Waterloo Road - Season 6

Wednesday 7:30 PM on BBC Premiered Mar 09, 2006 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Series 6, Episode 20
    The day of the school pantomime arrives and there ends up being drama both on and off-stage when Finn gets Kyle kicked off the cast on purpose. Cesca and Jonah decide to get married. The latest stunt pulled by Denzil ends in tragedy.
  • Series 6, Episode 19
    Cesca hands in her resignation to Karen. Adanna reveals her latest plan to unite the sexes at the school. Denzil takes part in a life-threatening stunt. Ruby and Grantly's writing partnership is under threat from creative differences.
  • Series 6, Episode 18
    There is excitement at the school as the fashion show gets under way. Ronan's attempts to improve Vicki's self-confidence take an unexpected twist. Cesca and Jonah end up making a decision which will change their lives. Grantly and Ruby end up forming a creative partnership.
  • Series 6, Episode 17
    Unbeknown to the teachers, the students organise an illegal party at an abandoned mill that soon turns violent. When Karen learns Bex is preparing to run away with Hodge, she enlists the help of Chris to find her, but they are shocked when Hodge takes Bex and Jess hostage. Elsewhere, Francesca makes a life-changing discovery that leads Jonah to consider abandoning his educationmoreless
  • Series 6, Episode 16
    The truth about Bex's disappearance is finally revealed after another pupil discovers a shocking secret. It ends up sending shockwaves around the school and Tom's recovery is tested to the limits when he's forced to deal with the follow on from what has happened. Jonah issues Cesca with an ultimatum.
  • Series 6, Episode 15
    Harry's need for attention ends up veering out of control after he steals Karen's phone and causes problems among the staff. Chris and Karen have their hands full with a business initiative contest. Tom struggles to readjust after he returns to work.
  • Series 6, Episode 14
    Ruby's political views find her in trouble after a new Polish caretaker arrives at the school. Cesca is finding it even harder to resist Jonah's charms. Janeece and Ronan clash over a stolen test paper. Bex attempts to return to normality despite Hodge being around.
  • Series 6, Episode 13
    Nate and Josh continue to get close but when Nate' father starts to wonder where he's spending all his time things may not go smoothly. A person from Bex' past come backs causing he to worry what people may learn. Also, seems to be the affection of two guys lives with both Jonah and Tom crushing on her however, when Jonah makes his affections known he comes crashing down when she returns his advances with a slap but later she starts to question things. And Ronan starts to get interested in Janeece's PA course but his motives lie close with making a profit than learning some skills.moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 12
    Billy returns to school after having a baby and when Janeece suspect that her mothers trying to take the baby for herself she sets about helping. Also, Chris tries to get Finn and Kyle on an even ground and to put their differences behind them. Jess is worried that Bex is hiding something and tries to get answers. Meanwhile, Josh is developing a crush on Nate and on the advice of Lauren ets about trying to see if he feels the same and, everyone is beginning to notice that Grantly is tarting to neglect himself.moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 11
    After poor exam results by the boys at Waterloo Road, Karen and Chris decide to implement and new system where classes will be single-sex. Which doesn't go down well especially with new Head of Pastoral Care, Adanna Lawal. Also, Bex arrives at school to start over however, Jess believes that she's hiding something. And things don't go smooth sailing for Bex when an allegation of sexual assault involving new student Kyle Stack surface.moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 9
    Chris's controversial scheme to equip Waterloo Road with CCTV backfires when it risks exposing his one-night stand with Jess Fisher. Seeing how badly Grantly is coping at home, Ruby calls in a familiar face to talk some sense into him. Meanwhile, Janeece finally tells Ruby she wants her baby girl back, but is it too late?moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 8
    Vicky struggles living in the hostel with her disruptive rommate Chantel and with her dada's condition worsening her schoolwork is still suffering. Meanwhile Janeece is having a hard time letting go of her feelings for her baby while Ruby and John looking into finding out their rights. Also, Grantly is still keeping Fleur's illness a secret from everyone and Karen and Charlie decide to talk to Harry about his bullimia and how they can help him.moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 7
    Ruth gets a taste of popularity during the debate competition, Harry's bulimia reaches crisis point. Meanwhile, Charlie's mistress Maria comes to the school as deputy of the competition and Janeece goes into labour.
  • Series 6, Episode 6
    Sam attempts to get rid of drugs brought into school by Lauren and Amy however, when they think that Sambucca has grassed them up things take a dramatic turn leading to her wanting to leave Waterloo Road.
  • Series 6, Episode 5
    Marcus's first day teaching at Waterloo Road starts off well as he's full of ideas for the place but things soon turn into a disaster, when he wades into Ronan home life without really understanding the situation. Also, Josh is still get stick for his struggles over his sexuality and Tom becomes concerned over his inability to stand up for himself. Janeece calls Ruby out on some of her past behaviour and wonders if she'll make a good mother for her baby. And Karen and Charlie wonder what the best way to handle their separation would be as, Chris worries over his relations with Jess spiraling out of control.moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 4
    A confused Josh finds his sexuality the talk of the school when, much to the humiliation of Lauren, he tries to kiss Finn. Karen and Charlie are awkwardly giving their marriage a second chance, but argue about how best to mark missing daughter Bex's birthday. Elsewhere, Janeece makes an important decision about her baby and Marcus Kirby comes to the school to check up on Jonah and Ruth's progress.moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 2
    Jess becomes jealous as Karen and Chris grow closer professionally and sabotages their friendship by publishing a vicious article in the school newspaper. Elsewhere Harry believes his dad Charlie is having an affair with Miss Montoya and enlists Sam's help to prove it. Sambucca is glad to be back in school after her suspension and tries to make amends with Lauren.moreless
  • Series 6, Episode 1
    Waterloo Road returns for a fresh start with new headmistress Karen Fisher however she soon finds that she has her hands full both at school and at home as her family wrestle with a recent tragedy. Meanwhile Chris gets the shock of his life when he finds that his one-night stand Jess is actually no only one of his new pupils but, the new heads daughter. Also new girl Ruth sets about trying to cause truoble to try and find herself expelled in oder to return to home-schooling. And Sambucca and Lauren aren't as close as they were after events of the summer.moreless