Waterloo Road - Season 5

Wednesday 7:30 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 09, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Series 5, Episode 20
    It's the end of the year at Waterloo Road and when things should be winding down for the summer it's drama all round. With Rachel and Adam's wedding finally hear he worries that he loyalty to the school may be stronger than it is to him or the wedding. After being separated Finn and Amy decide to take drastic action to ensure that they are never apart from each other again, which leads to a matter of life an death.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 19
    Adam and Rachel move forward with the wedding, unwittingly pushing Ruby's addiction to crisis point. Meanwhile, Finn and Amy refuse to be separated, and Steph has a controversial fundraising idea for the prom.
  • Series 5, Episode 18
    Love is all around at Waterloo Road but not everyone is experiencing it in the same way. Rachel and Adam reveal their big engagement news to the staff, as Steph starts to feel some doubts about her relationship with Oliver when Chris makes even more negative comments about it. Meanwhile, Phillip is still struggling with Roz's revelation and their break-up and under the advice of Bolton and Paul writes a pros-cons list about her however, when Michaela finds it, it soon becomes clear that all of his pro's are based upon what he doesn't like about the other girls in his year. And on the year 10 trip to the new 'Love' exhibit at the local gallery Finn starts to feel doubts about Amy's feelings when he hears her talking to Kim about not letting him hold her back.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 17
    After spending a lot of time with Jo for extra tutoring Roz finds herself developing feelings for her. Later when she makes a sexual advance towards her Jo finds herself suspended under suspicion of inappropriate conduct, when Roz tells Rachel, Kim and Chris that Jo made the first move. Steph is still trying to build a relationship with Chris after starting to date his dad and also tries to play matchmaker between him and Kim. When Steph asks Ruby to move out Adam again finds her taking some pills but, with his help and that of Rose she finds herself on the up until, she finds herself alone and tense later causing a fire in the kitchen.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 14
    It's Josh's birthday and he's excited over being allowed to have his own party, however the day doesn't go well for Lauren who's left feeling humiliated when her secret is revealed to everyone in an much public fashion. Adam is not wasting time in making changes to the canteen much to Rose's annoyance who feels as though she's being sidelined although, his new ideas appear to be a success Rachel lets him now that he may need to reanalyse his bully style methods. Also, Grantley tries to use Kim's advice of work-based stress as an excuser to get out of an overnight trip to London, Steph meets a new man the charming Oliver. And after agreeing to run the 'Clothes Swap' at the school Ruby starts to get back into Rachel's good books but when she's caught stealing the students clothes to make money, she's told that either she ass for help or she'll find herself on her last warning.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 13
    Kim argues with Chris when he rejects Michaela from his advanced university preparation scheme and soon finds a protest from the students demanding that everyone should have the chance to be a part of it.
  • Series 5, Episode 12
    The students go on a trip to a local farm but things go from bad to worse when Josh is injured after drinking some of Finn's secret bottle of alcohol while, Sambucca gets attached to a baby piglet. Also, Kim's new peer mentoring scheme doesn't go down well when the students start using it as an excuse to complain about the teachers. And,Ruby's struggles are starting to become all the more clear to Rachel who tells her that she should maybe think about cutting down her managerial responsibilities at the school.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 11
    After the dramatic departure of Max Tyler at the end of the last school term, Rachel sets about putting all of the chaos that came with it behind them. Grantly finds himself in hot water when he makes an error in judgment with a pupil and for writing his memoirs which, reveal some private details about the staff. Also new pupil Finn Sharkey arrives at the school with a past with Chris Mead and it's not long before he becomes an influence on Amy, Siobhan and Josh but he may not be as tough as he makes out. And Kim reveals that moving on from Max may not as easy as she'd hope as she's expecting his child.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 10
    It's the last day of term and the big 'Waterloo Road's Got Talent' show but, things don't exactly go entirely to plan when the war between Rachel and Max heats up to a whole new level. After witnessing what Lindsey went through during the trial Michaela decides that the time has come to call a truce between Waterloo Road and John Fosters and end the girl gangs, and to show her support for Lindsey she sets up a petition. After his violent run in with Max last week Phillip is on edge about his comedy act but, after overhearing an argument between Rachel and Max where he learns of Max's plan to have Rachel fired, he decides to get even in a very public way. Meanwhile, it's Grantly's 25th year in teaching and Steph has managed to forget all about the plans to celebrate which she promised so she turns to a little bit of blackmail to make up for it. And new relationships appear to be forming between two members of staff and Kim finds her relationship with Max ending abruptly but at the worse possible time.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 9
    It's the day of the big court case and Lindsey is on edge about having to take her stand in the dock and reveal everything about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. On hearing that the court case is happening on that day Michaela takes it as an opportunity to skip school and go and witness everything from the public gallery with Ros right behind her. The trial initially gets off to a rough start with both Lindsey and her mother getting grilled on the stand and things take a hard turn when Lindsey runs out of the courtroom. Jo is thrilled to hear that she's been nominated for an 'Outstanding Teacher Award' but unbeknown to her it's Steph who nominated her with the help of some of the students. Meanwhile, Kim woke up to find Max asleep in his car outside her house after splitting from his wife and after discussing it with Steph who tells her to watch herself with a man like Max, he starts a vendetta against Steph to have her officially dismissed from Waterloo Road and he chooses to use some unorthodox methods to do so. Back at the trial having fallen apart on the stand Lindsey takes some time to cool off while Rachel tells an emotional Michaela and Ros to go back to school and not reveal anything of what they heard. When she goes to talk to Lindsey she is taken aback when Lindsey confesses to killing her dad not her mother and later, under the advisement of Rachel, Lindsey retakes the stand and confesses all to the court. Having been summoned to a meeting with Max regarding her 'performance and attitude' Steph feels betrayed by Jo for not supporting her but unbeknown to her Max has also spoken to Jo and put the idea in her head that Steph's just jealous about her award. Kim tries to hide hers a Max's reignited affair but when her has a bunch of roses delivered to her classroom Sambucca and Lauren take it as an opportunity to learn some gossip. On hearing them making fun of him and Kim in the corridors Max insults Sambucca much to Rose's anger especially when Tom fails to show any support. Max continues this power trip when he hears Phillip imitating Steph in a not so flattering nature and threatens Rachel's position at the school if he doesn't help him on his mission to get rid of Steph and things take a violent turn when Phillip attempts to refuse. Feeling that he has everything he needs Max takes the opportunity to suspend Steph who makes her feelings known towards Jo known to Danielle and Aleesha. Later, after a stand by the students Jo learns of Max's plan to turn her and Steph against each other and makes it clear to him that she won't stand for it and tells him that it was Steph who nominated her for the award and shows her support by walking out on her job at Waterloo Road. Feeling hurt by tom's attitude towards what happened with Sambucca; Rose suggests to Tom that they take a break from each other as he has a lot to deal with at work and with his new role as a dad. After staying with Lindsey as she's charged with her dad's murder, Rachel returns to the school and learns from Chris about the situation with Steph and Jo, livid at Max's unorthodox behaviour during the day she tells him that both Jo and Steph will be fully reinstated by the next day and later joins them at the pub and tells them that as far as she's concerned their jobs are safe.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 8
    It's the day of Helen's first official inspection and she is desperate to impress and having spent the night with Max, she not only believes that their romance has been reignited but that she's guaranteed to pass. However, obvious to everyone Helen is not exactly suited to be a teacher as she is clearly a bag of nerves in front of the inspector and her students, feeling the strain although initially against the idea Helen accepts Amy's offer to keep the class under control for a small fee. After, confessing all to Rachel about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father Lindsey gives up the whole gang seen much to Amy's dismay who uses her deal with Helen to try and impress without much praise from Siobhan or anyone else. When Rachel tells Chris that she cracked under the pressure and told Kim of Max's marital status Chris is both horrified and livid to hear of Max's threatening nature towards her and he firmly nails his colours firmly to Rachel's flag. With the help of Amy, Helen manages to pass her assessment and with the support of Max she feels as though everything’s paid off however, with all of the gossip from the staff surrounding her capabilities he sets himself on a mission to sink her to avoid any embarrassment on his part. Later, when Helen refuses to continue he deal with Amy, she goes straight to Rachel and tells her everything leading Rachel to question Helen's future at Waterloo Road and after failing apart in a lesson in which Amy launches a full scale verbal attack on her Helen finally realises that she's not cut out to be a teacher and decides to leave the school but not before leaving Rachel a small going away present. On finding Helen's small gift 'the video footage of her and Max's night of passion' Rachel takes and stand and informs him that she is the head teacher of the school not him and warns him that if he continues in the way he has she’ll make the footage public but, unbeknown to him she destroys the disk not wanting to sink to his level. Having questioned her future with Max after learning of his marriage, Kim decides to give it another go when he tells her that he's officially filed for divorce.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 7
    As things look to be getting serious between Kim and Max, Rachel struggles to decide whether she should tell her about his wife. Cassie Turner claims she is being bullied, and Kim fears the girl gangs are back in full force however, the truth is something altogether different. Also, when one of the pupils discovers Helen's home address on a networking site, a school gang wrecks her flat.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 6
    New deputy head Christopher Mead get unwanted attention from a student and realises he's some what of a pin-up for the children. Meanwhile, Christopher gets concerned that one of his best students acting strangely.
  • Series 5, Episode 5
    Waterloo Road holds an Open Day for parents and visitors and the teachers are keen to prove the recent merger is a success. Ruby nips home, however, and discovers baliffs at her home. How will she come without the luxuries she's come to live with?
  • Series 5, Episode 4
    Max introduces a new initiative that brings moral down further and Luke tries (and fails) to conceal his past.
  • Series 5, Episode 3
    Kim and Max are all loved-up after their secret night of passion, but the smiles are soon wiped off of their face when Danielle drinks some ethanol thinking it could cure her hangover.
  • Series 5, Episode 2
    The hostility between the new pupils and their Waterloo Road peers continues. As Lindsey comes to terms with her father's death Michaela makes it hard for her by taunting her about her "murderous mum". Elsewhere in the staff room things are still tense and Grantly realises that his excessively drinking caffeine can have a laxative effect.moreless
  • Series 5, Episode 1
    Waterloo Road is merged with local independent school, John Fosters, meaning there are lots of new teachers and students to form conflict. Elsewhere, the new James family are given some terrible news after a bad day turns worse.