Watership Down

YTV (ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Last Battle
      The Last Battle
      Episode 13
      It's time to end the battle once and for all. Both sides collide and there can be only one winner. Bigwig goes one on one with Woundwort and Hannah plans to use 'the magic' to finally be rid of Woundwort forever, but Silverweed knows that a high price must be made to use it. So he plans to use it, instead of Hannah.moreless
    • Hannah's Big Achievement
      The Watership Down rabbits prepare for the last battle with Woundwort, while Blackberry, Spartina and Campion plan their escape from Woundwort. A reluctant Hannah joins Skree in helping their friends escape. During the escape, Campion is pushed into a river by Granite. While unconscious, he is told by the Black Rabbit of Inle that Woundwort will be defeated by the Watership Down rabbits, but that one of their number must give themselves to him in order to do so.moreless
    • Campion's Betrayal
      Campion's Betrayal
      Episode 11
      While trying to return to Darkhaven in time to save Blackberry, Spartina is found out by the Watership Down rabbits. She confesses everything, even admitting to putting Blackberry in danger. After discovering Spartina's betrayal, Woundwort uses her and Blackberry to make Campion confess as to where Watership Down is, and to lead his army into battle there.moreless
    • The Spy
      The Spy
      Episode 10
      Spartina is sent by Woundwort to befriend Hazel and the others and act as a spy for him. Before she leaves, she informs Granite that if she does not return to Darkhaven by the next full moon, he is to kill Blackberry. Meanwhile, Bigwig has Silverweed play a trick on Dandelion and Hawkbit, making them believe that no-one on the Down can see or hear them.moreless
    • An Unfair Due
      An Unfair Due
      Episode 9
      Silverweed traps Fiver in a twisted dreamworld illusion, allowing him to invade Fiver's mind and see through his eyes to learn the location of Watership Down for his master, Woundwort. Fiver manages to fight off Silverweed's hold, but not before Silverweed deduces that Watership Down is "in the high hills, near a lone beech tree." Hazel realizes how dangerous Silverweed is, so he and the others journey to Darkhaven with the intent of kidnapping him. Meanwhile, Campion and Blackberry have the same idea, whilst Granite becomes Woundwort's new second-in-command when he challenges Vervain to single combat and Vervain forfeits rather than face the stronger Granite.moreless
    • Magic
      Episode 8
      Woundwort, Vervain and Silverweed arrive at Darkhaven, just in time to meet up with Campion. At the same time, Hannah seeks Hedge the Wizard, hoping to learn magic so she can help her friends.
    • Redstone Falls
      Redstone Falls
      Episode 7
      Woundwort discovers that a human construction crew plans to bulldoze Redstone, and so he and Vervain travel to the Warren of the Shining Wire. There, he tells Cowslip he will show him Redstone destroyed if Cowslip will give him his seer, Silverweed. Meanwhile, Hickory and Flax talk of revolt against "Wheatstalk" while Marigold races to Watership Down to warn Hazel and the others of Woundwort's return. The wandering Campion stumbles across a new warren, Darkhaven, populated by savage rabbits who await the prophesized return of "the Dark One", and becomes their chief after he defeats their strongest warrior, Granite, winning the respect of a tough doe named Spartina.moreless
    • Kehaar's Departure
      Woundwort works his way to chieftainship of Redstone. Meanwhile, Kehaar decides to leave the warren for good with his new mate Gluck.
    • Woundwort in the Trap
      Undercover, Woundwort begins to gain the trust of the rabbits at Redstone Warren. He has to fight off his own allies in order to finally gain there trust. Meanwhile, Blackberry finally finds out about Campion.
    • The Challenge
      The Challenge
      Episode 4
      The Junior Owsla and Kehaar help an orphaned Hawk survive, whilst at the same time trying to prove to Hazel they are responsible enough to go on solo patrol. But what they don't know is that Hazel has been secretly watching them save the Hawk. So when they actually ending up saving the Hawk, they have proven themselves to her.moreless
    • The Wanderer
      The Wanderer
      Episode 3
      Vervain wanders about aimlessly, getting into all sorts of trouble. Bigwig, meanwhile, continues to push his Owsla. In the end Bigwig eventually accomplishes his goals and in doing so saves Vervain from getting into any more trouble.
    • Woundwort Never Gives Up
      Following the liberation (and destruction of Efrafa), the Efrafans move into Watership Down with Moss, the highest-ranking surviving officer, as their reluctant leader. Tensions are, though, as three of the other surviving officers try to bully Pipkin and end up getting into a fight with Bigwig. Meanwhile, Woundwort has survived and runs into two other rabbits in a swamp, letting them sink to their deaths in a mire after they refuse to swear loyalty to him. The Black Rabbit of Inle shows Campion this, and tells him his destiny is stop Woundwort, who "threatens the world of the living." Campion also has a horrible vision of Blackberry in danger, and himself being threatened by a fierce green rabbit. Meanwhile, Moss and Heather decide to take the rest of the Efrafans to start a new warren elsewhere.moreless
    • Campion Lives
      Campion Lives
      Episode 1
      The Efrafan Owsla flees the collapsing caverns, leaving only Woundwort, Vervain, Moss, and a handful of officers alive. Realizing that not even the cave-in will stop General Woundwort from trying to destroy them, Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig make preparations to wage war on Efrafa, with Pipkin recruiting all his animal friends. Fiver meanwhile senses that Campion is not dead, and indeed the Efrafan captain manages to pull himself free from the rubble of the caverns, alive but horribly scarred. He meets the Black Rabbit of Inle, who tells him his time has not yet come and he has a special destiny in store for him. Meanwhile, Moss, seeing that Woundwort is going mad, teams up with a doe named Heather to overthrow him, but then the Watershippers attack Efrafa in full force.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1