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  • Altered to be more family friendly but still exciting and enjoyable for fans of the original film.

    For those who love the dark and disturbing film Watership Down (that oddly enough got a PG rating in the U.S. given the gory violence) you may or may not like this series.

    It's intended to be more family friendly retelling of the novel with less blood and violence but much of the story and characters are here with certain exceptions that may anger loyal fans. I am actually one of the few who actually like some of the changes they made to certain characters and the additional storylines and character development. The original film still has a special place in my heart but so so does this series. There's lots of great character interaction/development, exciting storylines, and good uplifting themes that wont scare the hell out of younger viewers like the "PG-Rated" film. Nothing gets too kiddy or ridiculous and not all of the bad bunnies in the show are evil. (Woundwort in this series is still as creepy and as intimidating as he was in the film.) There are some dark moments, not as much as many would hope for, but once again this cartoon is more for kids than the film.

    Also the animation in season 3 is completely different (character designs and all). Some is good and some is bad. I think the series is well written for its target audience. It doesnt destroy the book (too much) and there are homages to the film that I think film fans would appreciate as well. The ending was a bit incomplete and rushed but at least this series got to go off with some sort of ending.

    One funny thing about this show: The Black of Rabbit of Inle is actually much scarier in this cartoon than in the film. I think we can all agree with that!

    If you're in the U.S. watch it on Youtube. They only released a few of the first season episodes in compilation DVDs, the worst kind of Tv DvD release if ya ask me.
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