Watership Down

Season 3 Episode 11

Campion's Betrayal

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 2001 on YTV
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Campion's Betrayal
While trying to return to Darkhaven in time to save Blackberry, Spartina is found out by the Watership Down rabbits. She confesses everything, even admitting to putting Blackberry in danger. After discovering Spartina's betrayal, Woundwort uses her and Blackberry to make Campion confess as to where Watership Down is, and to lead his army into battle there.moreless

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      • Woundwort: Now Campion, lead me to Watership Down.
        Blackberry: No! You can't!
        Woundwort: Of course he can. He's practised in betrayal.

      • (as the Darkhaven rabbits chant "War!")
        Woundwort: Stirs the blood, doesn't it, Vervain?
        Vervain: Yes, sire. Chills it, too.

      • Bigwig: Spartina?
        Spartina: I promise you, with all my heart, I will not betray Watership Down. May I come back to you, Bigwig?
        Bigwig: If you can.

      • Granite: The secret escape route is inside the chief's quarters.
        Campion: Wonderful. And there I was, thinking it would be tricky to get out of Darkhaven.

      • Hawbit; How long are we going to be messing about in Darkhaven territory?
        Bigwig: As long as we have to!
        Hawkbit: Haven't you heard, Bigwig? Being in love is supposed to make you all soft and gooey.
        Bigwig: Keep your traps shut, and your eyes open!
        Dandelion: He, er, hasn't heard.

      • Hawkbit: Have you two got rocks in your tails? Hurry it up!
        Dandelion: We're slow, but we're steady.
        (Fiver and Dandelion trip over a log)
        Fiver: No, I think we're just slow.

      • Bigwig: We're fools to trust her! She already lied to us once!
        Hazel: You looked into Spartina's heart, Bigwig. The heart doesn't lie.
        Bigwig: Mine lied to me, from the moment I laid eyes on her.
        Hazel: Love's trail can be rough, but we follow it anyway.
        Bigwig: I suppose we do.

      • Dandelion: (about Spartina) All this for a doe. For all Bigwig knows, she's running away from him!
        Hawkbit: I would if I was her!

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