mission to escape the grips of her fathers harsh home schooling plan, and return to her friends at Waterloo Road, Leading the students to take drastic action in a full scale walk out on the roof. Chlo discovers that she's pregnant, and is scared about what this means for her and Donte's future. Steph is still struggling to accept Maxine and Earl's relationship especially, when items start to go missing. Also, Candice and Rose work hard towards making sure that they impress the panel enough to guarantee the new school franchise. And, Eddie surprises Melissa with a sudden proposal but, Philip's the one holding the smoking gun when he reveals a shocking secret to Rachel that could jeopardise everything.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 6
    Series 4 Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Matt is excited at the prospect of getting his first foster child but, the magic soon wears of when he realises that his first placement is Sambuca Kelly. Meanwhile, having walked out of his foster cares Earl, contacts his step dad Reynold, with disastrous results.
  • Series 4 Episode 5
    Series 4 Episode 5
    Episode 5
    Drug Awareness day dawns on Waterloo Road and Melissa sees it as an opportunity to educate the students of the dangers of drugs. Unaware to Rachel she's invited her nemesis Ralph Mellor along to help and things start to get difficult from the off. Rose starts her new job in the schools canteen with Candice, and things may start off bad but, turn themselves around in the end. There's job opportunities all round as Davina has to teach a class while being assessed for her teaching degree, whilst Jasmine also see a chance to get further up the ladder as Rob makes her aware of an opening for 'Deputy Head of English'. Meanwhile, Steph gets both worried and upset when Maxine informs her that she plan's to move in with Earl at the Kelly's, and also lets Security Dave down gently. And, Chlo and Dante come across some money trouble as they await the payment from the house sale. After, seeing how close Marley and Flick are, Ralph takes it upon himself to rid himself and the school of the Kelly family by falsifying the drug test results and getting Marley accused of taking drugs. Also, Eddie rebellious past comes back to haunt him when Michaela gets hold of an old photograph of him campaigning for the legalisation of drugs, and takes it upon herself to make everyone aware of it. After, learning of her fathers wrong doings Flick makes it clear to him that she's not his little girl who needs protecting and forces him to come clean, afterwards he resigns from the school's governing board, but not before a call to Child Services. After, receiving Ralph's call, the Kelly's get a visit from their social worker and the police and Rose is left heartbroken as her kids are taken away, except for Earl who manages to sneak away with Maxine.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 4
    Series 4 Episode 4
    Episode 4
    The ongoing feud between Tom and the Kelly family takes new heights as he starts receiving dead birds on his doorstep, and as Eddie takes the initiative to treat everyone to a falconry demonstration. However when two of the birds go missing Tom knows that there is only one person it could have been. Also, Fleur and Grantly are still struggling to overcome the obstacles in their marriage, and it looks as though Steph may be softening up to Dave's charms. Rachel questions Melissa over whether she feels as though she's moving too fast with Eddie. Meanwhile, Rose and Marley Kelly seek to better themselves and overcome to image that comes with their family name, with the help of Rachel and Flick.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 3
    Series 4 Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Davina's reputation is at stake when she is accused of racism by Maaka Lacey, a Maori supply teacher with an alternative approach to education. With just her word against an experienced teacher's, will she be able to clear her name? Meanwhile, Earl Kelly's behaviour pushes Tom to breaking point, leading him to question his future as Head of Pastoral Care. Also, Rachel struggles to hide her true feelings when she discovers Melissa and Eddie are a couple. And, an ill-thought out lie from Steph looks like it might just spell the end for Grantly's marriage.moreless
  • Series 4 Episode 2
    Series 4 Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Eddie is angry when he finds out Rachel has been lying about her sister, Melissa. However, the pair seem to get along well. Elsewhere, the school's new security guard, Dave Miller, instantly falls in love with Steph.
  • Series 4 Episode 1
    Series 4 Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Another term at Waterloo Road begins, and Rachel's ready to start again after her accident in the fire. But soon she's in the deep end when a group of new pupils start causing havoc.