Waterloo Road

Season 2 Episode 2

Series 2 Episode 2

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jan 25, 2007 on BBC
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Series 2 Episode 2
Jack is mad with Andrew for accepting the acting headteacher role, and lets him do his worst. Back at the Clarkson-Redpath house, Lorna is still staying, and still causing problems. But worse things are to come. Meanwhile, Kim gets a surprise at the school, when an old enemy returns. One with the name of Lewis Seddon...moreless

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  • Leanne continues to torment Mika by setting up a spitefull website about her,She later confides in Steph haydock.Davina reveals a secret about Rodger.

    Continuing from last week the episode could hve been better in some places but also quite stumped me in other places to. The whole Lorna story is pointless and would have been better if she actually commmited suicide in series1 and pleae can kim and andrew just kiss because it is so so so obvious that they are going to get toghether. My fav part of the episode was the whole Leanne gettin hit and the whole bullying thingit was te only good part of the episode and hope to see better in the future episodes to come jj newcastlemoreless

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    • Izzie: Look, I want you to know that nothing means more to me than you and Chlo. Not Tom, not Lorna, nobody.
      Mika: Yeah right!
      Izzie: Why did you hit Leigh-Ann?
      Mika: I felt like it.

    • Roger: This time next year we'll have them queuing round the block to get their kids in here. We will get the support of this community!

    • Andrew: Kim, you can drop the hostility. I've told Roger I don't want the job. Do you hear me? I'm not going to be the headteacher anymore. You were right, I shouldn't have taken it on and…I couldn't stand Aspinall driving a wedge between you and me. Hoped you might be up to a drink to celebrate?
      Kim: What, with you? I'd rather go out with Lewis Seddon!

    • Roger: Waterloo Road doesn't have a headmaster. Treneman's chucked it in.
      Jack: No! Really?
      Roger: I want you to take over again.
      Jack: Well, obviously I appreciate your renewed confidence in me Roger, but, eh, to be honest I'm not sure I want to, given the hassles.
      Roger: I think we've all learnt something from this Jack. You're the man for the job.

    • Lorna: Andrew wants me to take over as Head of English.
      Tom: Eh?
      Lorna: Say hello to your new boss!

    • Grantly: I am seeking immediate reinstatement, compensation and an apology from the bully – you.
      Andrew: Me?
      Grantly: You are the headmaster, aren't you?
      Andrew: Do your worst Budgen. You won't get any apology from me.

    • Andrew: I've just about had enough of your holier than thou attitude. Wouldn't it be nice to be you? Just standing on the sidelines, carping. Some of us actually try! That's the difference between you and me.
      Kim: Well I'm glad there's a difference, 'cause I sure as hell wouldn't want people thinking we were the same.

    • Steph: There is no way I'm allowing you to give-up A-level French so you're just going to have to be slyer than her, slyer and more ruthless.
      Mika : I could never beat Leigh-Ann at her own game.
      Steph: Oh you could Mika. And you will. Trust me, it will work.

    • Andrew: (To Roger) It doesn't matter what you give back to a community if you've already destroyed half of it, which is why I'm not the man to run this school.

    • Kim: A lot of us are noticing that if you're a poor kid around here and your life chances are next to nothing you're being shown the door.
      Roger: I was poor myself once Miss Campbell. But my parents taught me respect for authority and how to conduct myself.
      Kim: Really? Well you seem to have forgotten or do you not think you have to try anymore now you're rich?

    • Leigh-Ann: It's dead obvious what your problem is, innit. Well, apart from your mum having it off with another teacher's husband.
      Mika: Look, will you just leave me alone!
      Leigh-Ann: No. Not until you piss off out of this school Mika, cause if you don't there'll be a picture of your tits on the website.
      (Mika slaps Leigh-Ann)

    • Roger: If you ask me, Kim Campbell should be following Budgen out the door. She might be a decent teacher but her heart's not in what we're trying to do here.
      Andrew: Well looking out there it's hard to defend what we're doing, isn't it?
      Roger: I hope you're not going soft on me, Andrew.
      Andrew: Kim Campbell is an excellent teacher. She might express herself too forcefully but that's only because she is passionately committed to this school.
      Roger: No-one speaks to me like that and expects to stay in my employment.

    • Tom: I want you to get your stuff, put it in a suitcase and go.
      Lorna: Tom, don't be like that.
      Tom: Now!
      Lorna: Fine. I'll go and pack.
      Tom: And don't make a scene.
      Izzie: (Entering the room with drinks) Here you go.
      Lorna: Er, not for me darling, I'm going to go pack my bags.
      Izzie: What?
      Tom: Lets stop pretending Iz.
      Izzie: No! Sit down Lorna, it's Tom who can pack his bags.
      Tom: Oh sod this! (Tom goes upstairs, into Lorna's room where he pulls her clothing out of the drawers and stuffs it all in her suitcase)

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    • The music used in this episode:
      Feeder - Just The Way I'm Feeling
      The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Way
      The Strokes - You Only Live Once
      13 Senses - Last Forever