Waterloo Road

Season 4 Episode 6

Series 4 Episode 6

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Feb 11, 2009 on BBC

Episode Recap

Matt is excited at the prospect of getting his first foster child but, the magic soon wears of when he realises that his first placement is Sambuca Kelly. Meanwhile, having walked out of his foster cares Earl, contacts his step dad Reynold who soon, turns up and is angered to learn that not only is Sambuca staying with a teacher but, a gay teacher. Also, with their debt piling up, Dante organises an underground boxing match between Bolton and a student from neighbouring school, and things get worse when Tom informs Chlo that he's bee unable to get a mortgage. Danielle and Aleesha's crush on Mr Cleever take to new heights when they stake out the locker room for a certain item of clothing. While, at school Sambuca takes the opportunity to reveal all of the contents of Matt's flat and life to the other students, much to his dismay. After, the turmoil of losing the kids, Rose returns to work to an initial frosty reception from Candice and, things get worse when Reynold turns up at the school. And after arguing with Rachel and Eddie over the kid's situation, he violently lashes out at Matt during his class. But not wanting to isolate Sambuca any further, Matt refuses to press any charges. After, learning of Flicks drug use and the actions of her father Marley still refuses to talk to her, and avoids her at all cost even blanking her in the corridor. Steph is happy with Dave when he invites for a weekend away in London but, her mind isn't really on it as she's worried about Maxine. Reynold goes to see Rose, and sweet talks her into following his plan to get the kids back but, when Sambuca learns she refuses and wants to stay with Matt. however, she soon persuaded when Reynold threaten Matt's safety, later when she see's Matt she tells him that Rachel wants to see him but, really it's just a way to keep him safe. While, Matt's out of the way Reynold and Earl take the opportunity to relieve him of some items, but not without trashing the place in the process. The student's all head on the bus to the location of the big fight, but unaware that Rachel and Rob have learned of the fight and are on their way there. After discovering his flat trashed, Steph tries to talk to him about how it was when Maxine first came to stay with her. But, he soon walks out and after talking to Rose heads to the fight. At the old tyre factory, the fight has started but, soon Rachel and Rob turn up and put a stop to things and inform Dante that he'll have to pay for all the damages and insurance on the bus. When, Matt arrives at the tyre factory he spots Sambuca in the crowd and soon tries to get her to leave with him however, their escape is interrupted when Reynold finds them and soon hey find themselves isolated in an old room. While, outside Eddie arrives and they're all soon alerted to the trouble with Matt when a chair crashes out of one of the windows. But when they arrive at the scene they find that Matt has the upper hand and he soon takes Sambuca home. Back, at the house Rose decides that she's had enough and calls the police on Reynold and decides to help, Candice with her business proposal for the franchise of the school kitchens. After, worrying about Maxine, Steph informs Dave that she can't go to London with him and he feels that she'll never be ready for a real relationship and leaves but, not before giving her a locket with their names engraved. Back, at home Steph talks to Maxine about her reservations about her relationship with Earl, unaware that he's hiding under Maxine's bed.
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