Watership Down

Season 3 Episode 12

Hannah's Big Achievement

Aired Unknown Nov 27, 2001 on YTV
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Hannah's Big Achievement
The Watership Down rabbits prepare for the last battle with Woundwort, while Blackberry, Spartina and Campion plan their escape from Woundwort. A reluctant Hannah joins Skree in helping their friends escape. During the escape, Campion is pushed into a river by Granite. While unconscious, he is told by the Black Rabbit of Inle that Woundwort will be defeated by the Watership Down rabbits, but that one of their number must give themselves to him in order to do so.moreless

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      • Bigwig: However the last battle turns out, you can't say we didn't give it our best shot!
        Spartina: We'll win, because we fight to protect what we love.

      • Captain Broom: I say, Hawkbit. You've got a load of voles on your tail!
        Hawkbit: Huh! Captain Broom, thank you ever so much for pointing out the obvious. How did I miss them?
        Captain Broom: Don't take that tone with me, laddy-buck, unless you're looking for a good thrashing!

      • Bigwig: Spartina! I thought I'd lost you!
        Spartina: I'm hard to get rid of.

      • Clover: I'm not sure I want your attention if it's only because you think this is our last day in the world, Hawkbit.
        Hawkbit: (takes her paw in his own) I've been meaning to get round to it anyway, Clover.

      • Hannah: Hawks eat mice. They can't help it!
        Pipkin: Skree promised he wouldn't.
        Hannah: You've no idea how little a hawk's promise means to me, Pipkin!
        Bigwig: Come on, Hannah! We need you up in the sky, keeping an eye on Woundwort. We have to know what he's up to.
        Hannah: All you need to know is that I've got enough magic in this paw to stop him, and if I'm inside that bird when you need the magic, you'll be sorry! (climbs on Skree's back) Right, razorbeak, let's go!
        Skree: (takes off) Skreeee!
        Hannah: Aaah!
        Bigwig: You watch: In two shakes, she'll be loving it up there again.
        Hannah: Slow down, you great pillock! I can't breathe!

      • Hazel: (as Dandelion and Hawkbit dig) You're making good progress here.
        Hawkbit: If Woundwort doesn't attack after all this, I'll be awfully disappointed!

      • Campion: Another elil's trying to take a rabbit.
        Blackberry: Maybe they'll take them all.
        Spartina: You don't sound like a peace-loving daughter of Watership Down, Blackberry.
        Blackberry: Maybe I've been too long at Darkhaven.

      • Dandelion: We're getting ready for war, and Pipkin acts like it's a hopabout!
        Hazel: He's young.
        Bigwig: He keeps that up, he'll make me old!

      • Bark: Pipkin say we fight Woundwort again.
        Hazel: I'm afraid so.
        Bark: (growls) Bark like to fight!
        Bigwig: Well that's one of us, anyway.

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